Students feel Insecure in school because of bullies


1. Insecure

        Do you know how many students feel insecure because they are bullied? 62% of all girls and 45% of boys feel insecure at school and the number is ever so slightly increasing and these facts are not the only ones such as the percent of people that are bullied and don't go to school is 17%. The main reason you ask there are bullies in school and the number of them is increasing rapidly.  Students who bully should be expelled because the number of insecure students is outrageous.

          First of all, it is more desirable for the school to get excellent ratings, and the school gets more students attracted to it.  This is good for one if the school gets improved ratings that is giving education to more students in a healthy, safe, and loving environment.  Another thing I didn't mention is that the students feel more encouraged to learn in those types of environment even Albert Einstein has quote about this "I never try to teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn" --Albert Einstein.

         In addition, to the school getting higher quality students and more ratings is the fact that when an environment is friendly students grades go up, it's automatic since no one's there to distract them anymore and so students are more productive.  This is also great for having students make more friends or even collaborate better in classes.  This will stop uneducated people in society today roaming the streets without an education or a life. 

        Third, the teachers have it easy, this happens because everyone listens and helps each other out, there's not other people messing around don't you hate it when you are just walking in the hallways and you can hear kids screaming from like a mile away.  Well, I do but anyways it's better because more kids learn and the class moves along faster and also teachers can do their jobs without having to raise their voice and kids who want to learn can learn with no more impediments in their way to greatness.

       Some might believe that the answer to bullying is to give them counseling lessons or take it easy on them because of family issues or whatever is going on with them but this makes it worse because one you have to put in money to give counseling and even though they have issues in their family or something else doesn't mean they have to do these types of things and so the immediate, and electrifying way is to expel the bullies and get it over with. 

        This proves that expelling the students is far better than other alternatives and that kids who bully should be expelled no doubt because without this the schools of the world would get more spoiled than stale bread so please take all of this into consideration and start expelling students who bully it's terrible and should be stopped at all costs. 

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