One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


27. Chapter 26

~~All three of us sit in a motel room looking at each other without saying a word.
Lucifer is still mad at me and Neinor so he sit on the chair at the little table grumbling.
,, Katerina, I'm not mad, you don’t need to be so tense” Lucifer says breaking the silences.
,, then why do you look like you want to rip my head of”  I mumble looking at him, crossing my arms. He sighs deeply, and gives me a nervous smile.
,, I'm not mad, I'm scared for your safety, Katerina, as you know I have seen you die so many times, I don’t want you to be another one on that list” he says with a hoarse voice, I can't help but feel sorry for him. it must be hard, seeing the one you love die all the time.
I would probably also be really overprotective.
Caine is overprotective too, I kept falling into trouble, and now. now is just like the universe tries to kill me, not that it should surprise me. I got from the frying pan into the fire.
,, at least, you can protect yourself better than many of the others could” he laugh, I think back on the first time we actually met, were I smashed a chair over a guys back.
Neinor stands up and head towards the door,, we need something to eat” he says and close the door after him. Lucifer told me, that in his human form he eats like a regularly human, and that of course human demons also eat normally. and I can't say I'm not hungry, we drove all night so the last thing I eat was that sandwich, we decide to watch some tv, to fill the silence in the air.
And the first thing we both hear is the moaning.
I look up and see a girl strapped to the bed with a guy inside of her.
Before I even got the chance to ask him to turn it off he turn it off and say.
,,This never happened." Lucifer said his eyes wide, still holding the remote in his hand, completely red in the face. I smile for myself and walk over to him and get the remote, I find a channel that isn't porn. Neinor comes back with beers and burgers, completely unaware of the events that just happened. I reach for the one with bacon but Lucifer gets it first.
I sigh but then reach out for another one, but suddenly a burger is in my view. ,,You can have the one with bacon” he mumbles without looking at me. I take the burger with a surprised face.
,, Thank you”  I reach for a beer, but Lucifer push it out of reach and put a coke in front of me.”Seriously?”
,, You’re only 18, Katerina” Lucifer says and take a sip of his beer like he's trying to rub it in.
"And that’s why you think I haven’t drank before… you have seen me drink” I mumble and snatch it from him and take a slurp before he takes it from me. "See? Not dead yet. No angels fallen from the sky in disbelief.” Neinor almost choke on the beer and look at me with big eyes. I say and take a bite of the burger. Lucifer sends him a stare that shuts him off, before turning towards me.
,, I have promised your friend, Caine that I would take care of you, and that means we will follow the humans rules” he declare taking a sip of his beer, I roll my eyes “ no rolling eyes young lady”
,, yes daddy” I mumble sarcasm dripping off my words. ,, I know that you are probably used to tell Sara what she could and couldn’t cause you raised her. But I am 18, in the human world that means I'm an adult. And that I can make my own rules” I say taking the last bite of my burger.
,, maybe so, but I am over thousand years older than you. So technically are you still a toddler” he laughs, we eat the rest in silence. Neinor goes out to patrol the eria, and while Lucifer is in the bath I decide to sneak out, the motel is right beside a bar and with nothing else to do  I decide to check it out. Not my greatest idea this year.
Not long after, I got me a stalker trying to convince me to follow him outside to the dumpster.
Even though I tell him I will rather eat dog food he won't leave me alone.
"Come on love.  I pay you real good” he says and put a hand on my knee, I smack it off and try to ignore him. I take a sip of my beer not paying attention to the door bell ringing.
The guy tries to grab me between my legs,  I stand up throwing the beer in his face and give him an uppercut roaring, "Don't touch me you piece of shit!” he looks angry at me from the floor and  I realize that that wasn't the greatest idea.
I try to flee but he grabs my leg yanking me down. Before I can react someone kick him in the face and another one grab me from behind and yank me up on my feet whispering
,, Two seconds and you are already making trouble." He sighs.
I realize it's Lucifer that kicked that guy when he turned around looking like HE would kill me right there if there wasn't any witnesses. I smile sweetly, like I haven't done anything wrong trying to get out of Neinors grip knowing that this is something I’m going to hear about for a long time.

