Love's Perfect Imperfections- Beauty And The Beast Competition Entry

"... Still, that's the point of love; you love someone despite their flaws."
-Sophie Kinsella

Ms. Eliza Emerson is a college dropout who only has two goals in life: 1. Create art to her heart's content 2. Find her soulmate. One day, she scribbles a poem on a piece of paper, folds it up into a paper airplane, and sends it off from her apartment window. A man finds it. He is lead to her, and they fall in love. But Ms. Emerson doesn't realize that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship- a perfect person. Through her journey, she realizes that there is no flawless relationship. The best you get is when you can oversee those flaws, and realize that love is more powerful than imperfections. Something we all should realize


2. II

My eyes flutter open when I hear the noise of my alarm clock blaring beside my twin-size bed. I fold over the patterned quilt and sit up on the edge of the mattress. I lightly tap my finger against a button on my alarm clock, ceasing the noise. I see that the time is 7:03 AM. I'm suddenly hit with the realization that my shift at the coffee shop starts in half an hour. 

And for those of you wondering, yes, I have a job.

I don't just pull money for the rent out of the sky. (I wish)

Quickly, I throw on my work clothes, stuff my brown, leather purse with loose change and lipstick, and head out the door.

Carefully skipping down three stories of staircases, I hurry through the slightly-less-than-extravagant lobby and push the large door open with effort. Raindrops begin to scatter on the lenses of my glasses. The blood-red rims stood out in the edges of my vision. Their large, round, but pointed at the sides, shape complement my face well, and that's just why I bought them. 

They don't complement my appearance, nor my vision, when it's raining out.

As I'm walking down the sidewalk, I bump into someone. 

"Oh, I'm sorry!" I exclaim. It seems to be a man in a business suit.

I look up to meet this man's gaze. He has a slightly tan complexion, with dark brown, wavy hair swept back and eyes the color of melted chocolate. He smiles warmly at me. "It's alright," he says in a forgiving tone. I process what is happening, and close my gaping open mouth. I nod, slightly embarrassed.  I step back as he puts up his finger. "Oh, I saw this go out a window from your apartment about one week ago. Do you happen to know who's it is?" he holds out the folded paper airplane. 


My soulmate.

I found him.

"Uh, yeah. Actually, I sent it out the window. D-did you read it?" I ask. He nods. "I mean, it said 'Dear whoever finds this...' on the front, so.." I hold up my hands in front of me. "No, it's okay. You were supposed to read it." I say quickly. 

A few seconds of silence

"Hey, how about you meet me at the little restaurant at the intersection down the street tomorrow for lunch, okay? So we can talk about the... letter."

I nod. "Yeah, let's do that. Is 12:00 fine?"

He thinks for a moment, "Sounds good to me," he gives me a crooked smile.

I smile and look down at my feet. "Okay," I say quietly.

As we begin to continue walking down the street, he stops. "Hang on, I never got your name."

I look back, "I'm Eliza. Eliza Emerson." I say with a shy smile.

He nods, "Benjamin Meyer. I'll see you tomorrow, Miss Eliza Emerson."

He walks away. Miss Eliza Emerson, that's me. Fate has brought us together, Benjamin Meyer and Miss Eliza Emerson.

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