A Day too Dark

She never wanted this to happen. She never meant for this to happen. All she wanted to do was be helpful for once. She never wanted to hurt them. She didn't want to.....She never wanted to kill them..


3. Chapter Two

 First block is a pain. That was all Mercy thought. The sleeping teacher snoring loudly, the prissy girls flirting with the jocks or on their phones texting their boyfriends in another class, the nerds pushing up their glasses in the left side of the room, nose in a book or studying for some unknown test, Goths picking at their long, black nails or twirling their lip piercing. All Mercy did was sit in the second row doing homework she had forgotten to do the night before, trying to ignore the Jock with curly blonde hair and a arrogant smirk showing his pearly whites like on the teeth whitening commercials.

 Mercy didn't know what Jocks found so interesting about her. Was it her blonde hair? Or her rare Green eyes? Her goth like appearance? Mercy didn't know, but it attracted them. It also attracted the wrong type of attention, Prissy Girls. Mercy was picked on for about a week now, but she gave it no thought. They were just jealous, her parents would say if somebody picked on her, Jealous of her kindness. Mercy believed it all up until now. She was practically a robot, no emotion shown, nor did she talk unless called on by the teacher.  Well, in school at least. The only people who really saw her emotion is the closest of friends or her family, or whats left of it. 

"Hey babe." The jock said with that arrogant smirk still on his face. Mercy wanted nothing more than to smack that look right of his face and more. Mercy gave the jock a death stare but he payed no mind to her warning.

"Hey he's talking to you, ugly! Stop being a jerk." A prissy girl said, flipping her long gold hair over her shoulder and her eyes trying to glare at her but the make up on her face just made her look like a clown. Mercy rolled her green eyes and propped her head on her closed fist.

"Yeah be thankful brat!" One of the Prissy girls minions sassed, placing her hand on her hip. The flirting Jock turned his attention to the girl and smirked, using the same name he used when he addressed Mercy for the first place. Mercy watched the clock seconds tick by slowly and when she looked back at the Jock and girl she didn't see them of the bat  and when she looked around a bit more she can see the jocks back in the corner of them room with hands on his back. Mercy roles her eyes at the Jock and girl and turned to the board and then into her backpack. Mercy looks at the clock again, seeing she still had a good 15 minuets until the bell rings and she yanks her sketch book out and opens it to a blank page and a sharp pencil and starts sketching what she saw in front of her. She was so focused on her drawings that when the bell rung her hand jerked across the paper as her head shot up, eyes wide looking around before relaxing.

Mercy looked at her sketch and quickly erased the hard line made by the pencil and looked again. It came out good, she had also added shadows so it looked more real. Mercy shut the Sketch book and stuffed it back in her backpack and grabbed by next classes books and walked out the class room quickly. Mercy wanted this day to be over so she can see the kids. Half way down the hallway her phone vibrated. And vibrated. Mercy snatched her phone from her back pocket and looked at the caller ID. It was the elementary school Mercy's siblings went to.

'This has to be good.' Mercy thought bitterly and pressed 'Answer' and held it to her ear and spoke, "Hello?"

"Hi, is this the guardian of Myrick and Marian Anderson?" The lady on the other line asked politely. Mercy nodded, "Yes, this is her."

"Alright, can you come get the boys? It seems they had gotten in trouble recently."  The lady said and Mercy's eyes widened. Myrick and Marian? No way, Marian she could see him getting in trouble, but Myrick? Myrick was the more responsible one of the two, and he got in trouble?

"Miss?" The lady asked, seeing Mercy was yet to respond.

"Oh, yes, I'll be right there." Mercy hung up and stuffed the phone in her back pocket again and started to the exit. Her mind wondered elsewhere. What caused the boys to get in trouble? What did they do so bad they had to call? Mercy didn't know but she was gonna find out, one way or another. Somewhere in her thoughts Mercy ran into somebody and fell backwards, everyone stopped walking at stared at Mercy and another person.

"Ow..." The other person grumbled rubbing a spot on the back of his head. "Isn't that a great greeting?" He chuckled and winced at the dull pain in his head. Mercy sat up at met blue green eyes of a boy with brown hair swept to the left. Mercy scrambled to her feet and said a quick 'Sorry' and rushed out of the school. The boy watched after Mercy as she left the school with a chuckle seeing Mercy had forgotten a book, a Social Studies book on the floor.

