One dies another one rise- sequel to The Truth about hell.

Katerina is an 18 year old girl living with a cop who saved her from her father's hands. She is living a normal life(well as normal as she can) when suddenly a guy shows up who calls himself Lucifer, the King of Hell and that they are meant to be. At first she thinks that he must be crazy until some things happen that even she can't explain that causes her to discover that the world isn't as black and white as she first thought. Will she choose Lucifer who she feels strongly attracted to? Or the man that has stood beside her who she thought to be the love of her life?


2. Chapter 1

~~I looked at Caine when he came for me, the relived smile when he realize I am in one piece, and then the anger rise in his eyes.
,, Do you know how many strings I had to pull to get you out of this hell hole?!" He mumbles taking a hold of my arm and dragging me with him, over the parking lot to his car.
,, Also happy to see you" I smile happy ignoring the angry vibes that come from him. He ignores my comment and opens the backseat of his car ,, What? Can't I sit in the front like I usually do instead of like some criminal?" I question looking at him with eyes that clearly say I won't get in there. ,, Criminals don't get to sit in the front seat" he replies shoving me inside the car and slaming the door behind me.
Yeah, so good to be out. From one prison into another one.
He opens the door in the front and sits in with a grunt. ,, You do know you're grounded right?" I look irritated at him ,, Have I seriously come out of one prison to get into another?" He ignores my comment and starts the car. I lean back grumbling crossing my arms looking out the window, taking a last look on the place I had stayed for almost two months. Prison isn't as fancy as they make it in Orange is the new black.
It is rather gloomy, especially when people realize your so called boyfriend or prison keeper is an officer, then it's no dance on roses.
I almost thought I wouldn't make it, until that rumor about me killing that big biker guy suddenly was out, then most of the people decided I wasn't worth their time for my luck. The city flash outside the window while Cain drive us grumbling back to our apartment. I can't wait to lay in my own bed again without worrying about getting raped or stabbed while I sleep. The only thing worrying about is Caine putting a lock on my door. And even that would be better than the sleeping cells. But first I would take a bath, alone.
Without twenty other woman staring at me like I was some kind of delicious gourmet.
It isn't good to be blond in prison, I quickly learned wishing that I had followed my intuition some weeks before and dyed my hair black.
But so much for hindsight.
When he stops the car and comes back to get me I put my hands out toward him with my wrists locked together, first he looks confused at me and I say ,, I'm ready now officer" he rolls his eyes and pulls me out of the car, pushing me towards the apartment complexion with a grunt ,, Get your ass inside, I will take your bag"
Ah, the love. It warms my head.
I move up the stairs with a smile on my face, taking the sight and smell in.
I thought there would be ages before I saw this mould old stair case again.
The front door opens and I see Caine's mother standing there with a relived look on her face.
 ,, Hello miss Wilson" I smile and await the hug that always follows, and as a cue she take me into one of her big famous hug where she almost squeeze the life out of me.
,, My dear Katerina, we were so worried! I'm so glad to see you in one piece!" She says pulling me out from her grasp and examinating me, I smile and brush my hair away that falls down my face
 ,, Don't you worry, no missing organs or tattoos"
She rolls her eyes and drags me into the apartment towards the kitchen.
,, You must be hungry, let me make something for you" and like my stomach understood it starts to growl, she smiles at me and opens the refrigerator.
,, Does she even deserve food?" We look towards the door where Caine throws my bag before coming over to us, he cross his arms and looks down at me.,, Don't be such a bugger Cainey, she must be hungry after all that prison food" Miss Wilson says and looks at me with worried eyes, I put my best " I'm just a little girl" face on and she turns around taking some vegetables out, and start to temperate them. ,,Yeah don't be such a bugger Cainey. I'm really hungry" I whimper looking up at him, the before harsh look turns a little soft and he ruffles up my hair.
,, That look don't work on me anymore" he grunts taking a glass with water and handing it over to me. No, clearly I don't think in taking a sip. The rest of the evening I have to promise them both that I wasn’t raped, and didn't kill anybody in there. Like I would even have the chance to do something like that. I was only away from like two months, they caught me beating a guy and put me away for assault, what they didn't realize and took time for me to explain that he actually wanted to rape me so it was self protect. But no, when a girl beats a grown up man to a pulp it can only be her fault.
Caine must have pulled some strings and called in a lot of favors to get me out of there.
Miss Wilson makes me the best meal I have had in ages, and I eat like a pig, but none of them seem to mind that I almost eat two portions before they even have taken their second bite.
