~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


16. ~Best frens~

Lemon:*knocks on door*
Tyler:*opens door*
Tyler: hey lemon what u doing here
Lemon: i came to eat your food,chill,then leave
Tyler: of course
Rosey:*pokes her head*
Lemon: who's that?
Tyler: this is our new daughter rosey
Rosey:*waves and smiles*
Lemon:oh you adopted thats nice*walks to the kitchen*
Rosey: want to play barbies with me
Lemon: sorry im 13 i play phone
Tyler: dont be rude shes new here and should get to know you
Lemon:*sigh* ok ok
Tyler: whats the rush anyway
Lemon: i have to meet my girl at 5
Tyler: that red head?
Lemon: no its a different girl i love her
Tyler: well ok go ahead and play
Rosey:*grabs lemon's shirt and brings her to room*
Josh: im home!
Tyler: yay!*hugs josh*
Josh:*kisses tyler* aw did you miss me
Tyler: yes...
Josh:*kisses tyler again* i missed you to
Josh: where's rosey
Tyler: shes in her room playing with lemon
Josh: with lemon? ha i didnt know lemon played toys
Tyler: well i made her play with rosey
Josh:*peeks in the bedroom*
Rosey: lets go shopping Ms.pea
Lemon: sure let me grab my purse*walks the barbie doll*
Josh: aw know thats cute
Tyler: i know right
Josh:*picks up tyler and brings him to couch*
Josh: lets watch a movie
Tyler: what movie
Josh: i dont know any type you want
Tyler: aw ok i love you
Josh: not as much as i love you


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