"Bryan, get up bro." Bryan's friend said, grabbing his arm and jerking him up, book still in the brunettes hand. Bryan laughed a bit and rubbed the back of his head. "Sorry, Nick." Bryan apologized.

 Mercy walked into the elementary school's front office seeing the lady in her mid 40's behind the desk. "Ah, are you Mercy Anderson?" She asked kindly, pushing up her pale pink glasses up her nose. Mercy nodded. The lady pointed to the left were Mercy saw her little brothers sitting in a navy blue chair looking to the marble floor.

"Thank You." Mercy said quickly and was in front of the twins in a instant. "Myrick, Marian, time to go." Mercy grabbed their hands and walked out the school and back to her own, talking to the brother along the way.

"What caused you both to get you in trouble?" Mercy asked still marching forward towards her school. The boys didn't answer.

"I'm waiting." Mercy growled. "Sis?" Myrick spoke up first, his head still dipped to the dirt path in what Mercy guessed was shame. "They were making fun of Jade and Ash.." He muttered, voice cracking on the verge of tears himself. Myrick was always the more shy but rebel twin, Marian just a prankster and rebel.

"Who were making fun of them?" Mercy asked, giving a glance to the two 8 year old boys. Myrick nodded. "Yes." Mercy signed and ran a pale hand through her blonde-white hair. Why would anyone make fun of Ash and Jade? There was nothing to be picked on about. Good Grades? Looks? Mercy didn't know, but she was going to find.

"Who were these kids?" Mercy questioned like a detective making the boys giggle a bit before answering. "Cody, Mark, Liam and Lisa." Marian said in all seriousness. "Are they in any of your classes?" "No." Mercy gave another sign. This was a little helpful but only names didn't prove much. Mercy looked up to the talking of teenagers to see she was at school already.

"We'll finish this later." Mercy said and walked inside the school and into the office to tell the Principal that Marian and Myrick would be staying the remaining school day with me. The Principal gave the 'okay' and let the twins stay.

"3rd block." Mercy said and jogged to the Math room. Mercy knocked on the door and Mr. Smith opened it with a half smile.

"Hello Mercy. Hello boys." Mr.Smith said and held the door open for the trio as Mercy tugged the twins behind her as she walked to the 5th row and sat in the middle, Marian to her left, Myrick to her right.

"Alright! Now that everyone is here, let's introduce the new students!" Mr.Smith smiled and the boy that Mercy ran into earlier that day walked in with hands tucked in his jean pockets. Two more guys walked in, both taller than the first boy by a head and half a head.

"Please introduce yourselves boys." The boys nodded and the first one spoke up. "Yo. I'm Nick Minnor, 17 years and I came from California." 'Nick' said and looked every student in the eyes, but Mercy. She avoided all eye contact. Nick was a boy with a red plaid button up shirt with a black T-Shirt under, jeans, and grey sneakers. Brown hair and soft blue green eyes.

"Great intro Nick! Next!" Smith commanded. The second boy signed. "Hello, I am Matthew Minnor, 17, California." He said in the short, simple form. Mr.Smith nodded. Matthew was what people called an 'Emo'. He wore a simple gray beanie, a black choker with white spikes, A chain on his ripped, black skinny jeans, Snake bites, and a simple hard rock band Tee. He had black hair with red tips and unnatural bright green eyes. 

The third, and last, one spoke up with his hand raised slightly. "I'm Lucas Minnor. 18 years from California and I like, no love, books." He shyly said, looking to his black shoes. He had Black hair like Matthew and Blue green eyes like Nick. He was like a mix between both boys. A Green Day band tee, black pants, rubber bracelets, and a gray jacket. His face looked more like Nick's than Matthew's but looked to be a shy boy.

"Alright! Lets see.....Okay, Nick sit beside Marian, Matthew in the row behind Mercy and Lucas beside Myrick. Please raise your hands Mercy and boys!" Mr.Smith said cheerfully. The boys nodded in unison like robots and walked over the Mercy and the twins.

"Which one is Marian?" Nick asked looking at Marian than Myrick and repeated that action a few more times before Marian said I am and Nick sat beside him. Lucas took the sign and took a seat next to Myrick and Matthew walked to the row behind Mercy and sat so he saw her back.

 This was going to be a new change for sure. Mercy thought, glancing at the new kids from the corner of her eyes. 



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