One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


26. Chapter 25

We walk past a restaurant Neinor  leans over and grab a black blazer after his black shirt got torn up to pieces after turning. Wish I still don’t believe, he did not look at all like the red one. But he did say that those that had been humans didn't.
after using at least 20 minutes on getting me to stop freak out and hyperventilating he decided I need coffee. once again he grab something from one of the customers sitting outside.
Neinor steals another shirt, he does it so fast, that even I don’t realize it before seeing it in his hand, quirks of being a demon I suppose. I take the sweatshirt over my bloody dress, blood splatters when you fight.
while we walk I ask into those Tambal thing that should have attacked us.
,, they normally don’t get into groups like this. Tambals often leave in the forest, they are always on the lookout for people they can steal. you see they usually take the form of the victim aiming to replace them in the real world” he takes the tip of the blazer and try to rub something of my face “ the victim will stay lost in the forest until someone fetches them. The only reason these ones a scary is cause they will do anything, even kill to live in the human world.” he explain taking my trembling hand, who send them after me? They wouldn't just attack me out of nowhere, right? All the way from the Philippines… Neinor spots a coffee and put me at a table outside, while going in to get our orders. I just sit there trying to grasp that I was almost killed by a building.
and I lost my phone, meaning that Caine must be freaking out by now, if he has tried to contact me.
I try to ignore the looks I get from the other customers, and act like I don’t hear their whispers.
,, she looks like she been in a accident” a older lady mumbles.
,, have you seen her bloody clothes?” a woman whisper to her friend.
,, do you think it is her boyfriends fault?” her friend whisper back, not realizing that I can hear every single word that gets muttered. When Neinor comes back with a cup of coffee and a sandwich, I must have look like a wild animal the way I attacked that sandwich.
Neinor sits quietly drinking is apple juice while I devour it.
some people come in, and almost sit at the table beside us, but quickly move to another table.
if it's cause I look like I have lived in a cave, mauled a deer with the blood, or the fact that Neinors demon aura or whatever it is, is acting up I don’t know.
I have quickly adapted to that’s how he smell and feel, even though I would lie if I said it didn't make me uneasy the first couple of times. But I adapt quickly, it isn't hard, when all of your friends have smell you normally wouldn't think of human. I always thought the reason Nadia smelled of herbs was cause of her shop, maybe it is I don’t know. but Amanda, she smells like the ocean on a stormy day. she said she used to live near the ocean, so always thought that was the reason, everyone have a smell that could be explained in some human way, Russell smell of forest cause he live in a forest and on and on. but perhaps it have something to do with what they are?
,, Neinor?” he looks up at me, before handing me a handkerchief.
,, what do I smell like?” I say wiping my mouth, he looks confused at me, but still learn closer to me and take a deep breath, a smile comes across his face, making it almost peaceful.
,, pretty much like I remember, apples. And rain before dropping” apples, why apples? does apples have something to do with what I am? Yeah, I guess I like apples as much as the next person.
but apples….
,, why did you ask?” he question, I explain about my theory, and he listen interested, but then he looks at something behind me “ uppercut now!” I can't say that it was cause he yelled that I actually did it, but more like I have learned from working with Caine, that when he yells like that, you better do what he says. My hand hit a jaw while both me and Neinors chairs bang to the floor when we stand up.  I look at the suited guy now laying on the ground unconscious, and people screaming around us. Suddenly I feel someone taking a grip of me slamming me into the table, and soon Neinor follows. I try to wiggle myself so I can see who it is, but the thing they said told me.
,, officer Alston calling, we have a emergency on street 11, send a ambulance, we have a male and a woman in custody, we are on our way”
,,Well this is a nice new scenery” I say looking around.
,,I know, prison cells are so fashionable” Neinor grunts hiding his head in hands.
,,Yeah, I could spend days in here” I mumble pulling my legs up under me. Neinor tried to get free from their grip, making them taser him, and with him  already being powered out from before he just collapsed, making it easier for them to throw us into this cell we are currently in.
I look over at Neinor that sit beside me on the bricks ,,so why did I need to punch that guy?" He looks over at me with a irritated look ,, cause he was one of deaths reapers that is send out to find you that's why" I nod still thinking over how crazy it all sound to me ,, as long as you take the blame when Caine comes to bail us out" I declare resting my head against the wall. this is seriously getting out of hand, kidnapping, murder, bombs, and now us sitting in a prison cell waiting for Caine to come and bail us out.
