~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


7. ~its Lemon~

Tyler: i cant believe we out run that cop
Josh: same maybe he was to gross out to touch us
Tyler: yeah...
Josh: hey were trying to get the town to see us and understand us right
Tyler:*tear comes down*
Josh:*pulls tyler for a hug*
~door knock~
Tyler: *looks threw door hole to see a girl with my glasses and flower flannel*
Tyler:*opens door*
Lemon: its me!
Josh:*peeks up next to tyler*
Josh: hey i remember her she's that girl that came in the back room after the concert
Lemon:*blushes* u remembered
Tyler: how did u find where we live??
Lemon: i saw the news and it showed u guys
Josh: wait what!
Tyler and josh: *run to open tv*
News: it appears to see two local boys putting gay posters around our town saying "i hold hands with the same gender
News: if u see these two local boys please report it to us and we will get them out of our town
Tyler:*groans and covers face*
Josh:*pats tyler's back*
Lemon:*stares at them 2*
Josh: dont tell me your aganist us 2..
Lemon: oh no no no i support you to and want to help
Tyler: thats bull shit no one is going to respect the gays in this town!
Lemon: they will once they see a video..
Josh: what video???
Lemon:*pulls out CD out of pocket*
Tyler:*gets up* what video is that about?
Lemon: its a world where gay is respected and striaght people must die or hate themselfs
Tyler: ok go on
Lemon: a young girl notices she had feelings for a boy but everyone knows about it and bullys her and wants her to die and burn in hell
Lemon: its really good and if the people in this town see it they will totally understand in seconds and respect you
Tyler: but how will we get the town to see
Lemon: the hopes are youtube,instagram,and...and
Josh: and what...?!
Lemon: the news..

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