Just Friends?

Dan and Layla have been best friends since they were three years old. They've shared everything together: Beds, baths and every little secret in between.

Fast forward 11 years and suddenly everything gets a lot more complicated with school, parents and relationships. Dan and Layla persevere through it all still hand in hand with one another like they're still three years old.

With prom coming up the pair decide to go with one another as "just friends" but they soon begin to question the innocence of their relationship


1. How we met

Primary school. That's your answer if you want to be brief but if you've got a little more spare time then I suggest you put your feet up. 

Let's take us back to 2005...when Dan and I were only 3 years old. I've forever been an anxious child and of course starting a new school with new people scared me tremendously. Dan, on the other hand, was so carefree that even the highest of heights couldn't daunt him. Dan loves to laugh in the face of fear by hanging off cliffs and abseiling down the steepest of drops. 

Dan's fearlessness approach to life clearly rubbed off on his social skills. Whilst I stood trembling in the corner clinging onto my mother's trouser leg with all my strength he marched up to me and without a shadow of a doubt took my hand and said," Don't worry. It'll be ok. I'll help you. I'll be your friend". I immediately loosened my grip on my mum's leg. After we exchanged names, favourite colours and birthdays we became best friends. 

I spent the next year hand in hand with Dan, in awe of his natural confidence. We spent every moment we could together. He introduced me to his sister Julia who at this point was just a baby learning to walk. I then told him that I was going to have a baby sister soon. In that first year we learned everything there was to know about each other. 


I still miss how simple it all was.

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