One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


33. Chapter 32

The next couple of days I train like I have decided to travel back in time and become a knight.
He teaches me to shoot a bow and actually hit the target, and how to disarm him with my sword.
Hopefully I never need to actually use it, cause I'm am pretty sure I actually was about to take his arm with me. ,, I’m hungry” I nag hitting the just beside the target once more.
,, you can eat when you have hit the target” Lucifer says checking my posture, hearing my stomach growl like, it's trying to eat itself.
,, enough is enough Lucifer, let the girl eat” Neinor says sighing. And once again I thank him in my mind for coming back so quick, with the stuff he needed. They made me some kind of potion that should hide me my grace in some days at least for some days.
,,I could kiss you” I say sighing lowering the bow, smiling at him.
,, Please don’t, first time was enough for me” Neinor grins blinking at me.
,, Wait what?” both Lucifer and Nadia shout, looking at me like it's my fault.
,, Am I hearing things or did you just say I kissed you already? How drunk was I?” I ask confused, trying to remember the kiss.
,, it wasn’t you, you that did it. Sara did” he laughs, Lucifer gets a look I'm not really comfortable with. ,, Sara kissed you, why did Sara kiss you?” he growls looking at him with furious eyes.
,, I don’t think she did it consciously, it just sort of happened when I put her to sleep”
,, so you was her first kiss”  he snarls, looking at Neinor with murderous eyes. I walk over to Lucifer and kiss him on the cheek, and tell him that he can get this for compensate the other one.
He smiles at me, but I still see the anger in his eyes.
apparently Neinor sees it too, cause he moves away from  my side and take the arrows with him.
suddenly Kraleus comes running with another man with light brown hair-
,, Kraleus and Magnesus what are you doing here?” Lucifer ask moving towards them, they both stop up wheezing and scared eyes. they whisper to each other, and I see Lucifer eyes darkness.
Nadia moves towards me, and I hear someone say Russell and I move towards them.
,, what have happened to Russell?” I croak already fearing the worst.
Russell decided this morning to find the demons that has occupied the town with Kraleus and Magnesus. He looks at me with a stare that clearly tells he will not spill anything. I narrow my eyes and send him a glare that uses to work on Caine. And luckily angels are apparently all the same with this thing.
,, he is in danger, the demon. They got him” he explain, I start to walk taking the sword from the ground, and put it in the sheath on my belt“where you going?”
,, well we need to find him! If they can attack him and actually survive, that must be some strong assholes or cowards and taken him from behind, and not in the good way” Nadia comes running to me. ,, Katerina, I'm a pacifist, I can't help in this” she says worried, I stop up put a hand on her shoulder and say it's okay. She can go home, while I go kick some demon ass.
,, you not going to come with us, this isn't safe” Lucifer proclaim.
,, well that’s why I am going”
,, what the hell do you mean by that?” Neinor ask coming over to us.
,, someone is gotta safe you asses when you fuck it up” I grin .
,, safe? Please you going to end up captured and I have to come safe you pretty little ass” he laughs rolling his eyes, Lucifer looks at us with a soft smile.
, excuse you! who got us save out from a collapsing building?” I snarl rolling my eyes.
,, who got us in jail?” he ask with a smirk.
,, this time it was not my fault! You said punch I pounced!” I declare angry, suddenly Nadia begins to laugh. Looking at us both with a grin. ,,you two are practically the same, expect her has a dick and you have breasts” she laughs shaking her head.
,,I would not call that small thing a dick” I grunt.
,, and I wouldn't call that breasts” he snorts. Lucifer separates us, before we jump on each other.
we walk on each side of Lucifer growling, murmuring things about each other that would make Caine yell at me for saying such foul words. Lucifer tells me and Nadia to wait at the apartment and they will come back with Russell after arguing the whole way home if I should come or not.
And they stated that they were more votes on not going I started, and I didn't exactly handled it well. making Lucifer say that I should remember that silence is golden, and ductape is silver.
so here I am, walking back with Nadia feeling like I was just thrown of the football team.
,, what is your relationship with Neinor?” Nadia suddenly ask.
,, what do you mean?” I ask, kind of knowing where this is going, but want to be sure before jumping to any kind of conclusions and make a fool out of us both.
,, do you like Neinor in that kind of way?” she ask nervous, I knew it, that look really meant that!
,,I don’t know, why are you asking?” I ask joking a little with her, but actually also saying the truth. Neinor have been my brother and babysitter, and now I see him as a friend.
but I don’t know what love is, so how would I know what I am actually feeling?
,,let me put it this way, you wake up in a bed, Neinor is lying naked beside you, you have 3 words to say. What do you say?” I think a little about the question before answering.
,,well I would probably use more than three words put it would probably be, what the fuck. and then I would get him in some clothes before my two super jealous wonder boys finds out” I laugh making her laugh with me, and join her arm with mine.
,, I think he's actually kind of cute, for a demon” she smiles getting a dreamy look in her eyes.
I smile and makes jokes about that she then will get ginger kids, and she push me with her hip laughing, but I see the red in her cheeks. suddenly my iphone start to bib, and I take it even though I never seen the number before “ it's Aaron” I hang up. it's starts again with the same number.
“ did you just hang up?” he snarls on the other end.
,,Sorry I hung up on you, I didn't mean to answer the call” I grunt back, what the hell does he want?
what he says next make me, drop the phone and start to shake, Nadia looks worried at me before picking up the phone. when she what's going on she hugs me tight, and I just stand there, not reaction trying not to freak out. I try to takes deep breath but have already started hyperventilating.
Nadia tries to calm me down, but my legs shake under me and I fall down on my knees with  my arms around me trying to hold myself together, seeing the big metal door bulge out, letting it out.
not now, I have to keep myself together, I think desperate trying to get air down my lungs.
my stomach start to hurt, and I feel my eyes water up.
and suddenly a sharp pain on my cheek, I look up surprised with a hand on my cheek.
,, no Katerina! You are not going there! It’s okay! he's okay!” she yells with worry in her eyes “ you are not going down that road, you have finally gotten  better.” I can't help but laugh softly.
Everyone thinks I've gotten better. I haven't. I've just gotten better at hiding it.
she drags me up and force me towards Russells car, and trove me in on the back seat.
,, we are going to get there, and you are going to see that he is alright” she says and put the car in back gear.  the fear and despair still lingers around me, awaiting for me to let it in.
whispering in my ear, that he is not gonna make it, that he will not survive.
I close my eyes and put my hands on my ears, trying to block the whispers, he is strong he will survive. Won’t he?

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