One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


6. Chapter 5

~~Suddenly Russell barges trough the door with wild face and say ,, whatever happens, whoever comes knocking, I've been here for least two hours" he kick his shoes of and dumb beside me on the couch and turn on the television.
,, what the hell have you done now?" I sigh pushing him of my food, he looks at me out of the corner of his eyes with a little smile ,, something I probably shouldn't have done” I roll my eyes knowing that that, could mean anything between heaven and hell.
he turns on the series supernatural from where we last saw, I give him the bowl of popcorn I was sitting with. this isn't uncommon for Russell to come in like that, the first time I saw him. Was when I came home from the hospital with Caine and he was sitting on the couch eating cereal.
after that I quickly learned that he act like this is his second home, have known Caine from college.
,,heard that you ran away on the vacation, and he found you in a bar, how can it be that you are allowed outside your room?” he ask not even awerding his eyes from the televioson.
“with this smile” I smile a smile only angels would do” i can get awyay woth anything” he turn his head towards me and see the smile, he crack up in a smile and shake his head.
,, Caine can't handle that smile”
,, and that’s why I do it” I grin turning my head towards the stairs, Caine comes running down in his police running late. on the way towards the door he realize that russell is sitting beside me.
,, what are you doing here?” he ask while taking his shoes on.
,,im just here to establish a alibi”
,, well, while you do that, can you look after Katerina? She has house arrest” he takes his jacket down, and smile at me when I send him a finger. “ see you at dinner” and he's gone.
Russell turn his attention away from the door and towards me ,, what are we having?” I shrug knowing that we don’t have anything in the freezer or fridge cause I hadn’t been allowed outside to shop. I tell him  that we are going to order, if he also won't allow me outside.
he looks shortly at me, and I send him the angel smile ,, not because of the smile, but cause I think you need to go outside, are we going to the mall” I give him some sort of half salute and move over to get my jacket. “ only to buy food! And no telling Caine!” 
I look at my list seeing if we got it all beside the car. looks like we got it all I think and start to help Russell load the groceries into the car,, look who we have here” you got to be kidding me.
,, well if it isn't the mall officer!” I grunts turning around with my arms crossed, Aaron looks harsh at me. ,, that’s no way to talk to a officer” he snarls moving towards us, I feel not only myself tense, but also Russell that tries to ignore him and just get the stuff into the car so we can go.
,, you send me to jail”
,,you hit me when I tried to get you away from that guy”
,,whatever you say”
,,y’know… thats not how a apology sounds like” he points out crossing his arms and look at me the same way I do. ,,bite me” i turn my back towards him and almost didn't hear what he said.
,,don’t temp me” I look back at Aaron  that looks fouriusly at me,, why is it that nothing can touch you?! That everything always work out the way you want it to" 'he hiss not taking his eyes from me when Russell starts to drag me towards the car door to get me in ,, put it this way, if life is a game, and the game was chess, I would be the queen" I slam the door behind me and Russell quickly drives of leaving a raging Aaron on the parking lot. ,, why is it that you have to keep slam him with a stick?” Russell mumbles shaking his head, I shrug my shoulders and turn my attention out the window. ,, cause it's fun, he won't seem to leave me alone, not even when I am nice. so why do it? I get the same treatment from him no matter what I do” I state, I don’t know what I have ever done to him. But he has been like this from the moment I first meet him.
Caine had taken me with him to the police station to meet his former partner 4 months after I started living with him. he had bumped into me and I said I was sorry, still not really comfortable around strangers and he just snapped out after me telling me that I should stop being in the way.
Caine came to my aid telling him that he shouldn’t talk to me like that, but after that I don’t like him, somehow he reminds me of my dad, the way he speaks to me. and I won't allow anyone to treat me like that ever again. that’s why I fought the biker that kept touching me, I won't allow anyone to touch me if I don’t want them too. Russell probably regrets letting me into his self protection class. have gone there in now 3 years, started shortly after meeting Russell, and it have really helped me a lot, to learn how to protect myself. but the kick boxing on the side was maybe a little too much, or at least that’s what Caine thinks. he thinks I don’t understand how dangerous it is to get into all this fights, instead of just let it go. I do understand, I have got my ass kicked enough to both Russell and Caine have had to come to my aid after someone have called them.
but I don’t care.
when we have cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast I start on the dinner, Russell makes the salad while we talk about how my trip was. I tell him about the places we where, and that I rode a camel.
and when it's 6 am Caine comes through the door with a smile.
,, it smells great! What are we having?”
,, smashed potatoes, steak and salad” I greet him putting it on the dining table in the end of the living room. They both sit down and start to fight over the biggest steak.
One thing I quickly learned that they are full grown men, but when it comes to food, they are like children. I just calmly take my own food and start to eat, waiting for them to stop their alpha male act and settle down. when they finally is calm and just eat, I ask Caine about his day.
and as usual, he won't tell much, other than he is tired and have a shift again tomorrow.
,, then is she still not allowed outside or can I take her with me? i could use some help in the garden” I look at Caine with hopeful eyes, and he looks at me like he's trying to decide if I am allowed to do so. ,, fine, but only gardening, nothing else”
,, can I ask Nadia if she wants too? you know she love plants”
,, sure” he says and take a bite of the steak, the rest of the evening we sit down watching one of the old movies that is called harry potter. they are over 20 years old, but they are still quite good.
and many people around both Caines age and older are still obsessed with the books and movies.
I have read some of them, and understand why, I love to read old books and watch old series.
They are so much better than the new ones that is simply spin offs.
when it's time to go to bed, I say goodnight to Russell and Caine, and go upstairs to brush my teeth, soon after I hear the door close, and then the routine starts. after the accident with that red man we still haven't found broke into the house, has Caine make sure, that they door was locked and the windows, we live on the last floor but still has the fire stairs.
I take my ninja turtle shirt on and some sweatpants and wait for Caine to come up from the first floor. when he moves towards our bedroom I ask,, am I allowed to sleep by myself or do you still want me to sleep with you?” he is so nervous that since we come home, I hadn’t been allowed to sleep by myself, and be by myself, Russell, Tony or Nadia has been here the last 4 days after we come home till he came home from work. he points at his bedroom, and I follow him inside, he takes his uniform of and put some sweat pants and a black t-shirt on.
I jump into his bed, and snatch the whole duvet, he pull it back under me with a grin.
and throw his arms around me like when I had nightmares the first year I lived here.
I don’t get them as often, but still like to sleep with him. Somehow I feel more at ease with someone beside me, and more safe. So the whole I don’t want to sleep with you is just a act from my side.
I snuggle into his neck, and soon fall asleep.

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