~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


15. ~Rosey~

Tyler and josh:*walk inside adoption center*
Tyler:*looks at all the kids*
Josh: so witch one do you think would fit in good with us
Tyler: idk this is hard
Josh: hey do you hear that?
Tyler: oh its that little girl over there
Tyler and Josh:*walk towards girl*
Girl:*weeps and crys*
Tyler: hi whats wrong?
Girl:*looks at tyler with tears*
Tyler: im tyler and this is josh
Josh:*waves with a smile*
Girl:*wipes eyes* i-im rosey...
Tyler: hi rosey how old are you
Rosey:*holds up 5 fingers*
Josh: nice
Tyler:* looks at rosey's bright orange hair and sky blue eyes*
Josh: Tyler?
Tyler: shes perfect..
~After adoption~
Tyler:*holds rosey's hand*
Josh:*holds rosey's other hand*
Tyler: were going to be your dads and we will take good care of you i promise
Rosey:*nods head*
Josh: we also have a surprise for you
Rosey: what is it?
Josh: shh its a surprise
Tyler:*smiles at josh*
Tyler:*puts rosey in her car seat*
Tyler: we bought you some outfits and snacks so you feel welcome
Rosey: thank you my other parents gave me away when i was born
Rosey: i lived there for 5 years
Tyler: well we already love you and want you to have a fun life with us
Tyler:*gives Rosey goldfish snacks*
Rosey: thank you
Josh: well ok were home
Tyler: yay your surprise is inside
Rosey: yay
Tyler:*holds Rosey's hand and brings her inside*
Rosey:*sees a big teddy and dresses and clothes*
Rosey: yay yay yay! thank you
Josh and Tyler:*smiles*
Josh: there is another surprise
Rosey: whaaat really
Josh:*holds Rosey's hand and brings her to a room*
Rosey:*sees a princess bed with butterflies on the wall and dolls and teddy bears on the bed*
Rosey: thank you thank you thank you!
Tyler and Josh: you welcome
Rosey:*hugs tyler and josh* i love you..Dads
Tyler and josh:*smile at eachother* we love you to

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