A Day too Dark

She never wanted this to happen. She never meant for this to happen. All she wanted to do was be helpful for once. She never wanted to hurt them. She didn't want to.....She never wanted to kill them..


2. Chapter One

Lucy skipped up the green hill to a small wood cabin like house with her best friend, Rachel bounding after her with a slower pace.

"Hurry up Rach! Their waiting on us!" Lucy called happily to the slower female. "I'm coming, I'm coming." the brown haired girl muttered and she quickened her pace to her hyperactive friends side, their blue and white dresses flowing behind them as a small gust of wind blew by saying it's quick greeting before leaving like a shadow in the dark. Lucy gripped Rachel's tan arm and pulled her up the hill at her own pace, the other girl tripping over her feet clumsily before finding her balance and jogged to keep up with her blonde best friend.

Up ahead the small houses door flew open and four children ran out and down the hill like a bullet, right to the duo.

"Rachel! Lucy!" One yelled jumping in Rachel's open arms and wrapping her short legs around her waist.

"Whoa! Jade!" Rachel laughed glancing down to see Jade's twin sister, Ash, hugging her legs tightly.

"Rachel!" The small muffled voice squeaked a unseen smile on her small face. Rachel reached down with the hand that wasn't holding Jade up and ruffled Ash's chin length Red hair. Tracy looked up and her sparkling green eyes stared up at her. Rachel looked around for the two children's older sister, Mercy. Rachel looked over to see Lucy already busy with the chicken the family owned. Lucy felt somebody staring at her and looked Rachel's way to see the brunette already watching her every move like a hawk. Lucy tilted her head in confusion.

"What?" Lucy asked carefully moving around the chicken and walked to Rachel.

"Where's your sister?" Rachel questioned looking up at the small house and then to the two look-alike children and asked the question to them.

"Oh Sis? She's cooking inside." Ash said in a kind soft voice. Rachel nodded her head getting some brown hair in her eyes, she quickly brushed them away and tucked them safely behind her ear. 

"Then lets go get her!" Lucy exclaimed loudly making Rachel wince at the loud voice in her left ear. "Be quiet, Lucy. Your gonna bust my eardrum out ya' know that?" Rachel asked rubbing her ear the Lucy abused.

"Oh uh sorry Rach." Lucy said with no sympathy and marched onward to the door the children ran out of with the twins hot on her trail. Rachel signed. 'Lucy and these kids are gonna be the death of me.

"Come on Rachel!" Ash yelled. "Yeah come on." Jade said, but much quieter then her sister as they both tugged on her long arm, urging her to the door Lucy went through. Rachel couldn't help but chuckle at the shyness of Jade and the hyper personality of Ash, total opposites yet they were like Ying and Yang. No matter how hard you try, you just can't separate them.

Rachel allowed the two children to tug her to the front door and inside the house's living room where a brown couch and recliner stood with a TV on a small table. Rachel heard talking in the kitchen and in a blink of an eye, she found herself standing in the oak doorway to the kitchen where the small family was sitting at a table, talking and laughing with a older girl watching from the stove. Rachel's eyes brightened as she walked to the blonde --almost white-- haired girl's side.

"Mercy." Rachel nodded her head in a greeting with a small smile, not getting much of a response from the younger girl.

"Hello Rachel." Mercy said turning her head to look at the tan girl. "What did you make?" Rachel questioned looking over Mercy's shoulder to see the normal breakfast. Scrambled eggs, Bacon, Toast, and grits with a drink of Orange Juice. Rachel nodded at the food choice before swooping a plate on the counter that the girl made for her as she always did. Rachel and Lucy come over, Mercy feeds them breakfast, and they drop the pair of twins off at school, then go themselves. 

"Dis ish great Mersy!" Lucy yelled, her face stuffed with eggs. Mercy signed. "Thank You, Lucy." 

"Loosen up, Mercy!" Lucy playfully said putting her empty plate and cup in the sink and walked over to the girls while the children finished up with their share of breakfast. Mercy shrugged weakly with a small smile. Rachel looked at her friend sadly, this look going unnoticed by the two. Mercy's parents were murdered just three months before and Mercy is yet to move on. Rachel didn't know what she'd do if she lost the people who raised her since birth, and then were just gone like a gust of wind, sweeping up unneeded dust and was never seen again as it was already gone and would not come back.

Rachel hadn't known she had been staring at her green eyed friend until Lucy's fingers snapped in her face, jerking her back into reality and out of sympathy land.

"Hey Rach, you good?" Lucy asked, her eyes wide with worry. Rachel nodded, not daring to look, not even glance, in Mercy's direction. "Yeah, i'm all good Lu." 

Lucy giggled at the rare nickname and all traces of worry from her bright, happy eyes disappeared in a millisecond like it was never there. Gathering up some courage, Rachel gave a quick glance in Mercy's direction and her eyes almost widened in pure shock. Mercy's lips here pulled up, just a little bit, into a tiny smile looking directly at the two sister like friends. Once caught staring, Mercy's eyes quickly turned to the girls, who had now finished their breakfast and then at the wall clock seeing it was now 7 o'clock.

Mercy swooped up the two dishes, glass cups, and silverware in a matter of seconds, they were soon seen in the sink with Lucy's own dish.

"Get ready, we're leaving in five minuets." Mercy's voice raised over the chatter of the two kids. Both pair's of green eyes widen and the wooden chair scrapped against the floor and in seconds both girls were in their shared room getting dressed. Not even 3 minuets passed before the girls came down. Ash in a light pink pug shirt, a pink knee length skirt, a black jacket, black and white stripped knee high socks and black heeled boots. Jade in a black and white stripped shirt with a small pink flower on the right chest area, black leggings and the same black heeled boots as Tacy.

"Ready?" Mercy asked already walking to the door, her own black and white pilgrim dress swaying as she took each step. Ash and Jade nodded and rushed to the door in a neat two person line. Mercy held one backpack in each hand. Jade walked passed and out the door after Mercy gave her black backpack with white cats. Ash followed and got her pink backpack with white cats and a bow. 

"Ready you two?" Mercy said, more of a statement then a question and threw her galaxy backpack over her shoulder as Rachel and Lucy followed close behind grabbing their own bright colored bags and walking out.

The seven of them walked down the green hill after Mercy locked the house securely and walked away to catch up with the group. Soon enough the two children left to their school they had passed after saying bye and walking inside, Mercy watching them closely, as if she was waiting for somebody to pop out of nowhere and snatch up the girls and take them away, just like her parents. She watched until her siblings were all were safely inside the school and could not see them anymore before walking down the road once more.

"So....." Lucy started but did not finish. "Yeah.." Rachel signed at the awkward silence the fueled the air around them.

"Remind me again why we are dressed like Pilgrims?" Mercy said looking at the black dress sadly. She already missed her black hoodie and ripped jean and headphones. Not these dresses, headpiece, high socks and wood shoes.

"The class." "Extra Credit." Lucy and Rachel said in unison, looked at each other with a ear to ear grin and burst out laughing, shaking the earth with how much happiness was in that single laugh they both shared. Mercy watched them in silence. She had a feeling she will never laugh like that again, smile like that again, be happy like them again. Mercy signed and looked down to the dirt road, holding back tears at the laugh that suddenly sounded like her Mother's sweet laugh like a flawless song like her sisters and her Father's loud, booming one. The one her brothers had. A smile grazed her lips for a second then remembered. Her parents were dead.

And they were never coming back.








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