One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


28. Chapter 27

I wake up in a tight embrace, at first I think its Caine, but something feels off, this is not his body. Then the scent comes and I realize I'm lying in Lucifer's arms.
I don’t even remember how I got into bed with him, the last thing I remember is sitting in his lap snotting on him in the car.
I can't help but be surprised, he breathes slowly, but just like Caine does he not have bad breath.
My like mint… Or something... Must be an angel trait.
Suddenly a mobile ring, I try to get out of his grip, maybe it's Caine, but suddenly I hear a rustling from behind me and then suddenly Neinor voice. Lucifer start to wake up, we look into each other eyes, and I see only love and warmth. And then suddenly surprise.
he falls away from me, and look down and mumble a sorry, I turn around to look at Neinor that have who’s expression have hardened.
,, we are on our way” Neinor growls hanging up the phone, he goes over to the chair and throw my leather jacket over to me. “We got to go, Nathaniel is in danger” I quickly jump out of bed tacking it up. ,, what happened?” Lucifer say worried taking on his blazer.
,, some demons found them” Neinor growls with black eyes, I feel a rage inside me, and worry that I never really felt before. If they have touched one hair on him I think following Neinor and Lucifer out to the car. Since I meet him we have almost daily kept contact with each other.
Suddenly my own bibs, I look at the display and see Caine number asking how I'm doing.
An urge to tell him what happened yesterday steps in, but I know how hard he will take it because he wasn’t there to stop it. So I'm just telling him we are on our way to see Nathaniel.
He quickly replies that everything’s is fine where they are, and that he and Gazzy miss me. I can't help but feel my lip curl up and write I miss them too.
Suddenly I get a text from Nadia that ask if I don’t miss her, and I can't help but laugh.
She must be with Caine.
,, Neinor” he looks back at me and a snap a selfie of us and send it to her, with the text I'm okay and that I of course miss her too. Suddenly I get a text back asking who he is.
That’s right, she hasn’t seen Neinor before, and I write to her what I know about him. And her reaction surprises me. She writes he's cute looking. Wide-eyed I look at Neinor, well…
I guess he is... She never told me a guy was cute before, expect Caine when she picks on me.
Lucifer race down the sideways until we reach a little town, he drive right to the motel where I see Sebastian standing outside. When we step out of the car I realize the bandage that is almost covered under his shirt. ,, what happened?” I ask moving closer to examine him, but Lucifer gets there first.
,, it's okay Lucifer, I'm okay” he says calm trying to move Lucifer's shaking hands from him.
Neinor looks around and I know who he is looking for, suddenly the door opens and I see Zachriel.
he is inside.
both me and Neinor push him to the side to get in, I see not only Nathaniel but a boy around my age sitting on a bed. They both look up, the one with a surprised expression and the other a wondering.
,, are you okay Nathaniel?” Neinor ask him and hurry over to him, Nathaniel stands up and hug him tightly still looking at me with a soft smile.
,, I'm okay Neinor, really. Katerina what are you doing here?” he ask hugging me.
I examine him, and relived realize he has no injuries. ,, I was with Lucifer and Neinor when they got your call, what the hell happened” I ask cupping his face in my hands and look into his golden eyes, the exact same eyes as his father. He smiles softly at me before removing my hands.
,, some demons found us, we are okay. Sebastian saved us” he explain taking my hand, I look over at Neinor that have frozen looking at the other blond haired guy. Suddenly Lucifer burst inside with wild eyes, looking at me from the guy. Sebastian comes inside and put a hand on Lucifer's shoulder.
,, Lucifer relax” he mumbles looking at us all with worried face.
,, What's your name?” Lucifer croaks moving towards the guy, he stops up beside me and looks at me. ,, Hello, I have heard a lot about you” the guy says smiling “ my name DAMIEN; Damien” I walk towards him to shake his hand, but his next words stop me in my tracks. ,, I'm your brother”
,, I don’t have a brother” I say confused, what the hell is he talking about?
,, no, you have a twin” he smiles at me tilting his head.
,, I'm pretty damn sure if I shared a uterus with someone I would know” I snarl biting my lip.
,, Katerina he's right” Lucifer mumbles without taking his eyes of him, I ask him how it's possible.
,, He as the same soul as you. I never seen you as a male before, or a split soul.” he moves closer to the guy and take his head in his hand and examine his face.
,, why do we first now hear about this?!” Neinor says with wild eyes looking at them all for a explanation. ,, cause you had your fights to fight, having another one of mom would just make it harder” Nathaniel says and tell us all about what have happened until now.
,, do you find it just as weird as I do?” I ask sitting on the bed beside my twin brother.
I can't believe it, I have a twin. ,, how do you think I took it? some guy comes up to me and tell me I'm his long death mother? I thought they were all crazy” he laughs smiling at me.
I look into his eyes, my eyes. Something changed after Sara we all look towards Zachriel.
I don’t know how, but something has definitely changed.
,, he is right, two.. At the same time” Sebastian says looking at us both “and one male? It never happened before” I look at Lucifer that just nods not for one second have taken the eyes of me and Damien. ,, we have to get away from you” he suddenly says standing up “ one is getting enough attention on the radar. But two? Keep him safe Sebastian, Nathaniel” they both nod, he turns towards Zachriel and I feel they share something before he moves over to us.
,, Damien I hope we can get to know each other, but right now, is my first priority your sister, they apparently rather want her than you, and my son can keep you safe” he smiles and put a hand on his shoulder “let us keep it that way” I stand up, look at my brother, already I feel some sort of connection to him. Like he is something I once lost and suddenly got back again ,, take care okay” I croak hugging him tight, he hugs back and whisper he will. I move over to Nathaniel and stroke his chin. ,, don’t get into anymore trouble young man” I grin kissing his forehead, he smiles at me before taking me into a big bear hug. I say goodbye to the guys, when I stand in the door I take one last look at my twin brother, my son and what was my family once. And hopefully one day will become it again. I close the door and follow Neinor and Lucifer that already is a part of my family.
I close the door and look at the texts from my friends at home.
one day we can all hopefully get to know each other better without almost getting killed.

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