One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


21. Chapter 20

She stood up completely naked in front of him, the bruises on her body beginning to fade vaguely, but the look of despair and fear still as strong as the day he found her.
He takes the towel and slowly beginning to dry her not wanting to put any more pain on her than she already feel. Somehow he thinks this is wrong, he shouldn’t do this to a girl he hardly know.
But he has been told she is can be suicidal so to let her near a bathtub without supervision isn't the brightest idea. She look at him with her blue eyes, even he can't see what's going on behind them, he can only hope it isn't something bad. He hasn’t known her for very long, but the thought of her getting harmed again, makes him both terrified and furious.
That somebody could even do this, to a child, he can never understand.
This child had never done anything to deserve what must have happened to her, her dad has used her as an ash tray, a punching bag. Luckily he had not gone so far to assault her the way no child so be assaulted. Caine knew with this line of job, things like this are something he will see.
But she was his first big case, and that made him more overprotective, probably more than he should be. Luckily his mom will arrive tomorrow, and can help him with these kind of things so she don’t feel like she is molested again. The entire time she just look at him with her piercing blue eyes, not saying a word or moving a muscle. He smiles at her hoping it will comfort her, but her face don’t change. He finds the close he was given yesterday, when they realized she only had the close they found her in. in fact, they have given Caine more money than he ever have had between his fingers to make sure she got what she needed. He finds a loose blouse and a bra, not really sure what he should do with it, would she know how to put it on herself? When he got her 3 days ago he realized she didn't have any. Annabelle from the shop had been nice enough to show him, how he could help her, after Katerina had freaked out, when she tried to help her.
he just stand there unsure what to do, when he feel a little tiny hand on his arm, he look up and realize she have reached her hand out to get it. He hands her the bra and the blouse looking away to let her get at least a little privacy. he feel a tap on his shoulder and when he turns around she have put her back to him, pointing at the thing that look the bra. he quickly does it and help her on with the shirt, cause she is still sore after the beating she took.
he hand her the pants and underwear and only have to help her with the zipper.
He takes the brush from the wash and sits her on the toilet, they have had to cut much of her hair of, cause it was so tangled and death, so she has now only hair to her shoulders.
she sit still allowing him to brush it, and he thank god that he used to help his mom with the little ones hair when he lived at home. He put it up in a pony tail to make sure she doesn’t get it in her eyes.
she looks up at him and smile shy, he smiles back and pat her head. at least she is not afraid of him, he learned that quickly. She trust him, he read her a story the second night she came, when he realized she showed interest in his books. And that she couldn’t read herself, he asked Russell to find a children book to her. 
When she found out that the princess called the prince her shiny knight she started calling him that.
He didn't have the heard to say to her, that she couldn’t so he just adopted the name.
Russell came all the time helping Caine with Katerina, but she still don’t trust him, so she cling to Caine not sure what to do when Russell is there. But yesterday he saw a change, instead of following him to the toilet and wait outside the room as she used to, she stayed in the room with Russell. The relief on her face when he came back was not to be mistaken, but he saw it like a step in the right. He can't leave her as long as she is like this, and that means he can't go to work.
If he could get her to trust not only his mom, when she comes. But also Russell. It would help not only him, but also her. Seeing, that people don’t want to harm her.
she follows him down to the kitchen, he looks in the fridge to find anything he can make her, the last couple of days they have liked of take-out Russell have come with.
but she can't live on fast-food, she need to gain weight, but not the unhealthy way.
he finds some pasta, and start to boil it, he turns around and look at her sitting at the kitchen table looking at him from the high chair with her hollow cheeks and her white skin.
he try not to get affected by how she looks, but every time she don’t look he gets a hard draw on his mouth. thinking of different ways to get rid of that bastard that did this to her.
but he will end in prison, but Caine is nervous, there is a chance that he won't get many years, or get probation cause of good behavior. but one thing’s for sure, as long as she is with him, he will treat her with respect, never let her get harmed ever again. Russell have already talked to him about the self protecting class he has. and Caine tries to think of a way to get Katerina to do it.
it would help on her, self esteem a lot, giving her a way to know how to protect herself so she won't be so afraid. he stand in his own thoughts not realizing the water boil over behind him until Katerina stands up so fast that the chair hits the floor and snap him out of it. he realize where Katerina is headed and move her aside reaching out towards the pot.
,, aw! shit” he mumbles when he burn his hand, suddenly he gets pushed aside and Katerina takes the pot with own gloves and turn down the blush. she then turns around and take his hand to look at the burn marks. before pulling him over to the kitchen sink and turn on the cold water.
,, you have done this before huh?” he says looking at his hand in hers under the water.
,, I used to get burned a lot when I was younger, trying to learn how to cook” she declare taking a dishtowel and wrap it around his hand. He looks down at her hands seeing the small burn marks that isn't from cigarettes. he know he has to be strong for her, but he can't help it when he feel a tear run down his cheek, he quickly wipes it off, but she have already seen it.
,, don’t worry, knight. it don’t hurt as much as it use too” she says trying to make him feel better like a little child. and that’s what she is, a little child in a grown womans body.
if he don’t learn her the things she need, she can get into trouble later.
it's clear from the first day, that she is scared, and that fear can turn into rage when she comes out with other people. right there he promise her in his mind, that he will never let her down, he will stand by her side, no matter what might come their way.

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