The Warning

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 24 Mar 2017
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I believe one day humans will learn to live in accordance with nature and other people. Hope it won't be too late. Do we need aliens to teach us how to live?


2. 2.

 The aliens' headquarter was somewhere in the desert-far from the human eyes, far from the civilization, far from the concrete jungles,called''cities'' built by men who wanted only comfortable and careless life.

Their headquarter was invisible to the people eyes.

One plain autumn afternoon, people from every nook of the globe-even in the Antarctic, received a strange phone call. It was a call from the desert. From the phone receiver a hypnotic voice whispered in the ears of the Earth people:


''find your real role as citizens of this world, ...find your real role....., find your....''


These words were flowing like a river in the eyes of the humans. Soon the message reached the head brain of the humanly creatures and suddenly they all felt hypnotized.

The strange, galactic voice made sure people from every nook of the globe forget about alienation, hatred,greed, anger and jealousy. Instead, the Earth people sensed in their still weak bodies a rush of hormones of happiness and exhilaration. For a first time ever everybody felt free and euphoric. Sort of a little miracle came on Earth and illuminated people minds.

The hypnotic method managed to erase all negative emotions from the brains of the mankind. Every single person on the planet Earth felt the same way-no matter if he/she is poor beggar or vicious dictator, a worker or a royal heir.

Then, without losing precious time, the army of the Zero race prepared themselves to destroy all deadly weapons in this beautiful but troubled planet.

One of them pushed a large button and a giant magnet appeared above the desert sky and began functioning. This magnet was designed by the ultra clever minds of the aliens to attract only metal weapons from conflict zones and military territories, from places where peace was threaten by human ego or thirst for reign and power.

The Zero race did it because during their stay in our planet, they realized that the inhabitants of the Earth are not trustworthy. This became clear when one extraterrestrial creature wrote in his digital register:


'' It is so that human beings are the wreath of the evolution on Earth but they have still so much to learn about life. In many situations they/even though being on the top of the all other living creatures/ act silly or do silly, unreasonable things. I wonder why they do that! ''


We had to take care ourselves and the environment centuries ago, but we didn't do it. Now, the new aliens did what should be done from us. We owe them forever.


                                                                            . . .


The deadly weapons, made and used by the human hands, were completely destroyed.

Still, people from all over the world were slightly dizzy by the extraterrestrial hypnosis and the next day when they felt in normal condition again,and when the Zero civilization was flown tracelessly away, the Earth people were surprised to see that wars and conflicts remained history. It was not an utopia no more for the mankind. Peace and restoration were born again.

Like the whole world finally wakes anew and wiser than ever. This brand new start revealed its horizons for the next generations. And so be it!

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