~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


2. ~DATES~

Tyler: Josh can u pass my redbull
Josh: sure bud *passes redbull*
*Tyler and josh's hands touch*
Tyler: thanks
Josh: *leans in over table and kisses tyler*
Tyler: *blushes*
Josh: im sorry i couldnt help myself
Tyler: i loved it..
Josh: *blushes*
Tyler: no please i love your TocoBell 
Manger: that was disgusting, get the hell out!
Josh: lets just go..
Tyler: fine we'll go you homophobe!
~leaves store~
Josh: im sorry, it was my fault we cant go to that TocoBell anymore
Tyler:no its fine ill just start going to the one down the road
Josh: *puts hand on tyler's cheek and kisses*
Tyler: *blushes*
Josh: what about Jenna..
Tyler: i guess it wont work out with me and her if i have feelings for you
Josh:*smiles* i love you
Tyler: i love you to joshler
Josh: stop you know i hate being called that 
Tyler: joshler joshy joshhh 
Josh: hey! dont make me tackle you
Tyler: *runs and laughs*
Josh: *chances after Tyler* im gonna get you!
Tyler: ahhh! *screams and runs laughing*
Josh: *tackles Tyler to the ground and stares into his creamy brown eyes*
Tyler: we should go to my place were in public acting like 5 year olds
Josh: and, i LOVE IT
Tyler: *laughs*
Josh: *holds tyler's hand and walks home with him*

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