One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


5. Chapter 4

~~,,When you go in there you need to be prepared. We don't know what we will see, it can be a pimp with hookers. Kidnapped children, everything."' he turn is gaze at Caine " this is you first mission on the field like this. But I need you to be professional and not let your feelings get involved" they all nod looking at the house, knowing that even though it seem normal, there is something going on that have made the neighbors call the police 10 times the last month, about hearing screams coming from the house. They say they have never seen a woman coming out of the house, and what they know of, is it only a man living in there. But the screams are from a female. That's why the police decided that after showing up and not being allowed inside, to get a warrant and force their way in. 5 police men, was chosen, 4 of them have done it before. And one, Caine is it his first time, he is on a visit from another police station to Learn how to be a police officer in the bigger towns.
Suddenly they hear a petrified scream coming from inside the house and the all run towards the house. Two police officers break down the door, and what they see is horrific, a full grown man sitting on a teen beating her so much that his fist are bloody, while he screams at her, not even realizing them in the house out of race ,, I told you I don't like my beer warm!! You little useless rat!" She tries to cover her face to protect herself but that's make him more angry. Caine and another officer tries to pull him off her, but he resist kicking her when they finally get him of. The girl just lay on the bloody ground curled up together shaving without even crying.
Caine reach out towards her and she flinch but not even try to move out of his reach. He gently takes her up, scared something might be broken and quickly carry her outside while another officer call an ambulance. He put her on the plane and she immediately churl up trying to be as small as she can, he finds a water bottle and a clean shirt in the back of his car, and try to get her to sit up. He put her on his lap and start to wash the blood away from her face without touching her broken nose, eyebrow and what he really hope isn't true, cheekbone. Her lip is split and she won't even open her eyes. He feel the anger rise in him while he hear the officers fighting with the man inside the house. And when he finally is let out of the house it don't stop him from hurling assault at her,, see what you did you useless trash!! This is your fault! When I get my hands on you" the girl flinch with every word he says expecting a hit, but Caine without even thinking of it, put his arms around her protectively mumbling words in her ear of reassure. When the ambulance comes she have somewhat calmed down enough to let the ambulance people put her on a bed. Caine moves in beside her taking her hand and first there she opens her eyes and look at him with two amazingly blue eyes. The fear in her eyes, he never seen anything like it. She is like a terror struck little animal waiting for the next bite that might kill her.
he look into her eyes, caressing her hand with his tomb, trying to make her understand she was safe.
but she just avoid her eyes, this girl have been beaten before, this isn't the first time he realizes.
and his heart shatters from this girl, this girl is a beautiful young lady that should burst with confidence, but the mere touch of the paramedic makes her flinch or remove herself.
when we arrive at the hospital, have the nurses and doctors been informed about how she reacts around people, they move towards the bed, smiling and very calmly.
and when the nurse as her for her arms, she gives it, even though it shaken. he ask about the concern with the cheekbone. a female nurse take a look and conclude it is in fact broken, and they take a to a scanner to make sure that the bones they can't see inst broken, but found out that she have three broken rips and her some pushed in rips. They rush her into the surgery to make sure nothing is punctured and but all back to its place. They tell her and Caine that she needs to be here for a couple of days. when the doctor is gone, he turn his attention towards the girl.
,, my name is Caine Wilson, what is your name?”
,,….. Katerina” she mumbles hoarse, still groggy from the coma, he catches her good eye that isn't covered in bandages and smile at her. She looks down at her broken hand.
,, is this normal behavior from him?” he question moving his hand away when he sees how uncomfortable  she is by his affection. she nods but still not look him in the eye.
he get a text about the other polices officers are in the hospital wanting to ask her some questions.
he stands up and move towards the door when he sees she gives him a anxious look.
,, I will be back, just need to talk to some of my colleges” he reassure her before closing the door.
he turn around and see two of the officers stand there, they tell him that the dad will be charged with child assault, abuse, and neglect. and Caine understand why, the doctors says that the reason she is so small of build in height and weight is not proper meals and probably no meals.
