Twentyone gays

Tyler has feelings for josh but josh dosnt get it and know he regrets it..


5. ~He noticed~

im behind a tree in my backyard in tears cause i hate myself. i love josh i love him as god loves earth i love him as flowers love the sun and he still dosnt i have to stop thinking that he will be mine but im not attracted to any other men is like im only gay for josh and josh only. i hear foot steps coming towards me so i quickly whip the tears away and stand up to see josh. " oh tyler whats wrong" he said in confusion "oh you know blurry face it gets me emotional" i said and he nods remembering the video we made. "are you sure thats why your crying even tho your emotional nothing eles is bothering you"? i nod stupidly lying.

~Josh's Prov~
i know tyler has feeling's for me and it's kind of hard for me to except it im just not gay and i never will be no matter how hard i tried for tyler. i also know he's lying i know he was crying because of me and how him and i will only be frens it makes me feel bad. i wan twentyonepilots back but i dont know how to enjoy making music,vids,and concert knowing tyler has feelings for me and hes upset. I decide to go to a gay club to see what tyler likes. i walk around to see men looking at me and doing sexual poses. i gag at the thought." wait are you Tyler's friend?" said a british young guy with this sky blue hair and deep sea blue eyes."yes,yes i am and you are?" i said and a huge smile came on his face "im peter" he shook hands with me and i got grossed out thinking to myself where have these hands been "dont worry all i touch is that pole and i wipe it with alcohol whips everyday" he said as if he read my mind i nod slowly with a smile " Tyler talks about you so much thats why i recognized you when u came in" he said with a chuckle. i saw why tyler hang out with this guy he seemed sweet and smelled like blueberry."so what made you come in here" he said and i woke up from my day dreaming and said "well i wanted to see what tyler likes to know him better" he slapped his face and shook his head as if he couldnt believe what i said "oh darling tyler isnt gay" he said and confusion hits my mind "well he likes me right isnt that gay?" i said sounding a bit harsh " well he dosnt like men he likes you hes gay for you he dosnt act or talk or look gay its like hes straight but he loves you". it took me awhile to understand that but then i got it "so kind of like bi but as in he acts straight and loves me" i said and peter jumped up and clapped "yes you got it!" i quickly ran and Peter understood what i had to do. i run all the way to tyler's house and knock on his door."Tyler! its me josh!" i knock harder but didnt even hear walking i see Tyler's car parked and made a beep so i figured he's leaving. I hear Tyler get out from the back door "Tyler!" i yell and run to him i see him ignoring me and tears running down his face so fast and so hard " if you cant love me josh there is no point in living" he said and got in the car i knew what he was going to do and i had to stop him "wait no tyler! i-" i said and before i knew it he drove off fast so i ran for tyler's life to my house got in my car and drove fast as i could. i thought to myself where would tyler go to kill himself then i remember and said loudly "KILLERS CLIFF" i stomp on the gas passing red lights and when i get to killers cliff i see tyler's car parked and i get out my car "TYLER STOP!" i yell hes standing on the edge of the cliff and he turns around tears running down his face like a river "i love you j-josh" he said and he fell out the cliff ''NOOO!" i yell and run towards the edge of the cliff seeing tyler fall and hit the floor to his death. i fall to my knees and tears go down my face "TYLERRR!!" i yell and lay on the hard floor im shaking im crying with red eyes and i whisper "t-tyler i love you to"
~The End~

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