One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


11. Chapter 10

I run into the woods with Gazzy beside me, Caine was out all night, resting right now in his room.
so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to go for a run.
I normally hold myself to the paths around the outer forest, but today I decide to go of the path and take a harder terrain. normally I would never do that without Caine, Tony or Russell by my side.
yeah I can defend myself, but I don’t need to dare faith.
Gazzy jumps around over bushes and branches, on a full stomach.
I learned the hard way what this dog eats, and it isn't dog food, accidently I left a raw beef on the counter, forgetting I have a dog now that can put his paws on the desk.
and when I came back he had eaten it, so my dog likes raw meat, I'm pretty sure that’s not a good thing. I jump over a tree trunk without slowing down my steady pace.
I love to run, or just being outside. I was never allowed that before, so now when I can.
I do it whenever I have the time.
when I stop up to catch my breath, and take some of the sweet oxygen down my lungs I hear a loud
complain coming from somewhere near. I look surprised towards the place that the curse is coming from. someone this far into the forest? I think surprised, but then suddenly Gazzy starts to growl, and I feel something in my guts I haven't feel for a long time, unease.
I hide behind the rocks when footsteps come my way, not interraly sure why, but something tells me that I need too. A tall young man steps out of the bushes, with an unsatisfied look on his face, and wipes off the dirt that clings to his dark clothes. he has blood all over his clothes.
Goosebumps claim my back as their territory, when he walks right past me.  
,, Stupid asshole, I have never needed to crawl with the pigs before, I don’t need to be here, I am important you know! Bullshit is what I will call it!" he screams and stomps on the ground with an angry look on his face.
this one is either insane or part of something, neither a thing I need to deal with, I take a hold of Gazzys collar and start step backwards to get away. A loud sound is heard, and he turns my way, I look down and see that I have just stepped on a branch. 
Our eyes meet and his eyes grow with surprise, and all I can think about is: crap, crap! Crap!! If I survive this, I'm going to kill you, God! Of course now is the time I need to be clumsy enough to step on a branch! this guy look like he just dumped a freaking body! He begins to walk towards me, I step back. And before he can do anything, I'm running through the forest, still with a tight grip on Gazzys collar, not sure if Gazzy would eat him or what he would do.
,, Hey!" he yells somewhere behind me. I speed up and try not to panic,, hey I said! Stop that hideous running, you freaking moron!" do you think I'm stupid?! hell no if I'm going to stop up and chit chat with you. luckily I know this forest better than he apparently does.
so  I run towards Russells cabin, and when I'm in reach of him hearing me scream I scream my lungs out. I see Russell storm out of the door with panicking eyes looking around until he sees me comes at him with full speed. he runs towards me, but instead of stopping up I run past him, but grab his arm and almost falls cause he's bigger than me and can't really just get forced out off course. ,, what's wrong” he forces me to stop, and I almost collapse after having to almost drag a growling dog with me, and getting my adrenaline pumped up.
,, there was this guy” I wheeze” he had blood all over his clothes!” he looks towards the place I came from, and I almost expect the guy to stand there. but see nothing.
,, go inside, Katerina” he starts to push me towards the cabin.
,, where are you going?”
,, to find him”
,, are you soft in the skull??! no way in hell! let’s go inside and call the police, or the freaking air force!” I yell trying to force him with the over to the cabin, but he is must bigger and stronger than me.  suddenly Gazzy pull so hard that he slips out of my fingers and run into the forest.
I yell his name and is about to run after him when Russell stops me.
he decide that my idea about calling the police is the best one, and won't let me go out and look for Gazzy until Caine and Julie shows up. Julie talks to me about what I saw while Caine and Russell search the area for the guy. but they only find Gazzy, that has a piece of what I believe is the guys pants stuck between his teeth. ,, I am not going to the meeting, I can't leave Katerina alone” Caine says looking at Russell and Julie. ,, Caine everyone over the age of 20 has to be there, the mayor said so after the attack that happened in your apartment, and now this. it sound like something is starting to cook in our little town” she says worried. I understand why she is worried.
the town used to very calm, other than bikers sometimes making ravage, and people passing by.
things rarely of this kind. that’s why Julie and her daughter moved here.
,, Caine you should go, maybe I think I saw blood and it wasn’t” I turn at Julie and smile “ I have a date with Louise” Julie smiles at me, and thank me once again for taking the time to watch her girl.
I love kids, rarely with them, but when I meet Louise and Julie the first time Louise was only 3 years old. and she was simply said adorable.
after saying goodbye to Julie and Caine by the door I walk up to check on Louise that should be asleep by now. but what I find is instead Louise sitting in the hallway.
,, why are you up?” I ask crouching down beside her to take her up.
,, there are monsters inside my room, I don’t want to go in there” she mumbles looking down.
,, well, I don’t think there are. but let me take a look” I smile going into her room.
I make a big deal out of cheeking under the bed and inside the closet, when suddenly something make me look at the dollhouse in the corner. not internally sure that I just saw it light up or if it was already lighted up. A strange feeling of unease fill the room while I walk over to the dollhouse, I open it up and look inside. Nothing seems out of place, expect one of the dolls have hanged itself from the living room. Strange, I didn't think Louise as a morbid child, I switch the light of and walk out into the hallways and say it has all been checked and no monsters is hiding anywhere. When she finally is in bed again I move down to the living room and crash on the couch with a big sigh.
I try to start the TV, but nothing happens, strange. I move the tv and she the dabble was pulled out of the wall, I sit down and reach out for the cable when I hear a giggle behind me. I turn around and see a little girl in a light yellow summer dress standing there smiling at me ,, where did you come from?" I ask confused, she just giggle again and out her hand out towards me ,, do you want to play with me?" She question and giggle, I shake my head and stand up ,, no, I want you to tell me how you got in here, and how I get in contact with your parents" the smile vanish from here face like a cloud stepping in front of the sun and a grimace comes over her face, she put her little hands on her sides and say ,, if you don't want to play with me, you can play with mommy and daddy" she reach her hand towards me " in hell!" suddenly something wrap itself around my neck and lift me up from the ground, i try to scream but I can't get a word out while I dangle from the ceiling trying to get out.
She looks at me and giggle happy clapping her hands while she see me struggle.
Black spot start to come in front of my eyes while I gasp for air.
,, let her go" I hear a dark voice say behind me, the little girls smile fade and instead a fearsome expression show instead ,, my lord?" She whisper her voice trembling with fear, I kick out still trying to free myself when the voice speaks once again.
,,it isn't her time to die, yet" the little girl vanish in a glimpse and I fell to
The ground wheezing for air, rubbing my sore throat, I look down beside me and see the tv cable. What the hell just happened? Or rather am I going crazy?! First a devil in my living room and now a little girl trying to hang me. Are am beginning to hallucinate? Then the glimpse of Caine shooting the devil flashed before my eyes.
No, this was real, I hurry up the stairs, and with a trembling hand scared of what I will find on the other side of the door I slowly open. Louise sleeps peacefully unaware of what just happened in her bed. I look over at the doll house.
I quickly take it up and run out to the garden, I throw it in the trash can and take the lighter from my jacket and set in on fire.
A horrible scream pitch the silent night, while a black flame comes out of the trash can.
there is something going on! the urge to call Caine hits me, but I know he won't understand, he don’t believe in the supernatural, just as I did until a few days ago.
yeah I love to watch the show supernatural, but let it become my life is a whole different story.
I decide to instead call Nadia.

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