One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


19. Chapter 18

,, why is it that you have said okay, to let them be a part of  our lifes? and even looking for an apartment to them” I ask taking a sip of my coke looking at Caine walking around in circles from the couch. ,, I thought you would hate the idea of having them around”
,, I do, but if it's true about all these people being after you,  rather have them around to protect you, then you die cause I didn't want it” he mumbles falling down beside me on the couch.
I offer him some popcorn but he decline, Caine has always told me he would do anything to protect me. but this must be hard, these are demons he will allow running around his town he has sworn to protect. even Neinor don’t he like, and he told him that he would do everything to protect me.
I lean my head against his shoulder,, I'm sorry about all of this Caine” I sigh.
he kiss me on the head and mumble ,, it isn't your fault, and you have nothing to be sorry about, it sound like I would eventually have found out without you anyway” nefilim, half angel, half human.
it sounds about right that my knight would be someone like that.
and he's right, he meet Russell long before I knew who he was, they meet on college.
Caine moved back to USA when he started on college, he's parents moved from the United States in 2017. They lived in Canada until Caine became a police officer over here, and then they decided to move back to be closer to him. He had almost just become a police officer when he found me.
Julie won't stop saying she has a boy toy running around her all day after she became his partner two years ago. Caine is one of the youngest they have, only 25.
the doorbell rings and Caine gently push me of him to answer, I look towards the door courius about who it is. Nadia and the others have stayed away to let me and Caine calm down.
but it isn't them, it's no other than mister big and red head.
Neinor smiles at me walking after Goldie that moves towards the living room without taking his eyes of me. ,, I have heard you have meet Nathaniel, and that you both have settled down with what has been told to you” kind of Caines mumbles following them both with hawk eyes “ I think it's best if we do this again, on a more prober manner, I'm Lucifer, king of hell, and this is Neinor, your old babysitter” Neinor waves shortly, I stand up and say.
,,and I am Katerina, queen of Asgard, and I am burden with a glorious purpose.”
,,Katerina….” Caine sighs shaking his head.
,,Sorry, that was just too hard to slide.” I grin looking at Lucifer's confused face. “ sorry, nice to meet you Goldie. this is Caine, my servant” he sends me a cold stare “ and my protector” he rolls his eyes but can't help but give me that smirk.
,, I am very sorry we had to meet under these circumstances, but Nadia, your friend called me cause it seem that Dauði have already found out that you are here, your friends have done a good job until now with protecting you, but now it's time to let the professionals do the job”
,, do you say I haven't done a prober job in protecting her?!” Caine growls right into Goldies face.
they stand there and stare at each other none of them bugging down, until I take a hold of Caines hand and pull him away. ,, I'm pretty sure he is not stupid enough to say something like that Caine”
,, she is right, you have all done a good job, but this isn't humans we are talking about with guns and other toys. this is demons, angels and creatures you have only heard about in your fairytales that are after her” Goldie says jaw clenching. “ these will stop for nothing to kill her, she isn't safe here, even with all of yours help. I can't take her with me to hell, like I did last time. she can't stay here, it's not safe” Caine looks down at me, I can see he takes Goldies words seriously and he is thinking about different things he can do. ,, we can't just pull up our rods and move right now. give us some  weeks and we will find a different city to live in” Caine says squeezing my hand.
,, no Caine, you have a life here, your job. I can't ask you to do that because of me”
,, Katerina, I have sworn to protect you, nor hell or heaven will make me go back on that promise”
,, you don’t have to come with us. I have protected her before,  I can do it again” Lucifer says moving towards us like to take me from Caine. I move away from his reach and turn to Caine.
,, Caine, I thank you for all you have done for me, these last 3 years have been the best years of my life. and I do have a hard time imagined a life without you. but this is serious, this isn't just some crazy human like my dad that wants me death, this is things that none of us know how to fight.” I cub his cheek in my hand, trying to hold back my tears.
,, it will not work just with moving to a different city, what I mean is moving location all the time, city to city, country to country. she will never be safe as long as they know where she is. and I can't get her to a safe location before I have control over my people again” Goldie says.
