~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


6. ~this sucks~

Josh: tyler lets just move
Josh: somewhere where gay's are respected
Tyler: i cant just move i been here my whole life it would be hard
Josh: well if you love me you would move for me...right
Tyler: OF COURSE I LOVE YOU!...but...its hard to get away from my "hometown"
Josh:*sighs* tyler is either me or this homophobe  city
Tyler:*starts to cry*
Tyler: what about if we fight and try for this city maybe they will exept us
Josh: you seen how they reacted it would take them years to like gays!
Tyler: well lets fight threw those years together*smiles and holds out my hand*
Josh:*stares at tyler's hand*
Tyler:*makes puppy eyes*
Josh:*sighs and shakes hands with tyler*
Tyler:*pulls josh's hand making him fall on me and gives him a huge hug*
Tyler: lets help our flag..our rainbow flag
Josh:*nods in agreement and kisses tyler*
Tyler:*giggles and kisses back*
~at night~
Tyler: i made some posters to put around the city it says "all people have their own sexuality mine is loving the same gender"
Josh: thats cool
Tyler: there's another that says "i hold hands with my same gender but why is it bad since you hold hands with a different gender"
Josh: that is so true!
Tyler: lets put these posters around the city
Josh: puts a poster right at the door of the Tocobell resterunt  
Tyler: *smh*
Josh: what that manger needs to understand ^-^
Tyler: i guess i do agree *laughs*
Tyler: puts a bunch of poster's all over random people's house
Josh: ok i think thats good for tonight im tired
Tyler: ok little joshler
Josh: what did i say calling me that! 
Tyler: little joshler joshy josh
Josh: *tackles tyler and tickles him*
Tyler:*laughs uncontrollably and hits josh*
Josh: i love you
Tyler: i love you to *smiles into josh's eyes*
Josh:*kisses tyler on top of him on the dirty floor*
Tyler: *stops kissing* come on lets g-
Police: HEY! what are You to!
Josh: RUN!
Tyler and josh: *runs for their life*


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