and let me just say that telephone call wasn’t pleasant, he have tried to call me, and was on his way when he realized that I didn't pick up. And then I suddenly call telling him that I am on the police department.
In a cell. With Neinor.
Yeah, this is the last time we are allowed to be together alone.
Neinor looks at me out of his fingers, and then burst out laughing,, you should have seen his face when you just shoot you arm up like that! he didn't expect that” he grins ruffling my hair.
I smile but push his hand away,, sorry, but Caine is the only one allowed to do that” I smile, e looks at me with a goofy smile ,, you really like that guy”
,, of course, he saved my life. and never once let me down” I declare smiling softly. I can always trust on Caine being there, no matter what mess I have gotten myself into. even in prison he made sure I got the best care, possible. he is my savior, and that means he is allowed things other isn't.
like touching me like that, am not really comfortable with touching, even though I allow it, my therapist told me it was the only way I could learn that not every touch is to harm me.
but Caine, he is special, ruffling my hair, that’s his, no one else is allowed, for me that’s like the most intimate thing. that’s how he praise me, comfort me. tell me he is there for me. That’s his spot.
suddenly the door to the cells burst open, and I see Caine standing there completely red in the face.
,, Katerina silversmith! you are in so much trouble!”
,, he did it!” I say and point at Neinor that looks shocked at me for ratting him out.
,, I don’t care who did what! why do you look like that? what have happened?” he comes closer to the bars, and look at the officer harshly “ what are you waiting for officer? get them out!”
,, she is right, it was my fault, the guy looked down her dress” Neinor says when I give him the stare, clearly saying I'm not taking the blame for this one. ,, then can you tell me why you two look like you have been to hell and back? and why do you have blood on you?” he growls brushing my hair away from my face.
a great comeback is on my tongue but I know better than to mess with Caine when he is in this foul mode.
,, it's mine, got a nosebleed, the dirt is from a wind blower, when we walked beside a constructor” I say smiling pulling the sweatshirt more around me, mentally kicking myself over lying so badly.
and clearly Caine don’t buy it, he takes a hold of my hand and pull me with him out of the police station with Neinor on our tail. Lucifer is standing against a black Chevrolet outside looking at us both with harsh eyes.
I hear Neinor gulp beside me clearly nervous, but he is king of hell, or was.
so torture is probably his second language.
,, what happened?!” he says pushing away from the car and move towards us, he takes a hold of my face and look at the bruises. “ why didn't you protect her?!” he growls letting go of me and move towards Neinor that takes a step back, with worried eyes. I take a hold of his arm.
,, Neinor did protect me, trust me!” he takes a hold of my wrist and I flinch, clearly he sees that and pull the sleeve up, I hear Caine gasp beside me when he sees the marks the chains have left.
,,why do you have marks around you wrist.” he looks at me worried “ no lies, only the truth”
I sigh deeply, knowing I will regret this, but I tell them all what happened.
as expected, Caine flips out, ranting about this has gone to far, as it has. But no one can control this. I think it's best if Katerina gets away a little while, just to make them believe she has left your town, this can give you both some days with peace” Lucifer says looking at Caine over my head.
,,I think you are right” Caine says.
,,what? no!” I turn around to look at Caine, that looks at me with the same eyes he had when he found me. ,,Katerina you will come home again, it's just for a couple of days, you keep getting hurt, and I can't do anything about it. with Neinor and Lucifer you will be safe, until I can do a proper job of doing so.” he says taking my hands in his, begging for me to understand.
,,you do! why do you think I'm alive? and now with my dad? or some sort of heroin junkie sitting on some street corner waiting for my next fix? cause you saved me from that!”
,,Katerina I don’t know how I can keep you safe anymore! the normal rules doesn’t work in this kind of world! I don’t want to see you keep getting hurt and almost killed cause I can't admit  that I can't do it probably!” he says taking a hold of my face, trying to get me to understand, I feel his trembling, and I see how much it pains him to admit. and I know he's only trying to protect me, they all are. but the thought of leaving Caine, it scares me.
,,Katerina it's only for a couple of days, and you will be home again” Lucifer say trying to reassure me, and  I know they right. not only do I bring myself in danger, cause they know where I am. I bring everyone in danger. Julies kid could have been killed because of me, Caine could. or Nadia, Russell or Tony.
I can't be the cause of that, not with all the help and love they have given me, if it's the safest. I have to do it, put my own feelings aside. and do what's right for a change for someone else like Caine once did for me.

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