,, Jesus Miss Wilson, if you ever get a divorce from Mr. Wilson please reconsider me as your wife” I mumble between bites, she laughs softly handing me a handkerchief.
Miss Wilson has always been very kind to me since Caine took me in around 3 years ago.
She was the first person I trusted after Caine, but when you think about it, it can't come as a surprise, she is just such a loving and caring human. She used to have foster kids all the time, before she became too old, and she is a child nurse. So she was perfect for someone like me, and seriously, I kind of see her like the mother figure I never had.
When she finally leaves and I can take a bath, I am ready for bed, but Caine isn't.
,, You are such a handful! You know that?”
,,I know, but that’s why you got two hands” I smile trying to look all cute and innocent so he doesn't get mad at me, he rolls his eyes and ruffles my hair. “ I do have missed you Caine” I say honest and smile at him for real, his eyes soften up and he rests his forehead against mine with a soft smile on his lips. ,, Me too, it was weird now having you here” he mumbles taking my hand “But why is it that every time you walk out that door, you end up in trouble” I can't help but give him a cheeky grin. ,, It's not like I go looking for it, we just have a mutual benefit friendship.” I joke pushing his shoulder, he raises a brow, while his mouth curves into a smile. ,, Go to bed Katerina” he chuckles pushing me towards the stairs, when I'm halfway there he points out “Don’t think that this won't have consequences!” I just turn around still walking towards the stars smiling at him.
,, I love when you talk naughty with me” he clicks his tongue rolling his eyes and waves me up the stairs with an ‘ I can't handle this’ attitude.
I think back on the dream I just had while I brush my teeth. I was in this garden, under this big apple three, and someone was sitting beside me, I can't remember his face. But I remember I loved him very much and that my fingers were tangled together with his. And then I looked down and saw this big belly, like I was pregnant. The man laid a hand on my stomach and caressed it, and then I was awake. I spit out looking into the blue eyes in the mirror.
The same eyes that my mom had. Or that's what I am told, never meet the woman, she died giving birth to me leaving me with my asshole of a dad. A memory flashed before my eyes of the time with him sending shivers down my spine.
I put my honey blond hair up in a bun and go out of the bathroom crashing right into Caine coming out of his bedroom, he grabs me before I end in the floor with a little laugh.
,, Good morning to you too, Katerina" he lets go of my hand and ruffles my hair. I move irritated out of the way ,, Will you cut it? I'm not a little kid anymore" I snarl waving his hand away, he looks up and down at me ,, You sure as hell look like it in your ninja turtle t-shirt and pink shorts" he smiles for himself with a little wink in his eyes.
I roll my eyes moving towards the stairs down to the kitchen. I walk towards the big refrigerator trying to figure out what I want for breakfast when something flash in the corner of my eyes, I stop to look around the kitchen and living room but see nothing out of the ordinary until the flash is right in my eyesight and I yell after Caine not internally sure what is going on other than the unease I feel and the hair standing on my arms. Suddenly I see a flash around the black leather couch and gasp when I finally get to see what it is.
A man with red skin and giants horns stands beside the couch smiling showing me the sharp teeth filing his mouth.
My first thought is that I must still be dreaming, cause there can't be a devil in my living room until it suddenly has a black ultra thin knife in its hand and throws it, I quickly move out of the way and look at the place where I just stood where the knife now is deep into the wood cabin. ,, Caine!!! Either I'm hallucinating or there really is a devil in the living room throwing knifes at me!" I scream trying to get out of the way when I realize that he has more knifes. He throws them with precise accuracy almost hitting me on my flee toward the twirl stairs.  
The hissing sound like a angry cats follows me and I feel a presence that I only though my dad had, of pure evil behind me, before I feel the warm hand lay around my neck throwing me back against the living room. I fly over the couch landing in one of the chairs making it fall back and I look up at the ceiling trying to grasp what just happened with a burning neck. 'Definitely not a hallucination' I think trying to get my aching body to stand up from the floor. I see the devil or man with bad skin condition coming towards me looking at me with eyes completely black filled with darkness that almost suck me in trying to drown me. And then I hear it, the click from a safety pulled back and then the bang when the bullet leaves the gun. It hits the guy right between the eyes splashing me and the furnitures with what I suppose is black blood. The body fals limp to the ground showing me an angry looking Caine in only a towel standing there.
,, What? Couldn't you have put on underpants before coming down to safe me?"  I smile feeling my entire body shiver before the shock steps in making me fall back into the darkness.


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