One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


31. Chapter 30

I look at the sword in my hands, and what am I supposed to do with this oversized toothpick? I can handle a knife, or dagger. But a sword as long as my arm? Instead of cutting of head I will probably cut my own hand of instead.
,, this are called a long sword” he let it jump from hand to hand.
,, I don’t care what it is called, I don’t need one to take you down” I let the sword fall and stand a pose ready for him, he looks at me sighing before throwing it down. ,, this was not a lecture about fighting” he stand a pose too “ I don’t want to hurt you”
I can't help but giggle a little ,, fight me, rather you than them right?” looking over at Russell that stand there with crossed arms smiling. ,, how did you even get all of these?”
,, I have a lair here from a war once “ he says before he charges at me and I block his blow towards my face, I kick out striking his shin, he let out a yell of surprised mixed with pain and fall back.
but I follow and punch him in the face hard enough to I feel bone crunch.
I leap back on my toes still with arms high ready for the next attack where I get a look on my hand. bloody. I look at him, and see the blood run out of his nose, he look surprised at me taking to his nose. ,, must admit I didn't see that coming. Nice right hook” he grins wiping the blood away with the tip of his shirt. ,, we both know you go easy on me” I declare bouncing around, awaiting the attack “ don’t go easy on me, the ones after me won't be as kind”
I fly forward ready to punch him again and break his nose when he suddenly have a hold of my arm and throw me over his shoulder like I don’t weight anything.
I land on my back with an oomph and look up at the sunny sky trying to comprehend what just happened. well  I can't really claim I didn't ask for it.
suddenly a shape is blocking the sun ,, up you go” I grab his hand and he yank be up on my feet. I see Russell and  Nadia  standing there with goofy smiles.
,, that’s what you get for being too cocky ” she giggles, I roll my eyes and rub my sore ass. ,, you need to learn to fight with a sword  Katerina , hand to hand combat is not enough”  Lucifer  says again picking up the sword and hand it to me.
,, I can't fight with a sword, how hard is it to understand?” I ask looking down at it. ,, you have done it many times before,  Katerina . it's clear that you're different from the others. it see that you can draw on things you have learned before” he says pushing it into my chest, I take it and look down at it.  ,, okay yeah, I can apparently speak French, but fighting with a big toothpick isn't one of them!” I yell throwing it on the ground seeing it bouncing before laying still.
He looks at me with frustrated eyes,, it's not to discussion  Katerina . you will learn it if you want it or not. Pick it up “I open my mouth to give him a piece of my mind “I SAID PICK IT UP” he yells making me crouch down and take it up. I look surprised at him, it is the first time he ever raised his voice like that. He sighs frustrated and he raked his fingers through his hair, just like Caine does when he is frustrated. Making me wonder once again, who Caines angel father is. ,, look up sorry for yelling, but this is serious, these aren't humans you're going to deal with, these are monsters, demons, angels. They won't just wait and let you get some punches in. they are going to kill you before you even get your first strike in.” he says trying to make me understand, and I know it isn't. But it doesn’t make it easier.
Punching a guy is one thing, stabbing someone. Is illegal, well both is but one of them both come out alive.
I have used pocket knives, making sure I didn't cut something that could kill when I had to use it. But a freaking sword was meant to kill, and who in this day and age goes around with a freaking sword? Pretty damn sure it would give unwanted attention from the police and others. I look at the other for help, but they just shrug their shoulders like to tell me they won't budge in with their opinions on the matter.
if Neinor was here he would have been on my side I think frustrated taking the pose he learned me. let us hope he is right about the thing about remembering or I am fucked.
he swing his sword towards  my head with such strength and speed it almost is a blur.
luckily my instinct decide to come to visit so I crouch down, with my heart up in my throat.
,, by your name! what the hell?! where you trying to behead me?!” I scream taking to my chest falling back on my ass, cause of shaky legs.
,, see? I was right”
,, right? that was freaking instinct nothing else!” I whine trying to take a deep breath.
he looks at me, before yanking me up on my feet ,, I'm sorry, hate me all you want. But we need to keep going at it. I rather want you hating me than seeing you die” he says forcing me into the pose again. I look at him, can't believe my ears.
,, again!” he yells striking against me again.         
,, since when have I landed in the middle ages?” I growl looking at the bow in my hand. I look at the target, spending two hours with swords almost considering to actually just cut his head off.
and now I have spend a hour making a fool out of myself with a bow.
I can hit a target, Caine ones took me to a shooting arena. But this is so much harder!
I took my bow down from where it hung on my back with an arrow. Lucifer promised me as soon as I hit the target I would get the rest of the day off.
,, come one Katerina, it can't be that hard” Nadia smiles looking at me from where they all sit and rest. I glare at her growling ,, since when have you become Katniss Everdeen? I have never fired an arrow in my life until today! how do you think I will just magically do it now?!”
,, you can fire a gun” Russell point out.
,, that is so not the same, and it took me two months before I was even near hitting the target! I'm pretty damn sure I still wouldn’t be able to hit a moving target” suddenly Lucifer is standing behind me ,, hold the string back like this “ he helps me pull the string back “ and then let it loose when you breath have calmed down” I take a deep breath and let loose the arrow, I pout frustrated when I don’t hit the inner circle. “ you already become better! You actually hit inside the circle this time!” Nadia smiles clapping her hands.
,, I am so bad at this” I sigh frustrated taking another arrow to try again.
,, are you kidding? under two hours have you actually hit inside the circle, plus you wasn’t the only the only one getting cuts and bruises when we fought” he smiles at me touching his chin where a deep cut is from me getting frustrated and cut my sword upwards almost taking his eye with me “ this just prove what I thought, you can draw on your old self skills. it will come in handy in the long run” I can't help but smile and be a little happy over getting praised.
I pull back the string and look at my target, encouraged by the praise and Lucifer believing in me.
when I let go I look at the arrow flying towards the target and can't help but jump into the air when it gets closer to the inner circle. I hug Lucifer and kiss him on the cheek before realizing what I am doing. he looks at me surprised still holding around my waist.
,, sorry” I let go of him red in the cheeks “ bad habit” I chew on my lip looking at my shoes before hearing him coughing and turn his back to me ,, it's okay, you just took me by surprise” I look at his broad shoulders and smile a little. Lucifer is a really cool guy, I love hanging with him.
and with the others around I don’t miss home as much, but the still feel a need to have Caine near.
This last couple of days has been hard without him around.

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