One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


30. Chapter 29

I wake up screaming bathed in sweat on the backseat of the car, almost making us crash cause of the shock I give Neinor. He stops the car and look back at me with worried eyes.
,, what's wrong?!” he ask looking at me like he expect to find some kind of injury. But the injury is not physical but mentally… it's my head, my memories… nightmares.
,, nightmare” I stammer shaking from the terror “ sorry to scare you” I look around almost expecting to see  Lucifer  looking at me with worried eyes until I remember him leaving cause he needed to check something with my twin. That’s a word I never knew I would use, twin, sibling.
I never knew I had one, why did we not grow up together? he says he was adopted as a baby.. Did dad give him away, and if he did. Why not me too? Was two too much to handle?
 No matter what, I'm glad Damien didn't grow up with me, that he had a loving family.
Even though I can't help but feel a little jealous, but if I had, I would never had meet Caine, and the others. And that sadness me more than I feel jealous.
Neinor take on last look at me, and I just smile before starting the car again, trying to get as far away from the others. I wish we have could spent more time with them, but  Lucifer  is right, too many angels and two of Sariel or Sara or whatever you should call me, is too big a neon sign not to notice. ,, I see a sign for a dinner further down the route, what do you say we grab a bite?”
,, are you kidding? I'm even willing to kill you right now for some meat” I smile leaning forward in the seat with a giant smile on my lips feeling my stomach growl from the expectant of  the meal that lays further ahead. he laughs softly speeding on the deserted route.
I tap my fingers against the leather seat frustrated over the waiting, feeling my stomach eating itself.
,, seriously, if I didn't know better I would imagine a angry growling werewolf on my seat” Neinor says looking at me in the mirror “ your stomach is freaking loud”
,, I feel the hunger in my soul” I declare wimping, his lips curl into a smirk.
,, well princess, then I must drive faster don’t I?” he speed up making me giggle over the feeling in my stomach of excitement over how fast we are going. Caine always drive like a grandma when I'm with him in the car. we get there in no time, and both smiling race to the door, I shove him just enough to let me get inside first, I look at him with a triumphantly smile.
we sit ourselves on one of the tables picking each a card and start to read, I can almost not decide what I want but decide to settle with a burger and a piece of a apple pie.
we start to eat when suddenly my phone show me I got a text.
,,  Lucifer  wants us to meet with him in Ohio” I say surprised taking a slurp of my cola.
,, Ohio? Why Ohio? It’s like...” he look at his GPS “3 hours from here!” I shrug my shoulder and read further down, he says he will take  Nadia  and Russell with him because we are going to need their help on this one. What this one? I think confused but happy over getting a chance to see my friends again. We quickly eat our lunch before heading towards the car, when suddenly we both stop up, Neinor look at me and I nod shortly. I felt it too, the dark aura of a demon, we start to slowly walk towards the car, but Neinor now have a hand on my back.
I feel intense eyes stare holes in our back, but they let us drive away with screeching tires.
when we finally get to Ohio we are but tired, sitting in  a car so many hours a day. Don’t know how Dean and Sam can handle it. we step out of the car and before I even take a step I get yanked back.
,, you're going to be near me the entire time,  Lucifer  told me all about why we are here while you slept” Neinor says putting a arm around my shoulder, he looks around on the street filled with people. I smirk and put a arm around his waist, he looks down at me with a raised eyebrow.
,, if you going to hold me like that, we need to look like a couple, or they might think you kidnap me” I explain remembering one time when we first moved into our town and Caine was almost dragging me down the street cause I was so nervous being outside, and being around that many people. Someone called the police thinking he was abducting me or something.
Quite funny now, horrifying at the time.
Miss Wilson had to come and get us on the police station and explain.
we walk around searching for  Lucifer  or the guys when suddenly I feel someone close behind me, I turn around to jam my elbow into the persons stomach, but it get blocked, and I get pulled into a hug. ,, this is also from Caine” Russell whisper in my ear, hugging me tightly.
 ,,  Katerina !” I hear someone scream with a high pitch behind him, as soon he is gone  Nadia  comes into sight hugging me tightly. “ I have missed you so much!” she whine smiling at me.
I smile and say I have missed her too, I look at them both and am happy to see that none of them is hurt anywhere. Can only imagine what is going on around my home right now.
