One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


3. Chapter 2

~~when I start to wake up I hear all those mumbles around me, and just by the smell of it already knows where I am. ,, seriously? the hospital?” I groan trying to sit up without pulling out any of the stuff that is attached to me, Caine comes in when he hears my outburst.
,, we were attacked Katerina, and you passed out, what was I supposed to do?”
,, who wouldn't pass out after seeing a red man standing in their living room throwing knifes at you”
,, and that’s why I took you to the hospital, I saw the knifes, and the bruises around your neck” he mumbles taking his mobile out, turn the camera on to show me, I look at my purple neck. damn that weirdo got me good I think surprised looking at it from different angles.
suddenly I hear hells run on the rubber floor and I know what will come next.
,, Katerina! oh my god are you alright?!” even before Nadia enters the room she is already on high alert. and when she sees my neck she start to freak out “ who did you fight this time?!” she whine coming over to me with big eyes, not taking her eyes from my fancy new color neck.
,, apparently a demon, but I promised you, he was the one that started it”
,, Katerina this is not the time to be funny” she says harshly and roll her eyes at me.
,, she is right, it was what looked like a demon” Caine admits looking at us both with a frown, I know how hard it must have been for him, to kill that thing, and thinking about how it got in there.
he is a cop, and someone breaking into his apartment trying to kill well anybody must really oomph air out of his ego. He is a protector, and has always been, and now he is going to be on alert even at home. “ I just talked to Aaron, it seems like the body has been removed” he says trough his teeth with a furious look, but I can see the concern too, he always stroke trough his hair if he's nervous or concerned. ,, well I don’t care what he was or who he was, I'm glad he's death” she takes my hand and look at me with worried eyes “ I can't imagine what I should have done if you had died”
,, well I do, revenge me. Drink till you couldn’t find you way home. and make sure Caine is mildly annoyed all the time, by having to come and get you” I smile jokingly at her, but she just gives me a sharp look and Caine just grunts at me. But I still see the smile lurking in the corner of his mouth.
,, where is she? Caine?!” all three of us look towards the door when suddenly miss Wilson and mr Wilson storms into the room, when she sees me she fly over to me hugging me.
,, my dear child! we came as fast as we could!” she let me out of her death grip and examine me “ I can't believe someone broke into your apartment and tried to kill you!” she wails stroking my chin.
well I aren’t, I have made my enemies over the years, and so have Caine cause of the police.
what I was surprised over was the red skin. Mr. Wilson comes over to me with a soothing smile ,, we are glad you both are safe” he looks at Caine knowing that he is probably the most upset about it of the two of us. Caine smile restrained at him, and Mr. Wilson lays a hand on his shoulder and calmly lead him out of the room leaving me with miss Wilson that’s slowly but steady is peeling the skin of my cheek off with her consisting stroking. ,, you two should move back with us for a while” she points out. no, not in a million years, I love her like a child loves a mother, I think.
but living with her, is a pain, she is to affectionate, I'm not used to it, when she lived with us the first 3 months when Caine took me in, I'm pretty sure I wasn’t the only one relived when she finally left. ,, miss Wilson I'm pretty sure the police is doing the best they can, it isn't them all that are assholes like Aaron” I snort, Nadia silently agrees by nodding her head.
Aaron was the officer that threw me in jail, we never really had a good relationship, and I think that he saw this as a chance to get rid of me. I know I am not a saint, but throwing me in jail is maybe a bit harsh. It’s only minor fights, and such things he have had to stop.
Caine comes into the room with Mr. Wilson, his blue eyes looks with mine, and I see that Mr. Wilson have calmed him down. ,, I think Katerina could need some rest, I will call you all later and tell her when she is getting out” he says looking at them all, I frown frustrated, why can't they just let me go? I didn't get hit. miss Wilson give me one last stroke taking the last stripe of flesh with her before following Mr. Wilson out. Nadia is more persistent to stay with me, but eventually gives in.
she kisses my cheek before telling Caine that we are welcome to stay with her for a while until things have settled. he smiles gratefully and close the door behind her.
,, I should say hi from Russell and say he is proud of you docking those knives” he tells me sitting down at the chair Nadia currently was sitting on, he takes my hand “ I'm sorry I didn't come sooner”
I frown looking at him, trying to figure out how to explain to him that it isn't his fault.
