One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


22. Chapter 21

~~Hi everybody, thank you so much for reading this book! hope you like it so far! But please leave a comment telling me what you think :) it makes it so much easier for me, so I know if something should change or you simply like it! Have a wonderful day!

I hit the punching bag before bouncing back on my toes. I dry the sweat of my forehead away with my arm when I hear footsteps behind me, I stop up and see Tony moving closer.
,, gotten the steam out yet?” he ask nervous, looking at me with the black I accidently gave him under out sparing. I apologies again and take the water he hand me, two hours I have been working out. And I still haven't gotten that girls face out of my head, I woke last night screaming my lungs out feeling like she hunted me. Caine slept with me after that thinking I was going to get a breakdown. as usual the looks I get from the males and the females follow me all the way into the dressing room, where the look not get anymore settle. I know what it must look like, the scars, the burns. But that don’t stop me from wearing clothes that show skin.
I have earned those scars, these scars are proving that I survived, I will not hide them.
These are proving that I am no weakling.
Tony follows me home, leaving me alone after calling Neinor to say he has to leave.
I find one of Caines shirts and snuggle up in it on the couch, wish Gazzy was here, but Nadia took him for protection when decided she would help on the search after werewolf.
I look at my arm, trying to see what others might see, maybe they think I am a self harmer? That all of these are me trying to kill myself? or maybe they think I have a dangerous boyfriend?
all I know is, that it makes people scared, upset, sick, angry. Lucifer and Neinor got so angry when they saw them after I took my sweater of the day they came to visit. Caine told them about my dad, and what he had done to me. Lucifer wanted to find him and kill him, but Caine said that it is against the law. But he understand, the thought have been there.
but he also said the same thing he said to me a long time ago, even when he comes out.
Will he never find me, Oklahoma was the town we lived in when Caine found me.
and were are hours away from that town, there is no way he can track me all the way down here.
I put on my favorite show about two brothers driving around killing monsters.
and can't help but she the resembles to my own life, werewolves, witch, demons, hell angels.
Even though my monsters are different from theirs in many ways.
Dean as usual gets into a fight, and I can't help but think that’s really like me.
I have been into more fights than I can count, and more times ending in a cell waiting for either Julie or Caine to bail me out. I'm not proud, but I could probably also kick some monster butt if I can kick bikers. I look at the character that shall resemble Lucifer and can't help but realize how many times they have gotten the story wrong. the bible, all the books, series.
all thinking Lucifer is the bad one, when if you think about it, is just another cliché love story.
Can’t get the girl, wants the girl.
Never thought my life would be anything worth writhing about, or making a story about.
But here I am, sitting right in the middle of a war, where everybody wants to kill me.
and few are on my side, when you think about it. I was born to die, just like the rest.
a depressing thought, but nonetheless true.
but I will fight, I won't go out of this life without at least have hurt those that wants to kill me.
just like Elizabeth I think smiling remembering how she stormed towards the angels trying to save Lucian, without thinking about her own safety. How much she loved him, even though she barely knew him. I want that kind of thing to fight for. And I pretty much have it, Caine and the others is my everything. And now I have more life worth fighting for, so I won't give up.
I look at my mobile and the last text between me and Nathaniel, he have told me that right now they are in Ohio, and that Sebastian forcing him on these boring trips to different special locations.
and that he have now seen the biggest toilet and ball of yarn.
suddenly the doorbell starts to ring, and I walk over to the door expecting to see Neinor.
but instead I look at the man that have put more scars on my soul than anybody else, the man that should have loved me but hated me more than anyone. The man I called dad. His blond hair is greasy and he is black under the eyes of lack of sleep, but his eyes are stern. The fear creeps under my skin making me feel like he little girl that hided under his bed wishing that he never looked there, even though he always did. I take a step back, and see him walk through the door, how did he find me? Why did he come here? The thoughts runs widely in my head while I see the man I fear with my whole being sit down in one of the chairs still looking at me,, I have looked for you Katerina" hard smiles showing me the rotten teeth that fills his mouth, he never looked healthy with all that alcohol he drank but now he looks sick. Unhealthy.
I feel the stank creep inside my mouth making my stomach turn making me want to puke. But I know how mad he will become, he always got mad when I puked.
He look around the living room searching for something, I tilt my head thinking over why he's here, why he searched for me.
And why I can't get myself to ask him to leave. I'm 18, he hasn't had any power over me in years, but the fear still burn inside me while glimpses of the past passes through my mind. 
,, what in the world are you wearing?" he question looking at me with disgust, I look down upon myself. I have black leather pants on and one of Caine white shirt that is too big for me but to comfy to I don't steal them from time to time.
,, clothes"  I mumble looking away from him when I feel his intense gaze somehow get worse ,, excuse me? I haven't come all this way for you to be a little brat Katerina, you will be polite speaking to your feather" he his standing up and move towards me with his hand up, I move back so quickly I don't realize that a chair was behind me making me and the chair crash with a loud bang, he take a hold of my arm and drag me to my feet,, we two are going home! I had enough of your hiding" he snarls pulling me towards the door. Every inch of my mind scream to resist but my body just follows to scared to try to resist.
When he opens his door no other than Neinor stands there,, hey Katerina I came over too.." His words trail of seeing the fear in my eyes and my dad hissing of him to move out of the way ,, who the fuck are you old man" he say making his voice cold pulling me out from my dad’s grasp.
,, move out of the way kid! I am just reclaiming my daughter!" Neinor looks at me with wondering eyes,, this is the man that scares you? You aren't afraid of demons and monsters" he laughs shaking his head "but this guy makes you piss you pants? You are one strange girl" he push me into the apartment and start to close the door when my dad suddenly burst it open,, I don't know if you are her boyfriend or what you are, but get out of my way!" Dad snarls moving towards me, Neinor stand in front of me and say with a cold voice ,, I'm her babysitter, and it is my job to protect her from pestilence like you, so get out of my way or I will make you get out of my way" my dad looks shortly at Him before taking a swing, I scream horrified but see in wonder Neinor catch his arm in the air and pull it behind him while taking a hold of his collar and lift him up from the floor ,, time to take out the trash" he move over to the door with my dad wriggling and hissing up in the air before he Throw him down the stairs.
He closes the door behind him and then turns his attention towards me,, are you okay?" I nod confused but also feel myself relax when I realize what he just did.
,, thank you" I whisper my voice sounding like a mouse, he comes over and put his arms around my shaking body slowly rocking me. I start to relax in his warm embrace, and feel myself smile over the sudden fear my dad have shown when he was lift up in the air and thrown down the stairs. He pats my head and mumble that this is what he is for. I realize that I still stand in his arms and gently push away from him with a smile. Damn I'm glad that Caine isn't here, he would have killed him on the spot. He looks at me with his black eyes, and still I have a hard time thinking of him as a demon, yeah he has one hell of an attitude, and is kind of cruel from time to time. But also sweet and protecting, he can't really have done such a bad thing to end in hell can he?

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