One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


12. Chapter 11

,, I think it is about time they find out” Nadia says looking over at Russell after hanging up on Katerina, Katerina had just called said something about a ghost girl and a dollhouse, and Nadia know that they have find her, so she had pulled Russell out of the meeting room. he looks worried at her but sighs nodding.
,, I think you're right, we can't keep hiding this with all that is going on”
,, how are we going to explain this?”
,, maybe we should try to show it to her first, and then take Caine to the full exposal, do you know how to get in contact with him?” he ask looking at Nadia that bite her nails, she says she know how she can get in contact with him, and that they should do it when he came to town, and until then just try to calm her down. Caine comes out asking if everything is alright, and Russell say everything is fine, and get him into the meeting while Nadia start the walk down to julies house, knowing that it would be hard to get her calm down.
after the day with the girl in the dollhouse, have I lived with Nadia, she said she think it would be for the best. and I couldn’t look Caine in the face, he would think I was crazy.
but when I decided to go home I did not expect to find what I did. I look at Amanda sitting on Caines lap in the middle of the living room only in a short skirt and her bra, Caine looks at me surprised and move her from his lap ,, Katerina let me explain-“,, nope, nu-uh I want a one way ticket from ‘nope town’ to ‘fuck that vile, I am not dealing with that shit’ right now” I say moving away from his hands, this is just gross, I knew she liked him, but in the middle of the living room?!
Amanda meet Caine a year ago, and I know that they had a one night stand.
rather awkward coming out of my room and run into a half naked woman, I don’t believe Caine had said to her that I lived her, cause she was rather upset. but didn't stop her from having nights with him to. I don’t blame him, every guy need to get some steam out.
but in the living room?!
I ignore them both and walk towards the stairs, Gazzy moves with me after greeting me at the door.
I don’t understand her, she can get any guy she wants, but Caine is the target every time she sees him she forgets everyone else around her.
I hear the front door close and know he had asked her to leave, I put on a fresh t-shirt and some jeans and move out of my room almost bumping into Caine.
,, Katerina I-“
,, not now Caine, I have just seen two people share salvia and I need something get my mind of that gross image” he ask if he need to drive me anywhere, and I just shake my head telling him that I will be just down the street getting a muffin and a cacao from the café.
this is too much going on, first the doll house and now this.
I hate Amanda, she is such a, yeah I would say womanizer if it was a guy.
every time I see her she has a new guy on her arm, and the only reason she is after Caine is cause he don’t want a relationship with her. if he ever did she would probably just as quick get bored of him and run of with some other guy.
suddenly I get a text from Caine explaining the we need to talk about this, but he has been asked to go to one of the other towns to help them with a gang problem they have and that he will be home tomorrow. even though I'm mad at him I write back saying I will miss him.
when you know a police officer, you never know if the time you write or talk with them can be the last. and I won't make the last time with Caine be a conflict. he writes back he will miss me too.
suddenly I feel a hand over my mouth, and my first instinct is to jam my armpit into their chest, they quickly let go with a wail, but then suddenly a bag gets dragged over my head and I get hit in the head.
when I wake up, I try to move, but find myself stuck. I try to move around to find out where I am, but the bag cover mostly for my hearing too. but I still hear the voices clearly. ,, where is she?” a melodic voice says, haven't I heard that voice before?
,, we didn't want her to leave before you came my king, so we duct-taped her to the three” I hear another more whining voice says, it get quiet and I feel eyes on me even though I can't see.
,, what the hell” another voice says with a Irish accent.
,,you said I should make sure she didn't leave” the voice says with a confused tone.
,,so you duct-taped her to a three?!” he roars, I hear footsteps coming towards me, and make myself ready to fight my way out of it, as soon as they get me loose from the three. ,,I thought I made it clear that we didn't abuct her!”
,,she wasn’t cooperating, what did you expect me to do?” they ask qouestionly.
the bag gets removed and I look directly into two pair of golden eyes, for a second I am dumbstruck by its beauty, but quickly snap back to reality. They have kidnapped me. ,,I'm not going to hurt you” he says softly removing the duct-tape.
,,I've heard those words far too much to believe in them” I growl moving back from him, ready to flee with by the first chance I get. and then it's hits my why he seems so familiar. this is the guy from morocco that Caine and I gave a lift, has he followed us all the way here?!
suddenly he reach out towards me and I jam my fist into his stomach and turn around to run.
but a man with blond hair stand there blocking my escape route.
,, that you have one hell of a right hook” I hear someone grin, I look over at the guy with Red hair and cold black iris, not creepy at all. But the smile he sends is warm, friendly.
 ,,so this is you” he says giving me the elevator look.
,,this is me”
,,you have no idea what I mean”  
,,not at all” I say still waiting for a moment to run away, the Goldie have now raised from the crouching position and looks at me with a painful look.,, that one hell of a swing”
,, and there's more to come if you don’t let me go” I warn him, moving forward to scare him.
but instead the guy behind me does it. and I am fast, but I aint fast enough to suddenly get my feet kicked under me from behind. I land kneeling on the ground, and feel the anger boil in my veins.
I hate this, how dare they make me feel so scared. ,, this is not going as I hoped” Goldie sighs ruffling his hair, he crouch down beside me and try to catch my eye. ,, my name is Lucifer as you already know, and when we meet, you joked about my mother didn't like me cause of my name. the truth is, that I am actually the Lucifer. king of hell, the devil, satan and all the other names you humans have given me” I look at him.
,,so you Lucifer”
,,king of hell”
,,did I stutter?” he ask looking confused at me, I shake my head.
,,I Certainly hoped you did, because that means have only been abducted by an criminal, not a lunatic” I replied not really sure why I even try to make sense of the situation. they are clearly all insane. ,, You aren't right in the head”
,, Sometimes I had questioned my sanity, but the unicorn and the gummy bears told me I was fine “ the red head smile at me.
,,Really? The same says the mermaid and fairy to me!” I say mockingly.
so called king of hell look at both of us like he don’t understand the comments from us both.
,, I know it is a lot to take in, and I know I probably scared you. this wasn’t the way wanted us to meet” he send the blond one a stern look “ I will let you go, so you can think about what have happened here today” he takes my hand and help me up. I just look at him in disbelief.
he's just going to let me go? no hostage situation, no sum of money having to be paid.
just them scaring me and acting all ready to go to the closed one, and then let me go?
and just as he said, they leave. I just stand there not really sure what the hell actually happened, and then I hear my phone ring. I answer it “ Katerina I need to talk to you” Russell say in the other end.
,, well so do it” I mumble looking at the place they left.

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