~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


17. ~School~

Josh: well tyler u do know that rosey has to go to school right?
Tyler: yeah i know i just dont know when is a good time to
Josh: how about we talk about with her
Tyler: ok 
Josh: ROSEY!!
Rosey:*runs* yeah daddy
Josh: aw she called me daddy
Tyler:*wispers to josh* i thought your were my daddy
Josh: haha stop tyler *blushes*
Tyler: we were thinking of putting you in a public school what do you think
Rosey: i been homeschooled in the adoption center 
Josh: well public school is different you get to meet new friends and do more activites
Rosey: that sounds fun!
Tyler: i also believe you will be in Kindergarten
Josh: oh yeah because shes 5
Rosey:*nods her head with a smile*
Tyler: ok ill do it early in the morning tomorrow*smiles*
Rosey: ok daddy
~Tomorrow morning~
Tyler:*scrambles the eggs* ok honey i called the school
Rosey:*sits down* cool
Tyler: yep were going to take a ride there to get you set up
Rosey: daddy will there be mean kids
Tyler:*stops* uh-um well there might be 
Rosey: im scared of mean kids
Tyler:*goes to rosey and sits on knees* well if any mean kids do any mean things to you just tell me
Tyler:*kisses rosey's forehead* ok 
Tyler:*puts scrambled eggs on Rosey's plate*would you like some orange juice to
Rosey: yes please daddy
Tyler:*pours orange juice in a cup and gives to Rosey*
Lemon:*comes in house* heyy peeps!
Rosey: Lemon!
Lemon: josh called to help with rosey's hair
Tyler: oh yeah
Lemon: ill walk you to the bus stop rosey
Rosey: ok*finishes eating*
Lemon: ok do you want a ponytail or braids or o i also could do a bun
Rosey: i like ponys do a ponytail
Lemon: ha ha ok
Rosey and Lemon:*walk upstairs*
Josh:*comes downstairs* those two besties
Tyler: i know right what would we do without lemon
Josh: haha *grabs coffee and kisses tyler's cheek*
Tyler: since when did you drink coffee
Josh: since when did you drink coffee
Tyler since i became a dad
Josh:*nods in agreement*
Tyler: haha but i still love my redbull and Tocos
Josh:*smiles* same here
Lemon and Rosey:*walk downstairs*
Rosey: daddys do you like my ponytail*shakes around*
Tyler: i love it!
Josh: adorable
Lemon: ok Rosey time to bring you to school
Rosey: ok bye daddy*kisses josh* bye daddy *kisses Tyler*
Tyler and Josh: bye rosey love you

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