One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


4. Chapter 3

~~I never have seen anything quite so beautiful as her when she broke the chair over the bikers back. Not that he didn't deserve it, he hadn't left the girl alone from the moment she had come into the bar, and just as he has I not taken my eyes from her, I couldn't really understand why until the biker had taken her sunglasses of and two hard blue eyes was showed before she took the chair. She smiles and look down at her work before taking another chair mumbling "That can teach you from messing with the wrong girl" I never expected to find her, and especially not here of all places.
Sara was a kind and a loving girl, but this girl. She was fierce, strong willed. But just as beautiful and stunning. I let myself call on some of my powers see the soul I only know too well. It is her.
,, give me a mojito" she order looking up at the bartender with a smile,, How old are you" he ask looking at her clearly seeing the same as me that she isn't old enough, she laugh softly like she is surprised over the question.
,,Old enough" she replies slipping a twenty dollar bill extra over the counter.
He takes it put it in his pocket and starts to make her drink.
A smirk comes across her face before she takes a mobile up the pocket form her leather jacket and starts to text someone. Right there I wished I hadn't decided to go alone, it would have been nice to have either Sebastian or Neinor beside me to help me figure a way out to communicate with her. Sara was so little when I found her so it was easy enough, this one is far up in her teens. Usually it's rare I get the chance to speak to them before they get killed. But she has somehow survived the wrath from both angels and Dauðis demons.
I have to take a chance before she vanish, I step away from my table and move towards her, before I even get the chance to speak she say not even looking up from her phone ,,Keep going wonder boy, not interested." The bartender set the mojito in front of her and she takes a big sip without moving her gaze from the phone.
yeah, not at all like Sara.
I sit down beside her taking her in, her blond hair is put up in a messed bun.
The soft smile she has on her face while she writes with someone sends electricity down my spine wanting that smile to get pointed at me.
She looks shortly up and glance at me, she lift s eyebrow like to ask me what I am doing. ,, my name is Lucifer" I smile putting my hand towards her, she looks down at it and then the most wonderful smile breaks thought and for a short second I almost believe she know who I am,, nice to me you Lucifer, I am- " then her face becomes dark again and she turn her attention again on the phone "still not interested."
Suddenly her phone starts to ring and she takes it with a grunt,, Hello? Yeah I am alive, else I couldn't take the phone. I sit in" she looks around for a name" a bar called Devils layer, rather ironic after what happened, huh? No I am not in trouble, the guy I knocked out is still out cold" I hear a loud yelling from the other end before she hangs up.
She roll her eyes and drink the last of her mojito.
I hear commotion outside and suddenly a guy with raven black hair steps trough the door with a angry face, pointed at the girl that still sits with her back towards him, I can clearly see she is tense, the guy looks at the guy that still lay on the ground and his fury get worse ,, Katerina Silversmith!" He yell, making the girl shiver but still not look up. ,, what? He touched me" she says pointing at the knocked out guy while turning around to face the guy with the angry face. He walks towards Katerina and she stands up and put her hands out locked by the wrist. ,, I know I know" she rolls her eyes and then say with a manly voice ,, Katerina if you don't behave you will spend the rest of this vacation in handcuff" he slaps her hands down and take her by the shoulder.
He looks at the empty glass and then turn his attention towards the bartender,, serving alcohol to minors. That can close you bar here" he says smiling before turning away ,,luckily for you I am on a vacation" they strode towards the door, and I know if I let them get out there before I have know something about her, I will never find her again.
I run after them and see them walking toward a black Audi arguing.
,, excuse me you two!" They both stop up and look at me when I run over to them,, so sorry to bother you, but I heard you where a police officer and thought I may could ask you to drive me home? I had too much to drink so I don't think it wise to drive home" I laugh and scratch my neck like I am embarrassed and look down at my shoes.
,, call a taxi, we aren't a uber" she snarl opening the car door and smack it after her with a loud bang, the guy looks at me before saying I can take the back seat.
I smile grateful jumping in on the back seat.
,, where should we drop you of?" The guy ask starting the car, I give him the address for the house we are staying in right now.
,, my name is Caine, Caine Wilson, what's your name?" He ask looking at me from the front mirror, ,, Lucifer"
,, Lucifer.." He question me realize he ask for my last name and I quickly replies.
,, Morgenstern, Lucifer Morgenstern" Katerina turns in her seat and look at me with a funny expression ,, like the devil? Does your mother not like your or something?" Caine push her shoulder looking at her with a glare,, I'm sorry for Katerinas way of speaking. She hasn't quite learned how she should speak to people older than her"
,, it's not that I don’t know how, I just don’t see the point of doing so, with this hitchhiker” she grunts crossing her arms, pouting like a child. The whole way down to the house we currently are renting none of them say a word to each other, but I can clearly feel the tension between them.
What is their relationship? He is clearly in his mid twenties, where she is in her late teens, are they dating? Friends? Siblings?
I send Sebastian a text, telling him to come outside but don’t bring the others, and sure enough when we drive up to the house is he standing there. I look at Katerinas reaction trying to see if something’s changes, but noting does, she looks at him shortly before turning her attention towards the phone. Maybe she can't see it's him? He have changed over the last couple of years, when the war was going on, he lost his long hair. It’s not short, with one braid behind his ear.
And he doesn’t wear ropes anymore, now he mostly wears a white or black shirt and pants.
He opens my door looking confused at me,, what's the meaning of this Lucifer?” he grabs my arm and pull me out the door, Caine steps out of the car.
,, your friend thought that he was a little too drunk to drive so we gave him a lift” Caine smiles shaking Sebastians hand, Sebastian looks at me with a narrowed eyes knowing that I would have to drink a lot to be drunk on human alcohol. And then where Katerina makes her entrance, as soon she steps out of the car I hear Sebastian inhale sharply, when he sees what I see.
Her soul.
It’s her, he says with such happiness that it hurt me more, knowing we have to let her go.
No matter how much I want to make sure she never leaves me again, I can't.
This isn't Sara, this is a girl that doesn’t know who I am, and will have to get to know me before I can do anything. She is a teen, and in this area, it will be a pain in the ass.
as soon she and Caine have driven away I can't help but turn towards Sebastian with a big smile, he looks at me and nod, we turn towards the house, where Neinor stand with big eyes looking after the car. ,, This time it is her”

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