Love's Perfect Imperfections- Beauty And The Beast Competition Entry

"... Still, that's the point of love; you love someone despite their flaws."
-Sophie Kinsella

Ms. Eliza Emerson is a college dropout who only has two goals in life: 1. Create art to her heart's content 2. Find her soulmate. One day, she scribbles a poem on a piece of paper, folds it up into a paper airplane, and sends it off from her apartment window. A man finds it. He is lead to her, and they fall in love. But Ms. Emerson doesn't realize that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship- a perfect person. Through her journey, she realizes that there is no flawless relationship. The best you get is when you can oversee those flaws, and realize that love is more powerful than imperfections. Something we all should realize



I stand under the canopy of  La Lavende Et L'Amour, listening to the sound of yet another heavy rainfall in Paris. Looking at my watch again, I anxiously wait for Benjamin Meyers to arrive. 12:09, the watch had read. A car finally pulls up when my watch reads 12:13. I watch as Benjamin parks a bright red Peugeot and rushes over to me. "Am I too late?" he asks frantically. "Oh, no. It- It's fine," I say, looking down at my feet. He gives another lopsided grin. "Great, let's get a table." He opens the door for me and I step inside.

The restaurant is quite regal today, with a warm setting and a sparkling chandelier placed in the center of the restaurant. A waiter guides us to a table. We order.

"So," he starts when the waiter leaves. "Why did you send the paper airplane?" 

I can feel my cheeks burning. "Well, I-" 

"It's okay, you don't have to tell me if it makes you that uncomfortable." he smiles. Oh, that smile makes my heart melt. His vibrant green eyes almost make it seem like my worries disappear.  After a few moments of silence, I ask, "Have you gone to this restaurant before?" He nods. "I used to come here every Tuesday after my classes with my friends." I nod thoughtfully. Today's Tuesday, I think, enjoying the silly coincidence for just a moment. "Classes. What college did you go to?" I ask.

~  ~  ~

Next Monday. That's our next date. Benjamin told me that he would take care of planning it, that I just had to meet him at the park. He said it all followed by a wink, and I don't know if I can trust that wink.

I wonder why he was late today. Maybe I'm forgettable- no, I can't think like that. It was probably a one-time thing. Hopefully, it's a one-time thing.

Oh, but isn't he wonderful! His smile, his eyes. His humor, everything. He's so... perfect.

Benjamin Meyer, my soulmate. My one and only soulmate.

He has to be, right?

I shouldn't fall in love so easily, so quickly. But we almost just- click, you know? Does he even like me the way I like him?

I shove a pillow in my face. Think less, sleep more. Okay? Okay.

Rolling onto my side in my twin-sized bed, I allow a tear to trickle out of my left eye. Sometimes it just feels good to cry, even if it's for no reason.

For the first time in years, I miss my family. I long for my mother to be by my side, to hug her one more time. Complain about the ignorant people in my life. For her to offer slightly annoying wisdom. I wish James was throwing crumpled napkins at my head while I work on artwork and offering constructive criticism on my horrible drawings of hands. My dad, I just miss him. Not for any specific reason. I just miss him,

Maybe I should look into antidepressants...

I look out the window and up at the sky. Beautiful stars and constellations.


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