she weight to little for her age, and even though he first thought she maybe was around 12 or 13 is she actually already 15 even though you can't see it by her built, when they found records of her.
no one knew in the neighborhood or the other places that they have lived that she was there.
no one suspected that he had a child, until they started to hear the screams and send the police after him. But he just kept moving, before it got too bad, and the police would force their way in.
Until today.
Caines mom was a foster mom, so he has seen abusive children or neglected children since he was little. but she was far one of the worst he has seen. Luckily with all this years with his mom, he had somewhat learned how to handle such a kid. When he walks into the room after talking with the guys about it was probably for the best that he would take care of getting the information not to scare her. he sees how relived she is too see him again.
,, I need you to talk to be about what was going on”
,, I made him angry, he don’t like his beer to get warm, and I forgot to put a new ice-cupe in after the last one was gone” she mumbles “ he just disciplines me, because I'm stupid” he fell a tug on his heart when she say that, this isn't her fault, and somehow her father has made her think so. ,, you are not stupid, I think you are a really intelligent girl, Katerina, it was your father that was wrong” he says with a stern look to make sure that she knows that he means it.
five days pass where they just sit and talk, he getting information they can use against him, and with every word she says he get more and more surprised over how strong this girl is.
her dad started to be abusive already from the age of 5, and if she did something wrong her would hit, kick or smack her, or use words against. she wasn’t allowed outside, and what he could see from the house, she didn't have anything that belonged to her. the only thing he find that must have been hers, was a old moldy madras on the floor, and a few clothes items.
That’s  was it.
or that what he wished, the wall was covered in bloody handprint, some fresh, some old. like for each beating she had left one, there where over hundreds of them, and the papers say that they have lived there 3 years.
when a woman from child protective services shows up, to take Katerina with her into child custody she throws a fit. start screaming bloody murder, and move away from her, Caine hear this when he is coming into the hospital and start to run down towards her run not knowing what is going on when he suddenly see her bolting out of the room, when she spots him, she flees towards him and hide behind him. he tried to calm her down and tell her that they wasn’t going to harm her or send her back to her dad, but she wouldn't listen and started to cling to Caine for dear life.
the child service lady saw how good he was to handle Katerina, and that she trusted him, she ask him how he can handle her so well and he tells her about his mom. she ask him if he could take care of her, and if he could get his mom involved, until the dad was behind bars.
if his mom, was involved and wanted to help, he could be allowed to have her until all the things where settled and she maybe have become less scared. he calls his mom still with Katerina clinging to him and ask, if she could help him, cause he himself feel a strong need to protect this child after, seeing how fragile she was, and the environment she had lived under, and the confessions her father made, made him want to put a bullet between his eyes. His mom quickly agree and comes down to the hospital to sign the papers that she will be guardian. when she comes they make a deal about her living with Caine and Katerina until it was all over. when she have signed the papers, Caine decides to take Katerina back to her old home to get her stuff, if she wanted any. He ask if he need to get it from her. but she mumbles she will get it and walk into the house. ,, You're dead to me" Katerina said looking one last time at herself in the mirror, the little scared girl that lived under fear of her dad, should die so a new stronger girl would blossom. She knew that was the only way she would survive this, cause of the past years the thought of taking her life had occurred to her, but she was to afraid if it didn't work and her dad would have found out. But that time was over, she was safe.
She touch the bandage around her head after her dad had given her a concussion, and the black eye sticking up from under it. The bruised lip and the fear that shine out of the one good eye. She took one last look down herself. The rips sticking out for too many times going without food in days, the bruises and cuts all over her body.
The cigarettes burns, she take it all in one last time.
And then she breathe out, letting go of her fear, she takes the bag from the madras on the floor that have been her bed in over 10 years and walk through the door, into the hallway, down the stairs and towards freedom.

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