~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


18. ~School part 2~

Teacher: hello class we have a new student her name is Rosey
Class: hi rosey
Rosey: hi
Teacher: im Mrs.Gibbson and how about to tell the class how your like
Girl 1: that girl has orange hair she must be wired 
Girl 2: and look at those freckles shes a freak
Rosey:*walks to the middle of the room*
Rosey: hi im rosey i just got adopted by my daddys
Kid 1: daddys? where's you mommy!
Rosey: um well i dont have a mommy just two dads and they love each other
Class: ewww
Mrs.Gibbson: class that is normal for man to like man and girls to like girls
Girl 1: no thats not thats disgusting
Rosey:*looks down*
Mrs.Gibbson: Lilly stop it thats not a way to talk to a new student how about Rosey sits next to you
Rosey:*walks to the table and sits*
Lilly: listen new girl this school dosent like orange haired freaks like you so you can shut up and stay away from us
Rosey: i was born with this hair color im sorry
Cassy: well lilly you cant blame her for how shes born
Lilly; i guess your right but she can stay away from me
Rosey:*looks down*
~Lunch Time~
Rosey:*sits at a empty table and opens lunch box*
Boy:*sits next to rosey* hi im Ean
Rosey: hi ean im-
Ean: rosey yeah i know 
Rosey: oh
Ean: i know lilly is a meanie shes popular
Rosey: whats popular?
Ean: you dont know what that is?!
Rosey:*shakes her head*
Ean: well it means people who are cooler then most others
Rosey: your smart
Ean: i am Mrs.Gibbson's favorite student
Girl:*somes to sit at the table* hi Ean and hi new girl
Ean: its rosey
Girl: oh yeah but can i call you kitkat or rose
Rosey: i-i guess so
Girl: thanks oh and im Sara
Rosey: nice to meet you Sara
Lily:*walks by and pulls rosey's hair* oops im sorry long fingers haha
Ean: stop it lily or ill tell the teacher
Lily: i dont care go ahead poopy face
Ean: im not a poopy face *crys*
Lily: poopy poopy poop face!
Ean:*crys* im telling *runs to the office*
Sara: Ean is kind of a cry baby 
Rosey: oh haha


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