One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


16. Chapter 15

~~when I open my eyes I stand in, yeah, I don’t know cause all is white. pure white, the kind of white that will hurt you eyes or thinking ah pretty. mine was just creepy white.
cause a moment ago I was standing outside the cabin, talking to this angel guy, while trying to ignore Caines angry voice and Russell that tries to calm him down.
,,where am I?” I question looking around trying to see anything that can give me a clue, but it's only the two of us. and I feel fear stick it's head out from one of the farthest corners of my mind.
I quickly takes a imaginary thumb and push it back down where it came from.
this place has many names, but right now is this place not important, the place that is important is the place I'm going to show you. once again he touch me, and the next thing I know is that I am standing in the exact same garden I dreamt of. but it's filled with people… with black eyes.
they are all looking into the middle of the garden, and the angel guy start to walk into the crowd, not wanting to be left behind I follow. Quickly realizing that none of them pay me no mind.
it's like I'm not even there. This is a memory, they cannot hear or see you.
I push myself out of the crowd and stand right behind two figures, one I can figure out with the golden hair, the other is a smaller figure with dark curls, holding Goldies hand. Smiling at him with so much love in her eyes, I almost feel like I violate them by looking. And it only get worse when I see he has the exact same look in his. but what makes me keep staring is the girls eyes, she has the exact same eyes that look at me when I brush my teeth. Yeah I know blue eyes is not that uncommon. but I know, these are mine.
on the girls side is the red haired guy with the black eyes that was with Goldie under my kidnapping, and when I get a closer look, I realize he was also the guy that helped me up chasing the guy with black hair. they look close, his eyes shine, from holding tears back.
Sebastian is standing in front of them, and I realize what is going on when I look closer at her, seeing the flowers, and that she is wearing white. this is a wedding.
your wedding the angel says smiling at the scenery. they both say their vows, that they will love each other forever, but when then something she says startle me.
,, - Lucifer no matter what comes ahead, I will love you. no  matter what live I will have lived. I love you. find me when this one is over, and I will once again say these words. I love you trough death, I will stand by you, in yeah well death do us apart. and after” she knew, she knew that she died and another one would come. and they think that is me. I look at them kiss, the cheering crowd the smile they send each other, and then Lucifer get down on one knee. and I see her stomach, her pregnant stomach. so she did have a child with the king of hell. I mean I did.
don’t worry, Sara had a had time facing this too. and she have lived her live in hell since she was a mere child. you only just found out. the angel comes over to me, and once again touch me, and I stand in another scenery. the first thing I hear is the screams, screams I recognize. Screams of one in severe pain, I look towards the screams and see something I never thought I should see in my life.
an angel with big white wings with golden tips standing beside a girl laying on a bed, with all the guys around her trying to comfort her, a man I once saw in a history book from a class standing between her legs. her hair stick to her skin, while the sweat glisten in the dim light. then I see the angel beside Goldie he put a hand on his shoulder.
she scream again making me want to cover my ears and scream with her.
the fear and pain in her eyes makes me want to vomit, but it's like I can't take my eyes of her struggle. the eyes of the fear that shows in all their faces.,, it hurts! Why does it hurt so much?!” she cries shaking from the stress and pain. the angel is at my side while the other him tense up.
suddenly the guy from my history book tells her that the baby is facing the wrong way.
and even know I don’t know much more than what they thought us in school, can I see on all their faces that, that is not a good thing. suddenly the girl stops her screams, and look at him with utter terror, asking if he's okay. it must be a boy, I want to help, all in me screams that I need to help.
but I have no idea how, and they cannot see me. so I just stand there leaning against the wall trying not to fall, holding my stomach and a hand over my mouth while tears stream down my face.
the pain, and fear linkers in the air, almost suffocating me.
suddenly Goldie is pushed aside and he whispers something to him, while Sebastian takes his place on holding her hand. he tell her that he has to cut her open, and I get more scared.
I can see that this is a infirmary, but they won't have the right equipment for a surgery like that.
,, save him” I look over at the girl that looks at Goldie with a fierce look “ save him” Goldie moves over to her. he tries to tell her, but she is fierce, telling him that they have to save him.
this girl, must be around my age, and show more strength than I ever have done in my life.
She know she can die, but she don’t care.
I feel the fear of dying, leaving her baby and her loved ones, but also the strength and the despair of facing herself if she don’t do anything to try to save him. the feeling flows over me in waves like they where my own. I look away trying to ignore the screams and the taste of blood that lingers in the air. I cover my head with my arms and scream with her.
suddenly the cries and screams stop, shaking I look up from my crouching position and see her sitting with a baby covered in blood and other stuff in her arms.
and a utter happiness flow over me, I find myself smiling with her, feeling like the my entire world have just changed for the better. but I also feel how tired she is, how she's holding on for dear life to get one last look at her beautiful baby boy with golden eyes.
,, isn't he beautiful?" she whispers more to herself than to us “ my little Nathaniel”
Nathaniel, a glimpse of wild black hair. the guy, he's name was- suddenly the baby starts to cry, and I feel it. emptiness, I look at her face, still smiling. but the eyes is death.
,, she's death” I croak, I didn't even know her, but it hits me. hard.
the guy angel helps me up, and almost have to carry me cause I'm shaking so much.
she is dead,, please, please! don’t take her” the wail from a pleading Goldie makes me once again look. a man that wasn’t there before is now standing there looking down at the death body of a girl that just got her son. Suddenly I'm back in the white place.
my head snaps over to look at him ,, why?! what happened?” I cry whipping my cheeks.
your soul had left, and then few years after it found another vessel, and there you where.
I do not know what angels is now on your case, they have to wipe memory from the former life.
they didn't do a very good job since you have dreamt that.
that’s me, it can't be no other explanation, I felt it, I felt the love when I saw that kid.
the utter happiness over he survived, and the despair over I had to leave him. there is no other explanation for what I am feeling. suddenly I'm back again outside the cabin.
the door burst open and they all comes out, Caine sees my tear up face.
,, what's wrong?” he says worried, both him and Goldie moves towards me, I run towards him and put my arms around him. pushing my snotty face into his chest, smearing my tears and other fluids all over him. I feel his arms around me and hear the soothing words he whispers in my ears.
,, it's all true”

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