Twentyone gays

Tyler has feelings for josh but josh dosnt get it and know he regrets it..


3. ~Blue~

Its been 3 weeks that i havent seen josh after that situation and im so depressed.He didnt call,text,tweet,or come to my house to hang out so i figured he's grossed out by what i pillow is soaked in tears from every night i cried.I didnt even leave my house for 3 weeks and i had to cancel so much concerts and didnt try to think of new songs to make.I knew this isn't the life to live so i decided today i will go outside but i thought to myself know that me and josh dont talk anymore Twentyonepilots will be over and all our fans will hate us. i decided to give myself more time or to think of a solution maybe if i tell josh i drank to much redbull and what i said was just non sense maybe we would be best buds again or maybe if i say we should just forget all about the other night so that why we could keep this band going again but it would be to awkward or wired.i open my front door and the sunshine blinds me i step out outside and decide to go to the park to chill. i had a bad feeling like what if i see josh and it gets super awkward so i made a wired choice and go to the gay strip club. i walk inside and see man kissing man girls kissing girls and moaning coming from bathrooms. i sit on the couch and watch a blue haired young guy dancing like no tomorrow on the pole.He looks at me and smiles but i was to sad to smile back. he steps down and sits next to me on the couch "you seem sad in such a amazing bright place" he said in a British calming voice ''well man these days dont understand am i right'' i say to him he smiled ''i think i do'' he said '' i dont like working here to be honest,all i do is put a fake smile and dance like a lady to please man'' he looked like he was about to cry." well how about i take your out of here and we could explore this warm state'' i say and i smile.His deep blue eyes sparkle "wow that would be wonderful" he said and we get out the club. i point to the mall" have you ever went shopping in there'' i say and he looks and says ''never have i only shop at the strip shop or british clothing cause my mom'' i smile and say ''well how about we shop there and get you stuff that show who your are'' his deep blue eyes sparkle as the wind blows in his blue hair. we walk around the mall and he point at a hip store ''i see a flower shirt i always wanted one'' he says and i smile and pull his hand to the store. A lady chewing gum loudy says ''welcome to my Hipsterpop store we um got new dildo's for the lady's with different styles and shapes'' she had this look on her face saying she knows were gay ''um no thanks'' i say and i sit and watch him pick out clothes. ''by the way whats your name'' i say ''Peter'' he says with his calm british voice it makes me feel relaxed. ''well im Tyler'' i say with a smile ''i know your tyler'' he says '' your in a band called twentyoneplan- i mean pilots'' i nod and say ''are you a fan or just know us'' he stops and picks out skinny ripped black jeans then says ''i enjoy your music my favorites are polorize and ode to sleep'' i giggle and say ''were you to shy to say your a fan'' and he laughs then says''no i just kept calm'' and i smile and we buy the clothes he picked out.We go to the food court and i buy a redbull and beff and cheese toco. he buys plain rice and veges. i thought to myself he must have a boyfriend from his adorable voice his eye catching eyes and how healthy and neat he picks out his food. i drink some redbull then say ''so are you single'' i didnt have feelings for him i will always love josh but i thought of Petter as a good friend he looked up at me then said ''my old mate cheated on me with younger boys and ever since then i didnt want to find another man for awhile'' i nod because i understand his situation ''how long was that'' i say and he takes a bite of his carrot then says ''3 years ago'' i was shocked and said ''you stayed alone for that long well if you need anything come to this mall and one day you will spot me'' i leave the table and go home with a smile cause i new i did something good today.

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