One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


18. Chapter 17


Gazzy walks beside me, ignoring Neinor that hasn’t said a word since I told him I would see my son. my son, that’s a thing I didn't think I would ever say, and at least not in this age, and I haven't even been there under the consumption, or more like I can't remember it.
Neinor told me that he is hidden away some safe place cause he can't hide his angel side like the rest of them. We are standing outside the only motel in town.
The motel Caine has told me to stay away from if I don’t want to spend my day in a cell.
He stops up in front of, yeah you guess it. 666 like seriously, like it couldn’t be more obvious.
He told me Goldie and the others were getting prepared to leave.
he opens the door and push me into the room, Gazzy starts to growl when the body on the bed stand up. ,, That’s one ugly dog!” he says looking at Gazzy with a grimace.
,, That’s not a dog, it's a hellhound” Neinor says matter of fact.
,, A what?” I say looking at Gazzy to Neinor.
,, A hellhound, you know a dog from hell?” he looks at me like I'm stupid “did you seriously think that was a dog?” he laughs rolling his eyes.
,, I thought he was a wolf hybrid or something, how should I know that there was something like hell hounds at the time? “I snarl looking at Gazzy that just give me a dog smile.
it would explain why he's farts smell like hell probably smell, and why he looks scary looking.
but isn't hellhound supposed to be evil son of bitches? He may snarl and such, but he never even bite once. Expect that one demon guys pants.
I look up at the guy and our eyes meet, he has his father’s eyes.
,, Nathaniel this is Katerina” Neinor says taking Gazzy so I can say hi.
,, you are my mom’s reincarnation, right?”
,, In flesh and blood. At least what I was told” I smile taking him in, he is older than me, must be in his early twenties, and I must say I make beautiful kids. Just like his dad, does he have that body that would make any girl swoon. We stand there in awkward silence, not really sure what to say.
,, I'm sorry, this is just weird, I always dreamt of this day. But must be honest, I thought I would be younger, and you…. would look like my mom” Nathaniel says chewing his lower lip between his teeth. I smile sucking on my lower lip. ,, I'm sorry for you loss, Nathaniel. I really am, but I don’t really know what to say. I just only found out about all of these days ago” I explain feeling like a real assbutt. He smiles at me grinning. ,, I know, dad told me all about it, I know that this must be totally weird for you. So don’t worry, I don’t go around hoping we will get a mother son bond, but maybe we can be friends?” He ask tilting his head, I can't help but smile at him, and nod.
,, well I don’t see the harm” that is a good start, he is going with Sebastian and Zachriel so there will be some time before we see each other again. But that don’t mean we can't learn each other to know, we live in a time with the greatest ways to communicate.
,, Can I least give you a awkward hug?” he grins spreading his arms out, I walk into his embrace, and I feel something in me, breathe out. Like I have waited for this all my life.
Normally I'm not into touching, especially when I don’t know them, but this feels right.
He feels so big, can't believe that this one was inside that little thing called Sara.
I'm small, actually smaller than her, but this is insane.
When we let go I turn around and see Neinor standing there with the first real smile I have seen.
,, well if this isn't heartwarming, anyone have a Kleenex?” we can't help but laugh.
Weird, I'm not scared at all, this is a demon, and the devils son. But I only feel... Safe.
Like when I'm with Caine or Russell.
,, I like you” I grin.
,, I freaking hope so, I haven't spend most of my internal life being you baby sitter to freaking babysit your child if you didn't” he smile warm, looking at me at Nathaniel.
,, I really hope he wasn’t so hard on you when you where a child as he was with me” Nathaniel grin.
,, I was harder, you, Katerina were a pain in the ass. Running around making ravage” he laughs, I can't help but laugh wishing that I actually knew that life.
Suddenly my mobile start ring ‘Carry on my wayward son’ and I see on the display its Caine.
I have been away for too long. He is getting anxious. I send him a text telling him I'm on my way home. he ask me where he is, and I'm not really sure I should tell him that I am with my son and my babysitter. That will maybe send him over the edge, he has a hard time himself finding out how to handle all this. Without getting send to the insane asylum.
I tell them I need to go, before Caine pop a vein or send the entire police after me.
Neinor sends a text to Sebastian about him following me home, and Sebastian replies they are on their way back. I give Nathaniel my phone number and one last hug before I take my hellhound- jep my hellhound and leave the prince of hell- my son.
When we walk down the street towards my building I can't stop looking at Neinor.
This is a man that should have been with former me since she was around 10, and being there for kid. if that isn't love I don’t know what love is. Not that it surprise me, didn't really have the best role model when I was younger. He seems like a guy I would befriend.
He sees my stare and raises an eyebrow.
,, thank you for helping me with Aaron, and letting me see him” I say smiling grateful.
,, of course, Katerina, I know you aren't Sara, but that don’t mean that my feelings of protection is gone, I have taken care of the former you, and your kid long enough to be a freaking bear mom around everyone” he laughs brushing his bangs away from his eyes. ,,well… do you Want to be friends and go on fighting idiots?” I say jokingly.
,,I taught you never ask” he gasp putting his hand on his heart. I can't help but laugh, I think we could become great’s friends. Caine is standing outside the building looking around for me, and when he sees me he's eyes turn a dark blue. ,, Where have you been?! I have been worried sick!” he comes over and scans me from head to toe.
,, don’t worry Caine, she is in one piece, me and your hellhound protected her” Neinor grins ruffling Gazzys fur. Caines eyes turn wide and look down at Gazzy.
,, I told you that it wasn’t a normal dog!”

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