~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


4. ~LOVE~

Tyler:*hugs on josh's arm*
Josh:your so adorable
Tyler:not as adorable as you
Josh: were both adorable
Tyler:i have something to tell you
Josh: sure wassup
Tyler: dont laugh ok
Josh: sure ok
Tyler: i never got sucked..
Josh: really? what about jenna
Tyler:i dont know she never really wanted to
Josh: so your a virgin?
Tyler:*nods slowly*
Josh: aww, well ill be honored to be your first
Josh:*leans down*
Tyler: woah dude your doing it right know
Josh: sure why not
Tyler:*gets hard*
Josh: *pins Tyler aganist the wall and bends down pulling down his pants and boxers*
Tyler:*closes eyes*
Josh:*sucks tyler's dick*
Tyler: woah that feels..
Josh:*swirls tongue around it*
Tyler:*opens eyes and bites bottom lip*
Josh:*sucks deeply*
Tyler:ok ok stop
Josh:what's wrong
Tyler: i love it but i dont think im ready..
Josh: well..ok
Tyler: im sorry *blushes in emberresment*
Josh: *handcuffs tyler to the couch*
Tyler: josh woah what are you doing
Josh: i love you tyler so please let me show you it..right know
Tyler: j-josh...I love you to
Josh:*sits on tylers lap and sucks his neck*
~things happened that night~


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