~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


1. ~fun times~

Tyler: JOSHHH:       
Josh: yeah buddy
Tyler: im nervous and idk why
Josh: woah dude whats up
Tyler: this concert is in florida you know how many fans in florida love us
Josh:its fine your the most amazing guy i know we'll be fine
Tyler:ok ok thanks dude *hugs josh*
~Concert time~
Tyler: are you guys ready to have some fun tonight!
Fans: *screaming*
Josh: *starts drumming for lane boy*
Tyler: this is say your lane boy,lane boy cause we go where we want to
 Fan 1: I love this songg *crys* i love tyler..
Fan 2: chill their just regular people like us
Fan 1: i know but their amazing people
~After concert~
Josh: see we did great like usual
Tyler: i guess so *takes shirt off*
Fan 1: *runs in the room*
Tyler: hey,how did u get in here!
Fan 1: *tears run down face*
Tyler: *sighs* ok ill let u stay for a bit since u seem to be crazy fan
Fan 1: * screams in her mind*
Josh: so whats your name?
Fan 1: Lemon...Lemon Leto
Tyler: Lemon? thats wired is that your favorite fruit
Fan 1: i legally changed it to that and its not my favorite fruit its the feeling of how it sounds with my last name
Tyler: wow your a interesting one
Josh: how old are you?
Lemon: im 13 turning 14 i july
Josh: your young and have a lot to live for
Lemon: *smiles*
Tyler: *sighs* look lemon we have to go back to home but i wont forget u i remember the good fans
Lemon: *crys*
Tyler: *hugs lemon and kisses her cheek*
Lemon: *shocked and blushes* ill always love your band Tyler and josh your amazing

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