One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


23. Chapter 22

When Caine finds out about my dad showing up he tells the police and the town people to have a look out for him. He isn't allowed to contact me, and Caine told me if he just as much as look at our building he will shoot him between the eyes. But something tell me that he isn't in town anymore.
Many things can you say about him, but he isn't stupid.
he was under the radar for years, by moving cities everytime someone might get an idea about what was going on. Caine kept apologizing over he didn't check if my dad had gotten a parole, but I'm not mad at him. I'm mad at myself, I froze. Just like the old days, I'm still scared of him.
none of them would allow me outside or alone for a week, and in that week 3 other girls got found mauled in the woods. making the police think a serial killer was lose in the town killing young girls.
and we can't really expect anything else. 4 girls dead. the police does everything they can,  but there never been any serial killer in the town before. we have deaths, rapes and all the other bad stuff like everybody else. but serial killer, that’s a first.
but we can't exactly tell them not to worry cause a witch, an pack of wolves, demons and some others are out searching for the killer wolf. I'm already in enough trouble as it is.
Aaron keeps telling the police that it must have been  my dad killing those girls to get to me.
first there was the accident with the demon, then suddenly dead bodies start to show after I tell them about a man following me in the woods. and then my dad shows up.
I know how it sound, and look. and he isn't completely of the track, I am the reason those girls are dead. and that’s why I want to help catch him. But they won't allow me outside.
not even to empty the freaking mailbox.
so I do  what I had too, I use the fire escape, I know stupid.
I learned how stupid around twenty minutes later when I wake up in a warehouse getting knocked out by a blow to the head. you should think by now I have learned to look behind me, after the first time. but no, I'm apparently not one of them, that learn from my mistakes the first time.
maybe after six more times getting knocked out from behind I will learn my lesson.
if I ever get the chance. 
,, no one is coming to save you” I hear someone growl outside the lamps reach, I try to move in the chair he have bound me too. but for no use.
,, why do I feel like I'm in some bad mafia movie? are you going to slap me around now telling me that no one know where I am?” I grunt, ignoring the taste of iron on my tongue from the blood.
“ because I will just say, I have a werewolf alpha on my side, and a very pissed hellhound that hasn’t gotten his daily doses of belly rub yet” the laughter I hear sound more like a dog barking.
He moves into the light and my first instinct was to scream when I saw his face.
Or what was left of it.
His left eye was gone, cause of a claw scar down the side of his face making it look like something out of a horror movie. He looked like he had been fighting with a dog, a very big one.
,, are you trying to scare me Katerina? I'm not scared, I have the lord on my side”
,, God?”
,, no, that idiot can go to hell or where the hell he's kind goes after dying, I'm talking about the dark lord. the rightful king of hell” he grins showing me all a mouth full of missing teeths.
he looks like someone that haven't been to a dentist in a long time, or taking a bath for that matter.
the air is filled by the smell of blood and sweat, making me want to puke.
but I know better, never show fear. it only make them happier, and more cruel.
all I need to do, is making sure I'm not killed before someone realize I'm gone, and hopefully Russell or Gazzy can sniff their way down here. Wherever here is.
if I strain my ears I can clearly hear seagulls screaming outside, and waves thunders into earth.
And our town doesn’t have a harbor.
He moves closer to me, like a vulture circling it's pray.
He knows I'm trapped, and he's just playing with his food right now. he's sure they can't find me, and all I can do is hope they can. I just have to stay calm, and wait for them to find me.
that’s right, Stay calm. I freeze surprised, did a voice in my head just answer back? I look around half expecting Zachriel coming out of the dark, but there is no one around. expect me and claw face.
help is on the way, stay calm, Katerina.
Okay I'm diffidently not making this up, there is someone in my head, but it isn't me.
hello? I ask feeling like an idiot, am I starting to hear a voice cause of stress? or have I gone insane? isn't there a sickness for those that hear someone talking in their head? but isn't it usually many voices? I get no answer, and suddenly my head snaps back from someone pulling on my hair.
I look right up in his face.
,, dude have you ever heard of a toothbrush?” he growls and pull back more making my neck ache.
,, when I rip your tongue out you won't talking back like that” he snarls.
,, I won't be talking at all” I grin, making me get a slap across the face that makes my head spin.
but I have getting worse, this won't knock me out. I raise a eyebrow like to taunt him, knowing it will only get me another hit. and it does, this time so hard that it knock me to the ground slamming my shoulder into the concrete making me whimper. I hear the laughter I have heard before.
a laughter of someone loving to hear someone else screaming in pain.
he pulls the chair up again and put a hand on each shoulder and press, trying to get another reaction out of me. but I don’t move a muscle I just look him straight in the eye, trying to hold the scream down. he grunts frustrated over I won't make a noise and move away.
,, you won't be so silent when he comes to get you” he sings licking his lips, looking at me with wild eyes. “ do you know how much suffering I have gone through too find you? how many times I almost got killed crossing packs territories?”
,, dude, I'm not a therapist, find someone else to listen to your sad little story” he storms towards me raising his hand and I tense up awaiting the next fist comes towards me, but instead he just smiles and lower his arm. ,, no, no no no. I know what you are up too, you trying to make me kill you” well not really, but anything that makes you talk long enough for them to find me. “ I will let them do the torturing, you can't deliver a package that is damaged”
 there is one thing the time with my dad have learned me, and that’s how to get people to keep their mind of what they really wants, and what he wants is to get me delivered, but he also looks like he hasn’t made the call yet. and just show me how superior he is.
I hear something flapping and shortly when he's not looking, I look up. right into two pair of dark golden eyes. I can't help but smile for myself, when I hear a voice I know to damn well.
,, one move and I decorate the floor with your brain” Caine says pulling the safety trigger of his pistol. Goldie lands behind me, and untie me. Suddenly a wolf steps into the light, and even though I never seen him like that before. I know it is Russell, he growls, ears flat on his head at claw face.
,, kill him” Lucifer growls at Caine, that still hold the pistol at his head.
,, I'm taking him In to custody” Caine says taking a grip of claw face arm and force him down on his kness, arms locked behind him.
,, he's could have lead him right to your doorstep, kill him!” Lucifer yells moving towards Caine with wings that shiver from rage.
suddenly I hear a gun goes off, and I claw face limp body fall to the ground with a gun hole trough his chest. I look at Caine that looks at something behind him. and Neinor comes out of the shadows with a pistol. ,, that’s for hurting her your cunt” he hiss before throwing the gun to the floor.

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