~Lane gays~

Tyler joseph and josh dun besties and make wonderful music in their band TwentyonePilots but tyler got a feeling he never felt before it was wired,it was love,it was gay...


14. ~Adopt~

Josh: i wish we had a kid
Tyler: yeah but i cant get pregnant
Josh: maybe if i rape u hard enough
Tyler: WOAH NO
Josh: haha ok
Tyler: well maybe we should adopt?
Josh: first we fuck then adopt to make it seem more real
Tyler:*blushes* i guess so
Josh:*picks up Tyler*
Tyler:why do u have to love me so much!
Josh:*laughs and brings Tyler to bedroom and kicks door close*
Tyler:*jumps out of josh's arms and runs to other side of room*
Josh:*runs to other side of room and tackles tyler*
Tyler:*falls on the floor and laughs*
Josh:*laughs and looks into tyler's eyes*
Josh: ill never stop loving you
Tyler:*puts hand on josh's cheek*
Tyler:shut up you adorable thing
Josh:*laughs then kisses tyler's neck*
Tyler:*bites bottom lip*
Josh:*sucks tyler's neck*
Tyler: mm Josh
Josh:*rubs body against tyler while kissing and sucking his neck*
Tyler:*closes eyes* mmm oh Josh
Josh:*unbottons tyler's shirt*
Tyler:*bites bottom lip*
Josh:*kisses Tyler's chest then takes off his pants*
Tyler: ohhh boy
Josh:*takes off Tyler's boxers then kisses his chest down to his dick*
Josh:*takes off shirt and pants*
Tyler:*sits up* 
Tyler: i got it this time
Josh: really are you sure?
Tyler: yep *pulls josh's boxers down*
Tyler:* licks his dick softly*
Josh: aw tyler
Tyler:* sticks josh's dick in my mouth and sucks*
Josh:*closes eyes and holds Tyler's hair*
Tyler:*sucks at the top then licks down*
Josh:*tugs on Tyler's hair* mm Tyler
Tyler:*kisses the top of josh's dick then sucks*
Josh: MM tylerrr...oh tyler
Tyler: *stands up and smiles at josh*
Josh:*grabs tyler and trows him on the bed*
Tyler: woah josh haha
Josh:*sticks dick in tyler's butt*
Tyler: woah thats new
Josh: were going to adopt so we have to make it real
Josh: your the mami and im the papi
Josh:*humps Tyler*
Tyler: Joshhhh oh
Lemon:*walks in*
Lemon: Oh my lordd why!
Josh and Tyler:*blush in emberressment*
Lemon: why must i walk in here when you to.. thats it im out
Lemon:*walks out and closes door*
Tyler: maybe we should stop im tired
Josh: hey you know when a girl and guy want a baby this is what they got to do
Tyler: yeah..but
Josh: no buts we are gonna show people a guy and a guy could do it just as hard and get a kid
Tyler: ok,ok
Tyler: oh god joshhh



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