~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


20. ~Joshler last chapter~

Priest:Josh do you promise to love this man for as long as you live
Josh: i do
Priest: and tyler do you promise to love this man for as long as you live
Tyler:*tear comes down* i-i do!
Priest: well i pronounce you husband and husband you may kiss the man
Josh:*grabs tyler's head with one hand and pulls him for a kiss*
Lemon: yes kiss you gays!
People:*looks at lemon*
Lemon: oops sorry did i spoil da moment
Tyler: you didnt spoil a thing
Lemon: whats wrong?
Rosey: im just s-so happy for my daddy's
Lemon: i am to *smiles*
~after wedding~
Girl:*smiles* sorry i couldnt come for the wedding but im glad i made it to the party
Lemon: its ok im just glad u came i love you *kisses her*
Girl: i love you to *snuggles*
Tyler: lemon is that your girl
Lemon: yeah sorry i never got to let her meet you
Tyler: its fine, hey
Girl: hey congrats
Tyler: thanks!
Tyler's mom: could i get everyone's attention
Tyler's mom: there will be a couples competition
Girl: oo lemon!
Josh:*winks at tyler*
Tyler's mom: and the married men will pick the winners
Tyler: what mom thats hard!
Tyler's mom: its ok sweetie just pick who's a good  dancing couple 
Josh: ok miss joseph will try out best
Tyler' mom:*smiles* ok all the couples who want to participate in a dancing competition come to the dance floor:
People:*walk to the dance floor*
Girl:*drags lemon* come on!
Lemon: ok ok
Tyler's mom:*puts on car radio song*
Lemon: omg this is my favorite
Girl:*spins lemon*
Lemon:*spins her*
Girl:*locks leg wih lemon's and shakes hips*
Lemon:*wiggles around and laughs*
Tyler: hey josh look at lemon and her girl they seem to have fun should we give them the crown
Josh: maybe, they are gay and this day is about our gay marriage
Tyler:*blushes* i love you so much
Josh:love you to 
Tyler's sister: come on babe we must win the couples crown
Her boyfirend: its not that important babe and im trying *spins her around*
Lemon:*grabs her and picks her up hrowing her up the air*
Girl: weeee!*falls onto lemon's hands*
*song ends*
Tyler's mom: so lets see who is our couple winner's
Tyler:*grabs microphone* Lemon and her girl!
Girl:*screams* op hehe
josh and tyler lived a happy life making the songs you love and taking care of Rosey she grew up and actally has a wife such a gay hometown right! Lemon needs her confidence to asked her girl to marry her but Hope you enjoyed the story of JOSHLER!<3 


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