 Nadia and Russell told us about it, about supernatural creatures being under Goldies protection and some still help him even though he was chased out.
,, Katerina, I'm not going to leave you with strangers, I know they knew you in a former life, but they don’t know you. I'm coming with you, or she is not going” Caine says harsh looking at them.
,, what is you twos relationship? are you  lovers or something?” Goldie question.
,, no, he's my knight” I smile at Caine, he smiles back at me with the same warm I always seen from his eyes. I must be honest, I'm scared. But knowing Caine will be with me, I feel like I can do it.
Goldie looks as us, clearly not sure what to say, so I say it for him.
,, look Goldie, I know what we where before this life. But I don’t know you. So in this life we are friends alright?” I say, I know it may come out harsh, but I can't have him lurking around me with those thoughts. he grins at me and say ,, Katerina, Sara wasn’t my first time, you and her is completely different persons, I know that. Zachriel have told you my story, with Sariel. I'm not here to force you into anything. I am here to protect you cause I made a promise a long time ago just like Caine” Neinor looks at him with eyes I can't describe, but I know it must be hard for him.
He has been running after me since I was Sariel, he finally got me with Sara, and she died and then I came along. But it is needed that he knows that I am serious, I don’t know him.
but that don’t mean I don’t want too, Neinor seems like a cool guy, and Goldie have protected me before, or at least tried too. Zachriel told me about the business with him being human on earth to hide from god and all that. ,, I just have one question, how can the first demon I saw be red, and all that shit. but you Neinor look normal?” I can't get the red skin and teeth out of my mind.
,, high ranks demons like me that have been human before, don’t need a host like low class demons.
small level demons have to take a host, posses a human, but high ranking full blood demons can choose to look human or show their real faces.” Neinor explains” I can choose to show my demon face too. But I won't look like him. I'm much handsome” I roll my eyes, and smile at him.
it is so weird, talking about stuff like that. for only a month ago was my biggest problem how to persuade Caine not to send me back to school. Goldie ask if he can loan the bath, cause the one in the motel is filthy. Caine lead him to the bathroom leaving me and Neinor alone.
,, don’t worry, Katerina, Lucifer had done this many times. he won't force you into anything” Neinor says sitting down in the couch eating my popcorn.
I turn the TV on, and find Sherlock under saved files, Caine soon joins us. after some time explaining to Neinor what it is, I walk over to the kitchen to make some food.
can't believe Caine is so calm about all of this, suddenly I hear someone come down the stairs, and I glance over only to see Goldie coming down the stairs in some sweat pants he must have borrowed, and a towel around his shoulders, I try to act like I'm not looking at him, but must say it's kind of hard when a freaking model walks around the house half naked.
he takes the beer I hand him and move over to the red chair and join Caine and Neinor that is arguing about the way Sherlock is solving a case. Neinor fit right in, and after some time it's clear that Goldie and Caine can be nice to each other too. those two was I a little nervous about.
Caine is really overprotective, but his mom has also raised him right.
so even if he don’t like him, I wouldn't know.
I put the sandwiches on the table, and I look over at Lucifer sitting in the red chair his hair still a little wet softly framing his face, a beer in one hand,  He run his fingers through his hair and smile at me when he realize my stare. Right there I understand why I feel so attracted to him, everything he does, is somehow sexy, the little smirk, the glimpse of something his eyes get when he realize I'm looking. Somehow it pisses me of, not only is he gorgeous, he's also one of the sexiest men on earth. No wonder it's funnier to be evil than Good if that's the one giving the punishment.
,, by the way, you have been secretly looking for a while now” I get startled by his words, I look up into his eyes “ if you look, then look confidently, it's not going to disappear”
I feel my head gets red, and suddenly all noise expect the TV goes silent.
,, I was just looking at your tattoo, I never seen anything like it” I say feeling Caine beside me tense up over Goldies words. he looks at himself and then at me.
,, they are my wings, that’s how they look on earth” he explain before taking a sandwich.
This will maybe not be as easy as I first thought.

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