One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


32. Chapter 31


Dauði looked at the twelve year old girl he kidnapped from her family, she looks at him with her blue eyes.
 She looks around the dark room with a fearful look.
He smiles at her resting himself against the table, before moving towards her taking a grip of her neck. She stared at him expecting the worst, she closed her eyes to hide from the pain, the grip loosened. Then there was no grip at all
 ,, I am letting you go” he says monotone.
,, you are letting me go?” she asked her voice almost a squeal “ why?”
,, for now, you are of no use to me. But in 8 years you will come back”
,, now why would I do that?” she argued and Dauði grinned a wicked smile.
,, because you will not remember this ever happened” he said pressing two fingers against her head making her faint. He grip the small body before she falls to the ground and start to carry her up the stairs. She was of no use to him, yet. Lucifer had not found her in this life, and therefore his plan could not work. He needed him to find her, and then she needed to die.
making Lucifer furious once again on his brother, given wood to the fire burning inside him.
so he one day can fulfill the plan he started on many thousands years ago.
Dauði knew Lucifer was not far from the town he had taken her too, and now it was just a matter of putting her a place he would find her.
Lucifer was weary with his search. it had been three years since he started looking for her. walking earth thin in his search for the next girl that had stolen his heart so many years ago.
Sebastian had many times visited him, asking him to give up for now, come back.
and every time he had told him, that he would not stop the search, not until he had breathed his last breath would he stop looking for her. and if god himself had granted him his most desired wish he found her. but he did wish he had found her sooner.
Ella looked fearful at the men surrounding her, they had surrounded her shortly after she had awoken from a dream about a man with clock eyes. She did not know where she was, and who these dirty men was. But she did know that she was in great danger. her father always told her never to go beyond the walls alone, and here she found herself alone far beyond the walls.
Where was she? And how did she get here? she thought looking around scared, Ella caught a flash of something out of the corner of her eye. a young man, golden filthy hair and brilliant golden eyes, she had never seen before in her short life. Their eyes meet in a gaze and his face lit up in surprise.
Ella heart skipped a beat looking at this handsome stranger, she felt like she had seen him before. But she was not sure. But what she was sure of, was that he would help her, when he stormed towards them with mighty roar drawing a sword that was hidden under his linen hooded cloak.
The men look towards the golden man with a fearful look, they had not been prepared for this. Thinking she was a easy target. They decide to flee, when they see the craftsmanship of the sword, knowing that was no ordinary man if he had such elegant a sword. When he came close by she saw the same as they did, he was no ordinary man. with a ranger quiver and bow with an axe on his back, a leather belt with holsters filled with daggers and bottles with liquid she never seen before, and many others thing she did not see before the cloak was back in its place. He was a sight to behold. a sight to be afraid of, but she felt no fear near this armored man, just relief over he found her. He put his sword back in its sheath on his belt, before crouching down beside the kneeling Ella. ,, my lady, are you okay? Are you hurt?” he asked with his smooth silvery voice that sounded like music in Ellas ears, she shook her head and let him help her up. He swift the cloak to the side revealing a pouch on his leg where he takes a handkerchief up and put it against her head. And she remember falling when she ran from the men a short while before. She must have gotten a scratch.  ,, Sire May I ask for your name?” she smiled wanting to know who her savior was. He smiled at her, showing a lock of her silver hair, away from her blue eyes. ,, it does not matter my lady who I may be. What do matter is where you belong, cause sure not belong on this traveler road.” he says helping her up.
Lucifer knows that in this time and age, he should not talk to such a young lady without a chaperone. And with the fine dress and jewelry it's clear that she is no ordinary girl.  She must be of a higher status in this kingdom. “But may I know your name so I can get you home safely” He smiles brushing her dress for her.
,, My name is Ella de Claymoore, princesses of Tornbrigde castle, soon to be queen of the Crutopia kingdom” she smiles bowing low. A princess he thinks surprised, then he cannot just take her as he attended, she has a job just like he has.
She is needed, so he decides right there and then, that he will protect her here on earth till she come of age, and he can take her with him. He himself has grown weak over the past 3 years being a human, and would need a kick starter to get back to his angelic self. ,, Well, princess then we might have to get you back to your castle” smiles taking her hand gently, afraid he might scare her.
They start to walk down the road towards the town, and first there Ella realize how far away from town they actually are. When they finally get close to the kingdom they quickly realize her vanishing didn't go unnoticed. the whole kingdom is on high alert looking for the kidnapped princess. and when they come closer someone must have spotted them cause the whole Calvary comes thundering towards them.
,, give the princess back ranger and we will make your death as un-painful we can” the captain shout drawing his sword. Lucifer put his hands up in the air, when Ella realizes what they think she step in between the strange golden man and the sword.
,, He did not capture me, captain, he saved my life” she declare harsh slapping his sword away. The knights look at each other, trying to understand what the princess said. This… filth.. Had saved the princess? An unknown to the kingdom?
,, he must be taken to the king, let him decide his fate” the captain replies reaching towards the princess to hoist her up on his horse. But she move out of reach, still mad over the way they treated her savior. ,, I can walk on my own captain” she mutters taking the man’s hand once again, and start to walk towards the town.
the knights make a circle around them, to protect Ella that just walks in her own pace towards the castle.
when they get inside the castle, everybody had already seen them, and gotten their own ideas about who this stranger is. a lord? a long forgotten prince? who could this handsome stranger be with the golden hair?
they walk into the throne hall, when the king sees his daughter walking towards him, he stands up from the throne and hurry towards them with open arms.
,, Ella, my flower! you are well!” he smiles lifting Ella and swirls around with Ella giggling. when he realize the dirty man behind her, he stops and put Ella down beside him, looking at this stranger. he had heard from the knights that his daughter claim that he saved her. and when Lucifer bow he gets a glimpse of his sword.
,,Who are you really sire” the king stays interested in this man in front of him.
,,Surely I could tell you” he smiled roguishly, with his playful eyebrows raised
” But would you really believe me, my king?” Lucifer says knowing that Christianity isn't big around this time and age.
,, I would like to know the name of the man that saved my daughter” the king smile.
,,my king, my name is Lucian house of Morgenstern, I come from the town far east Mostoganesa.” Lucifer says standing up with his hand on his heart.
Ella moves over to him and take his hand and turn around to look pleading at her father. ,, father, can he stay here? he saved me, aren't you in debt to him?”
the king look at his little daughter that looks dreamy up on the man, it's clear that she trust him. and her father has in many years tried to make her choose a knight to me her protector, but she did not like any of those he had chosen.
and here she now asked him to let a man stay with her,, Lucian house of Morgenstern. Perhaps I can give you and offer” the king says after he got an idea.
the king looks impressed down at Lucifer after he won the fight against the kingdoms best knights. Lucifer had more strength than a human even in this form, and era of  training. No ordinary man would win against an angel, not even a fallen one.
,, no man would know how to wield a sword like that without training. it's clearly know how to wield a sword.” the king says when Lucifer kneel before him. “ Lucian my daughter have come to like you. I want you as her personal knight, you must protect her day and  night to make sure something like this never happens again” the king says looking down at the warrior in front of him pleased.
,, it would be my honor to serve you, my king” Lucifer says smiling, it had turned out to the better. He would now could be around Ella without any wondering.
Ella claps her hands excited looking at her new friend.

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