The Warning

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  • Published: 24 Mar 2017
  • Updated: 24 Mar 2017
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I believe one day humans will learn to live in accordance with nature and other people. Hope it won't be too late. Do we need aliens to teach us how to live?


1. 1.

  Zero, an advanced and upgraded race of aliens, sent several months ago their representatives on planet Earth. This new race of aliens has nothing to do with the green little extraterrestrial creatures, stuck as an image in humans' brains for out-of space invaders. The Zero race are not green or have they antennae on their heads.

The new aliens were sent to observe ordinary people, to study the laws of nature and to influence somehow the humans' behavior in order they to change themselves for good.

To avoid extra attention or pangs of fear, the Zero race of aliens disguised themselves like human beings. They looked like beer-bellied old men who do nothing specific at first glance.

One of the disguised aliens, after almost three months on planet Earth and after detailed observations, wrote in his digital register:


'' They are a strange race, the humans. Their voices are different from anything I have heard before. Their mannerisms can be described as nothing but obscurity. The air all human beings breathe was outlandishly difficult to survive within. There's a period of time where a strange, powdery substance, called ''snow'' falls from the sky. They like it and the little ones of them make figures from it. To me it looks toxic.

In conclusion to my observations I can say that one greater part of the Earth people are incompetent. ''


The ultra clever alien from the Zero race in his notes reached to the conclusion that people make faults, many of which resonate into devastating consequences for the mankind.

Are we unable to value the beauty around us? Do we pay attention to what we posses-animals, plants, mountains, nature....the list is infinite?

Slowly, but persistently we, humans, prefer instead of enjoying and protect those beauties, to mock or destroy them.

On one side is the beauty of the realm, the eternal array of natural artistry. One other side are the people-cruel,oblivious creatures of monstrous nature. Magnificence and forgetfulness. Good and egoism. Yin and Yang. Peace and destruction.

We more and more become out of being ourselves. We have lost ourselves. We reached the verge of our self-destruction that unknown to us brought the old prophecy into fruition that ''another civilization, much wiser than people will come from the endless space and will not only show our disadvantages but also help us be reasonable again.''

It happened. The Zero race already three months is trying to warn us all. If we do not listen these clever extraterrestrial brains we will lose the battle for preserving our planet. We will die of our lack of ingenuity and stupidity.

The Zero race love us and assist us be more reasonable and forget about the paradigms of war.

The new race observed the Earth for so many decades and when everything was almost lost, they came among us, dressed like humans and showed everybody the right direction for development. They have opened our eyes for numerous of things. They protected us from future disasters, in the foundation of which lies hatred.

                                                                                . . .

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