One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


17. Chapter 16

~~I wake up in Caines embrace, two days since the angel I now know is called Zachriel.
it was too much, I must be honest, I isn't as strong as I want to be, this knocked me right out.
the mere idea of having a child always scared me, cause what if I was like my dad? I don’t even know how to care for one. but every time I saw one on the street my heart itched, and I wanted to hold it. I had a child, a child I had to leave, a child that needed me.
the last two days I haven't even moved from the bed, it all came crazing down, the truth about everything not  being black and white. and then him showing it to me, I asked him to show me more, and I have seen two more lifes, Elizabeth and Hannah.
and I couldn’t anymore, these girls left a family that loved them behind, Hannah was in a Nazi camp, even though I haven't been much in school, I know what was going on.
and that man… I can only imagine what happened to her brother… I mean my brother.
my dad from that time was already death, I was in the hole I fell into.
and Sara… Zachriel can't show her life, cause he wasn’t the one taking her memories, but he told me what he knew. that her parents were killed, Lucifer saved her.
she lived in hell, and when he came all got south, he was there to spy on her from god.
yeah god, apparently god don’t like me, who knew. maybe why I was born with that cumbubble of a dad. he won't hurt me, cause Lucifer made something called a blood deal.
but some angels might, yeah angels.. the good guys. oh don’t forget the supernatural creatures that wants to get on heaven or hells good side and kill me too. yeah, the big mister evil got kicked out of hell by no other than death. death, the death. like it couldn’t get more freaky.
he's after me too, sending demons, the red one must have been one of his.
Russell and the other have protected me until now, like Caine. Caine that is trapped in all this, because of me. not only have I put his life on hold in the last 3 years. now I have put him in danger with all the rest. yeah, he is a nefilim, but Zachriel says that normally they help god, he gives the angel permission to make a baby, and that baby will turn into a hunter after demons ore monsters and kill them. they are heavens soldiers on earth, when the angels isn't around.
Zachriel told us that he don’t know how Caine was created, normally all angels know every nefilim there is, if they need help. but he never heard about Caine being created.
he thinks he's one of those that was created without gods consent, if a angel already have gotten the yes from god once, they can produce like any human. he think he may be one of these causes, where an angel does it one the sideline and don’t tell. Caine didn't grow up like a normal nefilim would, knowing what they were and being trained to help god.
that’s why Caine don’t have the prowers that nefilim normally do, some have different abilities angels have some don’t. but it have to be pushed towards, or the nefilim will live like a human.
that’s why there can be nefilim made one the side.
Zachriel says with all the angels and creatures around it's suprising it hasn’t showed, but it may do some day. no one know how or when it shows, it different from every nefilim.
like what powers may come.
Caine had a hard time hearing this, and I didnt make it better by being so freaked, so he didn't have time to process what he was told. I turn my head and look at his sleeping face, I whisper I am sorry, feeling tears rolling down my cheeks. This will be the last time I cry over this loss or the other lives lost. I must do like the last time and bury the memories. I take a deep breath and close my eyes, seeing the words and memories flash before my eyes, imagining a wall being built around them, every stone I put down makes another memory vanish, another feeling disappear. When I finish the construction, I imagine a big metal door covered in locks and close the door. I lock it and take the key with me, walking away to find the box. When I find the box, I open it and stare at the only other key in there before placing this new one beside the old one.

I take a bite of the egg, waiting for Caine to be done with his bath. I look at his phone on the other side of the table, I know that Goldie gave his number to Caine if I decided I want to talk to him.
Not that Caine would think it is a good idea, but he is a nice guy so he wants me to have the choice.
Sebastian has told Caine that Zachriel and him, will leave today, with this many angels and supernatural beings in one place sends a signal no one wants send out. They can hide from god, but hiding from demons and rouge monsters is another thing.
I don’t want to see any of them, but I know I can't just ignore them, Goldie made that clear.
he will stay in town with the red haired one that is called Neinor or something.
Weird name.
Gazzy comes over to me with ears back not sure how I will react. when I came back with Caine he was so happy to see me, and I just shoved him away. I have completely ignored him the last couple of days and I feel the guilt. I ruffle his fur and tell him that I am okay.
he looks at me slowly wagging his tail, I need some air, I push the dish away and walk over to the door and find his leash. I send Caine a text about me going for a short walk knowing he will freak out when he realize I have just left. when we are outside the apartment and walking down the street I feel a presence behind me I have felt before. I turn around abruptly and see no other than the Neinor guy standing there smiling.
,, going for a walk?” he smiles, what is he doing here? I think, starting to walk again, not in the mood to talk to anybody. I feel him following me down to the park.
when I click the leash of Gazzy he turns around and growl at Neinor, he just stand there un-faced.
,, relax will ya? I'm not here to hurt her” he growls back, Gazzy huffs before going over to sniff something leaving me and Neinor. how come he isn't scared of Gazzy? causes he's already dead?
he is a demon, he has probably seen and done worse than what Gazzy can do to him.
I take a long look at him, he is one of them I supposedly should remember.
he was my babysitter Zachriel told me, when he visited me in my dreams, can tell for a fact that is not a funny thing. feeling all exposed like that. ,, seeing something you like?”
,, I'm not into gingers” I says rolling my eyes, he grins at me, winking like he don’t believe me.
,, well if it isn't the little queen” you got the kidding me, I look towards the voice and see Aaron coming towards me with a smirk. ,, fuck of Aaron, not in the mood” I mumble starting to walk off.
he follows me all the way over to Gazzy, I put a leash on him trying to ignore him.
,, no smart comebacks? has the cat gotten your tongue?”
,, no, but if you don’t shut up, my dog is going to get yours” I growl, trying to get past him, he grabs my arm and Gazzy starts to growl. he looks at me with fierce brown eyes filled with hatred.
,, I will stop the smart comebacks if I was you, it's getting old” before I can answer I feel him get yanked away and no other than Neinor goes in between us. ,, move along before I start to feel the need to show you how the color red will look on you” he growls, clearly looking scary enough to Aaron that takes a step back. the black eyes with no pupils probably did the trick. when Aaron is gone after telling me to watch my back I mumble.
,, I'm going to slit his throat one day”
,, and I would be the one that passed you the blade” Neinor grunts “ what an asshole, have you done anything to get him in so a mode or has he always been a cum sucking bitch?” I shrug smiling, that’s the first time I haven't gotten a reprimand over saying something like this. but hey, demon.
,, no he's always been an ass, it wouldn't surprise me if we one day is going to have lawsuits between us” I declare patting Gazzy that still seems like he wants to bite someone’s junk off.
,, well, I can tell you for a fact, I would gladly kill him if I got he gets out of line.” I can't help but smile at him. I think I like this guy, he's interesting. “anyway I came to ask you if you want to meet someone, they soon will leave so would just give you a chance”
,, who?”
,, your son. he is in town, if you want to meet him” he says looking at me to see how I will react, I feel the door bulge trying to let the feeling slips through the cracks. But I won't let it.
,, sure why not”

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