One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


7. Chapter 6

~~I look over at Nadia that seems that she can't take her eyes of Russell, not that I don’t understand why. That guy is ice-cream on a hot summer day want to get a taste kind of hot.
not only is he self providing so he hunts, and cut wood and all that kind of stuff that makes you tuff. He has a self protection class making his abs flawless. Like freaking Chris Evans in his younger days. Nadia has always had a thing for bad boys, and when you think about it, it's pretty weird.
she is a cup-cake flavor kind of girl, where guys like Russell is like bourbon or  licorice.
Two things that taste amazing, but don’t go well together.
Russell are planting strawberries shirtless while Nadia and me try to fight the weed.
or more like I do, cause she can't seem to take her eyes of his sunburned back.
,, Nadia!” I throw some weed at her, getting her attention “ help?” she quickly red cheeks start to pull weed out. Russell looks shortly at be before putting the next plant in.
I try to ignore the compost under my fingernails, and the sweat between my breasts.
Jesus, is it hot, or is it just me that feel like melting.
I look over at Nadia in her white summer dress, she smear her hand over her forehead that glistening with sweat. well at least it isn't only me then.
,, I'm going inside to get some water, you guys need anything?” Russell say brushing the drip from his jeans. I remove the hair that glue to my chest and mumble no. He looks over at Nadia that shake her head, he shrug and moves inside ,, holy crap the heat!” I whine as soon he's out of hearing.
Nadia nods and lift out in the dress ,, my breasts are killing me!” she mumbles waving her hand down at them, I can't help but laugh and joke about we need to get smaller ones when I hear a rustle. We both look towards the forest around the garden, trying to locate the sound, when I spot out of the corner of my eye a bush shake, Nadia quickly moves closer to me whispering if I think it is a wolf. Sometimes they’re have been spotted wolf in this forest and mountains so it wouldn't supprise me. But they usually keep to themselves, and Russell doesn’t live far enough into the forest for them to get so close. ,, what are you doing?!” she mumbles hysterically and pull me back when I try to get closer. ,, Don’t worry, if I need you I will give you a signal”
,, what signal”
,,I’ll imitate the scream of a terrified little girl” I move towards the bush, and crouch down to look inside the bushes and two red eyes look back at me, my first instinct was to start screaming, this, has turned out to be a very bad idea. I slowly start to back away with my hand stretched out backwards to tell Nadia to stay where she is, I hear her hyperventilate behind me, but I still keep my eyes focused on the big wolf or dog that now steps out from the bushes and I there see how big it really it. It doesn’t look like a wolf, but neither like any dog I have seen in my life.
it tilt it's head looking at me with its giant head, the red eyes follow my every step towards Nadia that stand completely still paralyzed by shock I suppose ,, don’t move” I whisper out of the corner of my lips. she flinch and it start to growl showing me the gigantic needle sharp teeths it have.
it's pitch black fur start to stand and the giant paw start to dig into the ground like it gets ready to jump. ,, good doggy” It lift its heads with pointed ears “ you one giant one huh?” it must be around my waist high, like a great Dane or something.
it start to wag it's tail and lay down the first part of itself with it's bump right into the air.
I start to relax, no wolf would do that. it start to crawl towards me like it knows that I am tense, and just before it reach me it turns its belly up whine like it wants me to pet it.
,, don’t touch it!”
,, it seem friendly enough”
,, it could bite you arm of!” Nadia mumbles trying to stop me from crouching down beside it, I carefully with shaking fingers, touch its tummy. No reaction.
then I ruffle it, and it still just wag it's tail ,, it must have been someone’s pet” I say looking up at Nadia with a smile. it all scary looking, but is really friendly.
when I stand up it does to and sit down beside me, with its head leaning towards me.
,, it's huge!” I grin petting it's head, Nadia looks mistrustful on it, but can't help but smile when it tilt it's giant head and look at her. Suddenly I hear a glass shatter and all three of us turn towards the noise.  Russell is standing there dumbstruck looking at the big dog that now have raised its hackles and growl at him ,, don’t move” he mumbles between shut lips looking at the dog.
,, don’t worry, I think you just scared it a little” the dog now stand in front of me like it's trying to protect me, while it's enormous body keeps pushing me back, a muscle in his jaw twitch while he slowly move closer. ,, Katerina, I'm serious…” his words trail of when he sees me pet it's head making soothing noises ,, don’t worry, doggy. he looks kind of scary but he won't hurt you if you don’t bite him first” the dog slowly stop to growl and looks now halsing at him with wagging tail.
Russell slowly moves closer, still staring at the dog awaiting its next move.
but it just look at him calmly while it leans against me.
the dog definitely weight more than me making me think that the way I handle this situation maybe isn't the greatest, cause I could get us all severely hurt.
but it's just so goofy looking with its big head, and giant paws, and big fluffy fur, like a bear.
,, where the hell did you find that thing?” he ask looking at Nadia like he expect a proper answer from her ,, it just sort of came out of nowhere” she tells him still looking at the dog with worried eyes. I ruffle his face in my hands and he lick my face ,, holy crap you stink doggie!” I smell his fur ,, of sulfur… have you been around something burning?”  it barks like it tries to answer me.
,, well what do you think Caine will say about getting a dog?”
,, that you are insane from even thinking that thought” Nadia look at me like I'm insane “ where would you have it?! it's almost do big to even enter you apartment” she point out.
,, my apartment isn't that small you know, and he isn't that big” I claim letting  my fingers through his soft under hair. you need a bath, a good long one. ,, he's gonna kill you when he sees it” Russell declare shaking his head. I just grin at him.
he wasn’t that hard to get into the apartment, and he sat still while me and Nadia gave him a bath, again showing me he must have been someones pet.
when Nadia is gone, and I have gone to bed, he jumps into the bed with me and lay down beside me putting his head on my stomach, I smile and pet him down his back. and then I hear it, the sound of Caines footsteps, and I tense up. hoping he won't be too freaked out.
,, Katerina Russell say something about a gia-“ he sees the dog and fall back squaling frightened when he sees him. I hold the dog back with a tug on his fur when he stands up scared over Caines sudden outburst ,, it's okay doggie”
,, he's okay?! what about me?!” Caine yells holding his hand towards his heart like to slow down his heartbeat, ,, where did you find that monster?!”
,, he isn't a monster, his name is Gazzy!” I snorts petting him on the head “ our new guard dog”
,, our new what? and why Gazzy?!”
,, our new guard dog, he protects me and the house when you aren't home, no one would dare to try anything with him in the house” I chuckle “ and Gazzy cause he farts… a lot. and they smell like hell”
,, well maybe that’s the place he came from! he definitely look like something out of a nightmare!”
,, what are you talking about?” I kiss his nose “ he's a handsome boy, are you a handsome boy?” I grin when he starts liking my face. Caine comes slowly over to us, and Gazzy looks at him, shortly before completely ignore him. I take Caines hand and put it between Gazzys ears.
he start to pet him and Gazzy don’t seem to mind.
,, I can't believe you just let him into the apartment without asking first” Caine announce.
,, please can we keep him? I already feel a lot safer with him around” I say pouting giving the same doggy eyes that Gazzy is making. in the end Caine says yes, and gets kisses from both me and Gazzy.

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