I sit in the back of the car looking out of the window.
Lucifer shoved us out in the car right after we got back from the bar, afraid that the police would shove up asking questions why two men was with a young innocent girl like me.
Neinor looks back at me with a surprised face. "Why are you pouting?”
"I feel like I’m being grounded, and  I haven't done anything wrong”  I mumble not looking at him, Neinor snorts ,,Cut the crap Katerina, you know dam-”
,, I know, but I'm not a very trusting person, want I want is going home. but I can't do that, cause not only is people out to kill me. my dad may be around now after finding me” I don’t care about werewolf’s, witches, or demons. they scare me, but not as much as my dad.
Them I know is dangerous and what would do. Him, he is just as unpredictable as me.
He could decide to kidnap me or shoot me. Whatever wimp he is following.
Lucifer drives us to a gas station and tell me to go inside to pick something to eat while they get some gas. The first thing I notice when I step in is a elderly man.
Around his forties standing at the food, I go down there trying to find something to eat to us all.
The others must be hungry too.
He smiles at me, before taking a tuna sandwich, I smile strained back.
Wonder what the others eat I think keeping a eye on the man, while he goes over to get something to drink. I take a egg sandwich and an ham, before moving over and taking some apples.
Something tells me that they like apples.
Suddenly the man is behind me, I turn around slowly with a strained breathing.
he looks at me with huge pupils liking his lips ,, what is a sweet thing like you doing around here in this time of night” he smiles looking around, I glance towards the cashier but she can't see anything from where she are. I take a step back but he takes a step forward pinning me towards the box of apples. “ I could give you a ride if you like” I open my mouth to say to him get lost but my mouth is completely dry making me whimper instead, he smiles showing me the bad teeth.
He reaches up and gently strokes my chin, I want to shove him away but my arms remained at my sides. He stroke his fingers through his blonde hair. ,, always liked blonds” he says more to himself than to me. His fingers slides from my chin all the way down to my wrist given me Goosebumps and nausea. ,, why don’t you come with me doll, I can help you home” he start to pull me with him and I just follow. When we are outside I look towards the car, and see Neinor and Lucifer standing with their backs towards me. all in me tell me to scream, but I can't.
Sucking on my lower lip I just follow him to his blue truck. I wanna go home to Caine I think scared when he open the side door and tell me to get inside.
I put a hand on the door to step up when suddenly I hear a wail from behind me and someone take me by the waist and lift me down to the ground. I look towards the man and see Neinor having him in a headlock. ,, were do you think you going with her?!” he screams eyes completely black.
,, she wanted to go with me! she never said no!” he croak trough his teeth trying to get out of Neinors grip. he wheeze for air slapping his arm and moving around. suddenly Neinor lets go and scream at him to get into his car. he runs to the other side and quickly leaves me with the guys.
Lucifer that have been tense holding me into his chest, turn me around and yell ,, what the hell are you doing?!” he looks at me with furious eyes looking for a explanation.
and then I just lose it, my body goes limp and I sit on the ground and just wail like a baby.
Tears down my face, snot out of my nose, screaming.
suddenly a warm arms lay around me holding me tight into a chest, Is not all over the white shirt, while my body shiver from fear. ,, I was so scared” I stammer crying, clinging to Lucifer like he is a life boat on stormy sea. He slowly rocks me making comforting sounds in my ear.
,, I'm sorry for yelling at you, I was just so scared” he whisper kissing my forehead “ why didn't you fight back? Or speak up?” I don’t know… I just looked down completely.
To scared to even try.
suddenly I am in midair in Lucifer's arms ,, Neinor you drive” he carries me over to the car and sit down with me on his lap on the backseat not once letting me go. I cuddle up to him still shivering from the shock cuddling into his neck, trying to calm down.  he not once let me go the whole night.

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