One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


25. Chapter 24

~~we walk around the town looking at shops just talking, I tell him about the few lesions I still have in school he tells me about Sara.
,, so what you are saying is, that the girl before her, was a girl named, Maritza. your sister” he nods telling me that that’s why Lucifer decided to have him be the one that should help him with Sara.
Suddenly Neinor put a hand on my back and starts to walk faster.
,, walk faster, we are followed” I turn my head towards him and look out of the corner of my eye. but the only thing I see is a little boy and a woman “ don’t get tricked, they are something called a Tambal” he mumbles leading me down a side street.
,, a what?”
,, a Tambal, usual only found in the Philippines, but after Lucifer getting kicked off, monsters start to roam places they usually don’t go” suddenly two guys comes towards us, from the front.
Neinor stops up taking a fighting position, I do the same. this had been a stupid day to wear a white dress.
the second the first one touch me, I snap into action. my elbow smashes into the face of the woman behind me, and easily break of the grip the man holding my wrist just before breaking his knee with a quick kick. before he can cry out, I land a quick left hook on his jaw, and both of them is out cold.
I smile at Neinor seeing he have taken the others down.
,, we make a good team huh?” I grin looking at the  bodies in front of us. before he can say anything I feel something in my arm, I look down and see a tranquilizer, I look up at Neinor seeing him fall before I fall to my knees, trying to keep myself awake. not this again I think before seeing a couple of boots getting into my sight before it once again gets dark.
my eyes fly open and I glance around panicked. I feel my arms tightly tied above me to the ceiling.
to my left Neinor is in the same position but his head is hanging low.
he must still be unconscious.
you got the be kidding me, I think frustrated pulling in the chain but it don’t bulge.
I look around but no one is there expect me and Neinor, that is starting to move around making noises. ,, wake up sleeping beauty” I mumble and try again with pulling in the chains.
,, did they seriously shot us with tranquilizer” he mumbles drowsy trying to move just to found out he is chained to the ceiling. ,, felt like it, have only seen them on the TV, but pretty sure that what it was” I mumble trying to figure out where we are. But the room is almost empty, if you look away from the layer of dust and garbage on the floor. Probably an abandoned building.
,, shit!”
,, what?” I look over at him.
,, demon sails, can't break them!” he growls and I see that his handcuffs have these runes that mine hasn’t. I try to turn around to look behind me, but with my feet barely touching the ground it is much harder than I thought.

but when I turn around I wish I didn't.
,, Neinor..”
,, yeah?” he grunts trying to turn around to see what I am looking at.
,, I think I can see a bomb”
,, a what?!” he squeaks wiggling to turn around, I have never seen a real bomb in my entire life.
but I'm pretty sure that’s how one can look. Wires are fastened to these two bottles with a transparent liquid, with a watch on it. And it's blinking a countdown.
20 minutes.
,, Neinor we need to get out of here!” I yell moving around trying to lose the hook that holds my chains. Okay, this is exactly why Tony and I trained our arms muscles. Or not exactly, but this time is as good as any to test my arm strength out. I wiggle my arms around the chain so I have a grip of the chain with my hands, I take a deep breath and swing back, Neinor look confused at me. I keep doing so until I swing like if I was on yeah a swing.

I swing my legs up, but didn't have enough speed on so I feel down tugging my wrist so hard that I let out a scream of pain. I take a deep breath, trying to ignore the pain in my hands and wrist after the chains got pulled out of my hands and all my weight then was on my wrist when I felt down. I try again and this time did it, now facing downwards. I wiggle my feet around the chains, and take a deep breath resting my restrained wrist. ,, holy crap” I hear Neinor mumble.
I send a silent thank you to Russell and Tony that kept forcing me to lift weight and practice balance. I start to pull myself up, so I now stand with each feet on each side of the hook.
I sigh relieved, I know it will hurt like a bitch when I will fall, and probably dislocate my shoulder.
but better a dislocated shoulder than being a nice picture on a wall.
I start to pull, first it won't move an inch, but suddenly I see it's moving, I pull with all my strength feeling every nerve and muscle in my arms scream from the pressure.
and suddenly it's out, I crash to the floor landing on my back hitting my head right into the floor.
It starts to flicker in front of my eyes while I await the pain to go away from the back of my head and shoulder that took most of the fall. This is so not my week, glad ms Wilson isn't around she would have killed me from all the bruises I have. When I finally sit up I flinch over the pain in my shoulder, and if I wasn’t right about the dislocating it. I get on my feet and staggers over to the pillar, this isn't my first. I take a deep breath.
,, Katerina..” when he realizes what I am about to do “ don’t!” I slam my shoulder into the pillar and scream in agony when it pop back in. I rest my head on it, clutching my hand to see if it worked.
I see out of the corner of my eye that we only have 10 minutes left.
I get over to Neinor, that looks at me with new found respect, I put a feet on his belt and crawl up.
,, this will hurt” I mumble doing the exact same thing again, luckily with the extra weight and the old ceiling it don’t take as much time this time to get down. and I land on Neinor that whimper when he also hit the floor. luckily as mine the it police handcuffs he has one.
and I isn't my first time getting out of one.
he ills over to the bomb and crouch down,, do you know how to detonate it?” I question, rubbing my shoulder. “ cause We've literally just got one shot at this, so don’t blow it!”
,,Wow, no pressure then.” he mumbles, looking at it like it's a rabid dog. ,,I'm like 75% sure this won't explode in our faces, if I give it a shoot” he says looking at me clearly by the way he looks tell me that he of course hadn’t dealt with a bomb before.
,,well that’s not good enough, let’s get out of here!” I yank him up from the floor with my good arm. we start to look for a exit, but realize we are on the second floor, and there isn't enough time to get down and out before it detonate. suddenly I hear clothes rip and when I look at Neinor I almost pass out for all the shocks I have gotten today. out from his back sticks a pair of leathery wings, plus horns from his head. ,, sorry you have to see this put there isn't much time” he declare taking me up bridal style and jump out from a broken window, I scream horrified seeing us splattered against the ground. but instead he quickly fly upward and away, I can't say I was the amazing girl from before saving us from a bomb. no I was more like horrified 7 year old that for the first time try one of the big roller costars screaming until it was done.
when we land, he puts me on the ground and I just slump to the ground like a sack of potatoes.
I hear bang and look at Neinor that protect us with his wings.
Neinor looks at me with a smile ,, lol”
,, lol? LOL?! A fucking building just exploded behind you and all can say is ‘LOL?!” I scream at him looking at all the flying material “are you insane?!” i can't believe it, we almost died, and he just think it's funny. I am not death! I can freaking still die!
,,we better move before the firefighters comes” he says  nonchalantly and drags me with him, like all that just have happened was something that happened on a daily basis.

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