Love's Perfect Imperfections- Beauty And The Beast Competition Entry

"... Still, that's the point of love; you love someone despite their flaws." -Sophie Kinsella Ms. Eliza Emerson is a college dropout who only has two goals in life: 1. Create art to her heart's content 2. Find her soulmate. One day, she scribbles a poem on a piece of paper, folds it up into a paper airplane, and sends it off from her apartment window. A man finds it. He is lead to her, and they fall in love. But Ms. Emerson doesn't realize that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship- a perfect person. Through her journey, she realizes that there is no flawless relationship. The best you get is when you can oversee those flaws, and realize that love is more powerful than imperfections. Something we all should realize


1. I


Do you believe in soulmates?

The person that you were made for, that one person that is perfect for you.

I believe in soulmates.

I am determined to find my soulmate one day.

I am also determined to become a world renowned artist. Which leads to another thing about me:

My parents hate me.

Okay, not exactly. But I'm sure they are not happy with what I've done with my life.

I used to live in Bordeaux. With my family.

My mom, my dad, my little brother James. We moved here from Maine when I was three years old and James was just an infant.

I graduated high school with many academic achievements. My future was set as a successful scientist after going to Bowdoin College back at home in Brunswick, Maine. It was all a girl could ever want!

Correction: it was all a girl's parents could ever want.

I didn't want to go to Bowdoin. I didn't want to go on the 18-hour flight to a place I hadn't been in decades. But, I couldn't tell my parents that. I chose a worse option.

In my sophomore year at Bowdoin, I dropped out. I went back to France. My parents were mortified. I bought a cheap apartment in Paris and barely spoke to my parents ever again.

Now, I'm here. Sitting at my desk. I look out the window in front of me, lined with spray-painted white wood.

I painted that wood.

Of course, with permission.

It looks better than the rusty brown that it used to be- makes the room a little brighter. 

I tilt my head downward to examine my messy desk. Marked all over with charcoal smears, I see a pile of designs and sketches. I pick one up, carefully holding it around the rim to avoid smudging my masterpiece. I especially love this one, as it shows raindrops on my window trickling down, forming a heart. I look up and out the same window, the sun shining through a gap between some clouds. It reminds me of an entrance to Heaven. The wind causes the trees to sway four stories below me. 

I have an astounding idea.

Quickly, I rush to sit down at my desk. I pick up my reed pen and begin to write on a loose piece of notebook paper. Yes, I am well aware that a reed pen is supposed to be used for calligraphy, but this reed pen is my lucky pen, so I always use it.

A poem, a prose, a message. What to call it? I don't know. I just keep writing, using a flick of my wrist to add a nice effect to the lettering. 

Once I finish, I fold the paper into a nice little airplane. I open up my window, the wind blowing my brown, wavy hair behind me, and I send it off.

May fate be the messenger, my soulmate.

I hope I find you soon.

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