One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


20. Chapter 19


I walk between Russell and Neinor down the street ,, why in the world did you both need to come?” I mumble frustrated over getting squeezed between them. ,, Caine asked for my help, cause he needed to work” Russell says, looking around like he wait on someone jumping us. ,, Lucifer asked me to protect you while you out of town, plus I do it cause I want to” Neinor smiles moving a little so we aren't rubbing elbows “ smelling anything?”
,, no, but that could be because of you, you stink of sulfur” Russell snorts wrinkling his nose.
I had to leave Gazzy at home, cause I needed to get down to the supermarket, I love Caine but the man can't even boil a egg without setting the kitchen on fire.
Luckily his mom teaches me how to cook, and my dad forced me to cook too.
after all I have put him through lately I could at least make his favorite food, steak, smashed potatoes and garlic. When we finally arrive after taking long runs around the freaking shop to make sure no one followed me I see no other than the asshole I surprisingly have bumped into more lately. Small town and all, but he is a cop, that need to be all over the place.
,, if it isn't the queen and her bodyguards” he smiles looking hateful at me. I bow sarcastically, before taking a basket, Neinor takes it from me with a smile ignoring Aaron” oh  not bodyguards, it's servants huh?”
,,You know what Aaron, if I one day want to kill myself I would climb from your ego to you IQ” he steps away from the wall he was leaning against and move closer to me, as on que or they have practiced it, both Russell and Neinor steps in front of me and try to look bigger than they are. and remember Russell is a freaking trainer providing for himself, so his arms are as big as a log, after the times he have to cut woods. so intimidating is not a thing he don’t look like.
Neinor is definitely smaller, but just as creepy with the pale skin, red hair and the black eyes that can turn completely black in under a second. I blow him a kiss and walk into the store, Neinor and Russell follows me, still glancing at Aaron that looks at me like he is seriously considering to just shoot me there and now.
that man seriously need a hobby, he can't keep going around being mad at me, for nothing.
,, Katerina don’t piss him off” Neinor says taking the garlic for me.
,, why? he deserves it with the way he treats me”
,, just don’t, don’t push his buttons” Russell says getting the potatoes. Why do I feel like they don’t tell me what is really going on? We buy the stuff we needs and when we leave the shop is Aaron gone. on the way home Neinor ask into my life. there isn't much to say.
I am a kid the other police men will call a looser, I get into bar fights regularly, drink even though I'm underage. Been to jail, yeah. a real angel. suddenly Russell stops up and and like sniff the air, his nostrils flared trying to catch was must be a scent. ,, what can you smell?” Neinor ask looking around, now on guard.
,, trouble” he looks around sniffing the air like a dog “ I can smell blood… and him” he suddenly cross the streets and wander into the woods, I look shortly at Neinor before heading after him.
Neinor quickly follows on high alert looking around.  We catch up to Russell that sniff the air like he's trying to pick up a scent “ he is long gone, but the smell of blood is stronger” Suddenly he stops up in front of some bushes and I see it, a leg.
,,it's look like a wolf ate her”
,,funny you should say that..” Russell say looking down at her.
,, who was she?" I ask looking down at the rest of some girl laying mauled on the ground half hidden behind a bush, she was wearing a purple dress. Her light brown hair is full of blood and leaf, and mud.
Her blue eyes look up at the sky at nothing.
Neinor shrug his shoulders and look at her with a nonchalant look, like it isn't the first time he sees something like this.
it shouldn’t surprise me, but I sure ass hell feel like puking,, well at least he won't be hungry for while" I say looking all the meat that was left cause she was plump, I take her purse and find a id, Katrine Nargaard, nineteen years old. not much older than me.
,, probably why he took her, more meat. Less hunting for others" he tells me and begins to walk away, I take one last look at her, before I follow. Can't believe this is what my life have come to, glad Caine wasn't with us. He wouldn't have liked this. But he has eaten her today and no one have filled a missing person blanket about her so no one miss her apparently.
It must not have been a fun life she had, she looked around my age.
If I went missing people would at least look for me, friends, family. Doesn't she have any that care about her at all? Or haven't they not even realized she's gone?
Neinor ask me if I am okay, and surprisingly I am fine, yeah I feel like puking, and is sorry for her, and is scared, who wouldn't? but with all that have happened it don’t surprise me anymore, demons, monsters exist. the world isn't as safe as people want it to be. humans aren't the only monsters anymore.  ,, he is on my territory, no werewolf does that without seeking trouble” he looks at me and I see what he is thinking, he think it's after me.
,, couldn’t he just be a passerby?” I question looking at them both.
,, he is lone wolf, normally we are in packs, all lone wolfs or packs know you make sure you make yourself known when you cross a packs territory.” Russell explain growling.
,, so there are more of you?” he said pack, so he have a pack.
,, of course, many in town others live nearby. I would have known if he was just a passerby, I'm the alpha it's the law he has to visit me to show his presence” Russell say nonchalantly. A pack, wonder if I know any of them “ I will tell them to keep a lookout” he says to Neinor that nods at him, already texting what must be Goldie. 
,, let’s not tell Caine, he already have enough on his plaid” I beg them, they share a look before nodding. ,, promise us that you won't leave the house without any of us with you” Neinor says taking a hold of my arm to look me in the eyes. I promise I won't and they follow me home all tense. Neinor leaves saying he  get his friend and will look for the guy. probably the one that captured me and duck-tapped me to a freaking three. Russell say he will stay with me until Caine comes home. when we enter the door Gazzy comes happy over to us, jumping up and place his paws on my shoulders kissing my face. ,, also happy to see you buddy” I smile before pushing him down. Russell put the groceries’ on the table in the kitchen. “ what about the other guy, the one in the forest Gazzy took a bite of?” I ask starting on the potatoes.
,, one of my pack members found the demon and killed him, you don’t need to worry” he says looking at the steak with the same eyes Gazzy did. Neinor told me why Gazzy don’t want to eat normal food. Hellhounds eat raw meat, so I bought him a big cow leg bone, and a steak too him too.
he happily walks off with the bone, jumping onto the couch.
when Caine comes home, Russell keeps his promise and don’t say anything at all about the death girl we found in the forest. Neinor promised me he would call the police tomorrow and leave anonymous tip about where she is.

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