no one thinks that something like this will happen in their own apartment first thing in the morning.
,, well you came quick enough, and that’s good enough for me knight” I smile reassuringly squeezing his hand. he looks down at our hands caressing my palm with his tomb with a dreamy look. ,, what do you say we take some time away? travel somewhere, until all this has been figured out?” I look surprised at him, we have never traveled out of the country before, probably cause we wasn’t allowed, but also cause we didn't have the money. this must have been what they were talking about outside. I give him a cheeky grin and say ,, where should we head?”
we book a trip to morocco on 2 weeks, after I get out of the hospital. we spend two days with his parents before we are ready to go. Nadia comes and say goodbye at the airport telling me to face- time her everyday and tell her all about it. I feel a little nervous when Caine pass our tickets to the stewardess, I have never been outside of the united states, but have been in a plane a couple of times, and wasn’t a big fan. I sit in the plane feeling my stomach turn upside down when it starts to take of, no matter how many times i fly I never liked it.
The feeling of being inside a big giant metal bird was scary, like I wasn't meant to be inhere but meant to be outside in the sky instead.
Caine feels my discomfort and place a hand on mine tangles our fingers together, without open my eyes I squeeze his hand and and send him what I hope is a reassuring smile telling him that I will not puke all over the old lady in front of me.
The idea was appealing maybe it would help my op upset stomach relax but the thought of having a angry smelling old lady in front of me stops me from doing it and instead take the bag in front of me and hurl down in that.
I feel Caine hand petting my back gently trying to comfort me, I feel my whole body shiver while I almost fill the bag ,, so much for breakfast" I mumble drying the stuff away from my face with the paper towel Caine handed me.
I hear his reassuring chuckle and feel his arm lay around my shoulder pulling me towards him, I lay my head on his shoulder and close my eyes.
The familiar scent of rain and pine needles fills my lungs and make my trembling body relax.
he gives me a pill to make me relax, but I am pretty sure it was a sleeping pill cause the next thing I know is that I am sitting in a taxi heading for the hotel.
the next couple of days is great, we go sightseeing, eating a lot of different foods and just enjoy ourselves, until Caine apparently start to realize all the looks I am give from men around me.
and when we are heading out one of the last days of the trip he ask me to take long pants on.
,, are you kidding me? it's hotter than hell out there!” I say throwing the pants back at him, and reach out towards my shorts, he move them out of my reach.
,, Katerina they are looking at you like your pray, this isn't America, we don’t know what could happen here” he insist pushing the pants towards my chest, I look down at them angry.
,, so what? you are a police officer! and it isn't like I can't protect myself” I throw them back on the bed. It led to a big argue, and as always none of us is backing down. we both leave the hotel room but just don’t stop arguing, and in the end I ditch him frustrated.
I walk down the road cursing the living crap out of Caine, knowing he is right, but won't admit it.
this is a country where they look at woman a different way, and it can be dangerous to show to much skin, and especially if you are alone. But we have had such a good time the last couple of days, so why point it out just days before leaving?
,, Nathaniel get your feathery as back here you little rat!" I look towards the voice with the nasty insult and see a man with red hair chase a guy a little older than me down the street towards me, I realize if I don't move out of the way we will all collide and step to the side, but so does the guy with black hair so we do it anyway, he crashed into me with so much force that we land on the street completely tangled together.
,, watch were you going would ya? I don't need a broken limp to get my day worse than it already is" I snarl trying to get up from beneath him. I feel a strong hand around my arm helping me up and stand, I look into two completely black eyes putting me back in the living room with the red skinned man, but this one has only red hair.
He looks at me shortly before turning his gaze down and then hiss like a angry cat.
,, where the hell did he now go?! He is more slippery than a freaking eel!" He begins to run down the street again, but then stops up and turn around look at me like he try to remember something, but just as quickly as he turned he turns around again and run down the street chasing the teenager with wild black hair.
There is seriously crazy people in this country, I think for myself before walking down the street trying to figure out where I last saw Caine before I ditched him.

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