One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


9. Chapter 8

~~,, I can't believe you, you take that monstrous dog with you” she mumbles looking at Gazzy over the shrank, he rest his head at the desk looking at her.
he looks at her with a smile, completely ignoring the harsh tone, I roll my eyes and put the last box of herbs. ,, relax, he's not going to eat anything, he's a good dog.”
,, that’s not the one I'm concerned for”
,, what do you mean?” I turn around and see the worried look.
,, you where attacked in your own home, and Caine is the only one that actually looks like he is worried about it” she explain coming over to me, why is it so important to people that I look concerned? It’s not like it would be the first time for me someone threw me across the room.
I tell her that I am fine, and I am not worried now that I have Gazzy.
,, he don’t act like guard dog”
,, no but he is enough scary looking to get people running, didn't you see that guy on the way here?” I grin and roll my eyes “one look at Gazzy and he was gone”
she laugh softly when she remember he's scared face, maybe Gazzy is not really evil, who knows.
but he is so scary looking that they don’t need to see his teeth before they get scared.
suddenly the bell ring and a older lady in colorful clothes, full with bracelets on her wrists and rings on her fingers comes in. she smiles softly at me and I nod my head smiling
Bella is such a sweet lady, a little crazy, she sees herself as a witch, but sweet nonetheless.
,, god afternoon Katerina and Nadia. Nadia do you have the herbs I asked for?” Nadia smiles and go into the storage to find them, Bella turns towards be ,, I need to make a love potion for a customer you see, and the herbs for that is so hard to come by” I nod smiling, as I said, a little crazy.
Nadia comes back with a little leather purse and hand it over to Bella.
,, here you go, don’t use too much. Or it won't work” Bella nods and hand her the money, and when she turns she looks at Gazzy like it's first there she realizes he's here.
,, it's a long time since I last saw one of these, Katerina, be careful. he may seem like a weird dog, but he is not what you think he is” she takes one last look at Gazzy before leaving the shop.
when the door close I turn to Nadia with a raised eyebrow, she shrug and twirl a finger beside her head indication that she is probably just crazy. I feel a paw on my leg and look at Gazzy.
he is scary looking, and he don’t look like any dog I have ever seen, but the way she said he's not what I think he is, still send shivers down my spine like she tried to warn me.
when Nadia gets her break, we decide to take our lunch down to the park so Gazzy could get some fresh air. we sit under a willow three looking at Gazzy walking around sniffing to everything he comes across. I take a bite of my tuna sandwich just enjoying the sun.
,, now when you have turned 18, will you continue to live with Caine?” she question, it isn't the first time we have talked about this. Caine actually only had to have me until my 18 birthday, but he have told me I can stay as long as I want. but still under his rules.
and right now I don’t see a reason to leave, I like living with Caine, he's a great guy, and I would trust him with my life. and living alone, I don’t  know. it seem so scary somehow.
,, I don’t think so.. at least not yet anyway” I take a sip of the coffe and hand it to her “ why did you ask?” she takes it and take a slurp. she looks down like she don’t know how to say it.
,, nothing, was just curious if I needed to soon go out and by furniture with you” she says docking the question, and I know her enough that I won't get it out of her before she wants to tell me.
so I play along, joking I will find a apartment far away from this little spot on the map and move into a bigger city, and they will  never see me again.
we sit like that talking when suddenly a loud outburst comes near us, I see a blond guy look at Gazzy terrified, I call on Gazzy hoping that he has been declined to come.
and luckily he does, the guy comes over to us with a confused face,, is that really your dog?”
I smile and nod making Gazzy lay down beside me “ it's huge! how can you control it?”
,, it's just about being dominant, and he's a sweetie, he's just scary looking”
,, wow, I personally like womens that can take a lead” he says with a smile, I look surprised at him, and grin. Nadia looks at us with a frown between her eyebrows.
I stand up to introduce myself ,, Katerina silversmith, nice to meet you”
,, Kevin Horsens” he nod at Nadia that just looks away like she feels violated that he looked at her.
we stand there talking a little about Gazzy, he seems interested in him.
and I know I have to be nice, or Caine will put me under house arrest, so I answer his questions with a smile, trying not to get too irritated over he keeps coming on me like this.
,, - anyhow, would you like to meet again sometime? maybe over a coffee tomorrow?” he smiles moving closer and I realize why Nadia kept trying to break us off. he is flirting with me.
,, she's busy” I look towards the voice and see Caine stand there with narrowed eyes looking at us.
Kevin sees the uniform and decide to take off ,, what are you doing? Nadia why didn't you stop her?” ,, I tried! but I don’t think she realized her flirted, she never does”
,, I did!” they both look at me with a face that says ‘really’ “ at the end I did” I admit looking at Gazzy. I has still not quite learned how flirting works if it isn't head on, like bikers does.
,, you need to learn to say no” Caine sighs.
,, what if I wanted to go on a date with him?” they both look surprised at me “ wouldn't it be about time? I never been on, one before. I'm 18, shouldn’t I be allowed to go on dates?”
,, do you really want to, with him?” Nadia sneer looking at me like I'm crazy.
,, maybe, it wouldn't have harmed anybody would it?” before Caine can say anything his partner Julie yells after him. I can see that he wants to say something to me, but in the end I just walk off.
,, I think I hit a nerve” I mumble for myself confused, over the cold eyes he just send me.
Nadia had to go back to her store, so I decided to call Tony and see what he was up too.
he decide to come and join me at home, and stand outside the building when I come.
,, so it's true! heard rumors about the giant dog you got” he laughs looking at Gazzy with acknowledge smile. I tell him that I just got a bad ass dog that fit my personality.
I meet Tony at Russells self protection class.
or what you would call it, Russell told very early, it wouldn't be like a normal class cause he would learn us different kind of methods from different fight sports, and that it would be hard.
we where two of the 8 people that decided to stay.
I was scared, cause I had no physic strength whatsoever after being kept inside the house for over years. but I didn't want to be such a pushover, so I stayed, even though my whole body hurt every time I came home. Tony became my sparring partner, so we started to talk outside of class, and is now good friends. Tony is a great friend, and Russell is a great trainer, not only was I calm around him cause I knew that Caine knew him. but he has something over him that makes you relax, cause you know that he is the boss. and no one will try to fuck him over, and not get hurt.
he just look scary, the way he is, there is no doubt that he is a forest man.
His dark brown hair always in that ponytail, or sat like Sams from supernatural, once joked that’s the reason he has that haircut. Tony and I just catch up laying in my bed when Caine comes home, I greet him when he enters my room, but he just mumble he's just came home to say he is going out.

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