Just Friends?

Dan and Layla have been best friends since they were three years old. They've shared everything together: Beds, baths and every little secret in between.

Fast forward 11 years and suddenly everything gets a lot more complicated with school, parents and relationships. Dan and Layla persevere through it all still hand in hand with one another like they're still three years old.

With prom coming up the pair decide to go with one another as "just friends" but they soon begin to question the innocence of their relationship


2. Year 1

Fast forward a couple of years to 2007 we're now aged 5 and still best friends as can be...

My baby sister, Georgia, had now been born and we constantly complained to one another how our sisters were driving us insane. Our constant confidence in one another helped us escape the constant cries of our sisters, the nagging of our parents and the strange stares from our classmates.


At the beginning of the spring term, I fell ill for a couple of weeks and had to stay in the hospital a couple of nights. Dan came to visit me and his company kept me smiling. Once I'd recovered I came back to school to see Dan hand in hand with another little blonde girl who wasn't me. That was the first time I truly felt jealous. This new girl needed to know that Dan was my best friend. So I marched up to her and said," I'm Layla and Dan is my best friend, not yours". Her smile quickly fell to a scowl. She then clung onto his arm a little tighter.

"Dan is my boyfriend, not yours and I'm his girlfriend so he likes me more," she replies as she sticks her tongue out at me. I blow a raspberry in her face and lightly tug at her ponytail before storming off to sulk under the climbing frame. Around 5 minutes later Dan is by my side and the new girl is nowhere to be seen and everything is back as it should be. He explains to me how he wants us all to be friends together.


Later that day I saw the same new girl at the afterschool club. She's sitting in a corner by herself. Mrs B, the leader of the club suggests I go talk to her and make her feel welcome as I'm the only one in her class here. I hesitantly walk over. I sit down right next to her before stuttering," Sorry for pulling your hair at lunchtime". "It's ok...I like your headband" She forgives. "I like your shoes they're pretty. What's your name then?" I ask. "My name is Anna" she replies. We then take each other's hands skipping around the playground together with the biggest possible grins on our faces.


Dan, Anna and I soon became a trio of the closest friends. I talked about hairstyles, clothes and makeup with Anna and everything else with Dan.

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