 Lucifer  comes smiling down the street and I walk over to him and hug him getting aw sounds from behind me ,, shut it Neinor” I say letting go of  Lucifer .
when I turn around Neinor is smiling at me, and  Nadia  is looking at him with a tilt head.
I introduce her to Neinor and I can't help but to notice the little red she got in her cheeks when he smiled at her. ,, so what is the reason for us to get all the way to Ohio and this small town?”
,,this is a Christian town”  Lucifer  says like that should explain all.
,, so?”  Nadia  ask looking at him with the same confusing face that I probably make.
,,I can't believe I'm saying this, but we need to save them from the demons wrath” he sighs.
,,why? god never did anything for any of us” Neinor growls, his eyes turn black.
,,no, but these humans is not at fault for what is happening right now, they should not be punished for our mistakes. “  Lucifer  says looking at us all like he want us to understand.
,, Lucifer  you are the devil, this cannot be the only people that died cause of you”
,,no, and they won't be the last. but the demons need to know that I'm still king of hell, and I will not tolerate this kind of behavior.” he snarls looking around like he can see all the demons lurking.
But maybe he can, demons is probably the same thing like monsters. they can see each other.
,, as long I don’t need to kill someone” I say looking around, many things have I done in my life, but killing isn't one of them. Can’t even kill a damn spider when I see one no matter how much Caine screams at me to kill it. For a man, he has one hell of a wail when he sees a tiny spider.
,, that’s something you need to learn” Neinor declare “ someday you might have to do it to safe your life” I start to laugh, they can't be serious, but they all just look at me like it's me that is insane.
Russell turns towards  Lucifer  and say ,, demons can only get killed by weapons from heaven or hell, or by monsters like us. We can't just buy her a gun. They will just walk away laughing at her”
Well that explain why the demon was gone when I saw her last time.
,, then I must get some holy water”
,, that doesn’t work in real life!”  Nadia  says rolling her eyes “weapons have to be created from either the grace of an angel or the blood or horns from a demon, else it won't work on a blood demon or any angel. It’s hard enough killing a demon or angel with a spell, trying splashing water on a demon will only piss it off” she explain.
,, what about non full blood demons like Neinor?” I ask looking nervous at him before I look at  Lucifer . ,, they can get killed easier, but they won't die of a wound. Trough the brain or heart is the only way for a human to kill a demon that once was a human. They are more vulnerable than other demons but just as hard to kill”  Lucifer  says. So Neinor can die again.
,, yeah, once was attacked when I was younger, had to rip the demon apart before he died” Russell growls shivering after thinking of it. ,, well I have fired a gun, but never used a weapon before, I have only used my fist”  I say looking at all of them.
,, you're good with hand to hand combat, but you need to learn to defend yourself other way, the training start tomorrow”  Lucifer  says.
,, exouse me, can you help us?”  I turn around and look at a young woman with a small child in her arms. I nod and ask what I can help her with. ,, do you know where there is a place to eat?” she ask hanking up on the child, the big brown eyes follows my every move and I can't help but to smile wider. ,, I saw a restaurant down the street, they probably has something to eat for these little sweetie too” I proclaim pointing down the street.
she say thank you before walking towards the street I point, while waving at the child, that happy wave back. I turn around and see them all looking at me with a frown.
,, since when can you speak French” Russell question confused, looking at me like he never seen me before. I can't help but giggle over the stupid question, I never learned French.
,, since never, what the hell are you talking about?”
,, you just spoke French to that lady” Lucifer says looking at me with wondering eyes.
,, no I didn't, why should I speak French? she spoke English, where should I even have learned it from?” I ask putting my hands on my hip, get really tired of whatever they are pulling off.
,, Katerina, I am speaking French right now” Lucifer says with a smile.
I look at him, and then Nadia, knowing that I will see if this is some kind of joke in her face.
but she have the same surprised face as the rest of them, and I can't help but feel scared.
,, how is that possible? I never learned French!” I say feeling slightly scared, and kind of interested in how it is possible for me to actually speak a language I never heard before.
,, I still think it's because of Sara, Sara knew the truth, and so do you. maybe you can draw on the other your skills? have one of her ever lived in France?” Neinor ask looking at Lucifer that nods.
well what do you know, maybe there will be other cool things that I would be able to do.

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