A Day too Dark

She never wanted this to happen. She never meant for this to happen. All she wanted to do was be helpful for once. She never wanted to hurt them. She didn't want to.....She never wanted to kill them..


1. Prologue

"Mercy!" A high voice yelled. Mercy turned around slowly but fell back on her bottom and two small masses landed on her turning form. "Your Home!" One yelled. These are Mercy's twin sisters, Ash and Jade. Mercy also had two other siblings, Marian and Myrick but they were nowhere to be seen at the moment.

"Hey, my beautiful girls!" Mercy said happily hugging her two sisters tight. "Have you been waiting for me?" She asked with a grin that could brighten the world. Both girls nodded, their red hair flopping in their faces but their smile never leaving.

"Yep! We made something for you!" Ash squeaked and jumped out of her sister's warm hug and ran to the door Mercy was yet to meet. The eldest sibling looked to the younger and quieter twin, Jade and smiled. Jade returned the smile and helped her sister off the bright green grass that softened her fall. Mercy picked up her 6-year-old sister and her legs wrapped around her waist for the side as Mercy held her up.

"Hurry up!" Jade's voice yelled from inside the house as her head appeared from the doorway with a bored look. "Your taking to long!" She whined and popped her head back inside, most likely running around the house Mercy concluded from the small, but quick, footsteps heard as the sisters got closer to the door.

Mercy dropped Jade on the soft brown couch making her giggle as she bounced. Mercy took a seat beside her laying sister with her hands folded in her lap.

"Jade, come on!" Ash's voice rang throughout the living room. "Okay!" Jade called back and ran into the hallway to help her sister with whatever she needed help with. Mercy grew curious. 'What are they doing?' She thought but reached into her hood's pocket and pulled out her phone. Mercy played Piano Tiles for a while until her sisters came back holding hands and the other behind their backs.

"Mm? What you guys got there?" Mercy asked, pressing the off button on her phone and digging it back in the pocket it came from.

"We made this for you Sis!" Ash said, swinging her free arm back and forth.

"We hope you like it." Jade shyly said looking at her white sandals. Only now did Mercy see the silver chain around both girls necks. Mercy tilted her head and stared at their joined hands and they reached forward slowly like a wolf to its prey, quietly as not to scare off the small creature it was preying upon. Their hands opened like the Beast's in 'Beauty and the Beast' and showed part of a silver chain in a pile and a medium sized circle with the right part missing like a crescent moon and in neat, cursive writing said 'Big Sister' with a small heart at the end.

Mercy covered her mouth with her hand, green eyes wide in shock, and surprise. Her eyes set on the silver necklace before sliding to meet her sister's eyes, which were staring at her with all the hope in the world.

"Y-You made this?" She stuttered slowly reaching her own hand out to grip the small chain and pulled it towards her, running her thumb over the smooth silver of the circle. No dents or bends. No roughness or rush. Perfect, smooth, silver and the neat writing added to its own beauty.

The girls nodded in unison. "Yeah. Do you like it?" Jade asked her eyes still staring at her shoes like the most interesting thing in the whole universe.

"Like it? I love it! Oh my gosh, this is amazing you two!" Mercy exclaimed, the necklace held tightly in her hand as she bent down and jerked both girls to her body in a bone-crushing hug.

"You guys are amazing!" She muttered, her face buried in one of the twin's red hair. She didn't know which one, and she didn't care.

"Your welcome sissy!" The girls said half muffled from their faces in Mercy's shoulders.

"Ya' know what?" Mercy asked pulling away to be eye-to-eye with her siblings. The girls shook their heads, green eyes holding confusion. "I'm treating you two!" The eldest said with a closed eye smile and stood up, holding each girls hand.

"Sis? Do you want to put it on?" Ash asked. Mercy nodded a huge grin still on her face as she dropped to the floor on her knee's, her back to the girls and her hand moving her blonde white hair away from her neck. She felt the cold silver on her skin and glanced down to check if it was on right and looked back at the wall, seeing it on the right way and felt the tiniest weight as one of the girl's hands left the necklace and it stayed in place.

"Alright, let's tell mom and dad first," Mercy commanded and her siblings nodded, grabbing their sister's hand again. Mercy, Ash, and Jade arrived at their parent's bedroom to see them cuddled up on the grey blankets watching the TV across from them with relaxed expressions on their faces.

"I'm taking the girls out, okay?" Mercy asked peeking inside. "Hm? Oh, alright. What about the boys?" Her mother asked looking away from the TV screen and at her oldest daughter.

"Napping in the bedroom." The quick response came. Mercy's mother nodded and her Father butted in. "Be home before 7. Keep the girls safe. No boys ---" Mercy stopped listening. She'd heard this a million times before and just nodded saying the occasional 'Okay' or 'Uh huh'.

"We're going now! Bye mom, Bye dad! Love you!" Mercy yelled dragging her sister's out of the room before her father could get more detailed in his ranting. Mercy rolled her eyes and smiled at her Father's over-protectiveness and walked out the door.

For the rest of the day, Mercy took Jade and Ash out for ice-cream, a movie, and to the park where they met a nice girl their age named Mary. After the girl's exchanged their parent's numbers, and Mercy's, they headed back home seeing the blue sky darken with angry grey clouds, just waiting to let out their rain of fury after holding it in far too long. Mercy quickened her pace feeling the little raindrop that would turn into a heard of lava falling from the sky very soon.

"Come on. Hurry, It's raining." Mercy muttered. She suddenly had a bad feeling and swooped up Ash in her arms and let Jade climb on her back and hold on like a snake around her waist. Mercy began to speed walk, then jog, then run and sprint to the house, her chest tightening in worry and fear. Not long passed before the trio made it to the house and Mercy stopped dead in her tracks. The front door was open, nobody waiting outside or anywhere out, everybody was already in the safety of their homes to avoid the crashing rain. Mercy was certain she shut the door when she left, and her brothers, Marian and Myrick, would have already shut the door or her parents would of anyway.

Mercy ran up the hill their house was on as fast as her legs would let her without dropping the two children in her arms and her back.

"Mom!" Mercy yelled stopping with her hand on the oak doorway, frozen in fear and in shock. The girls screamed, but it fell on deaf ears. The living room was destroyed, couch tipped over, TV broke with specks of red stuff Mercy knew all too well. Blood. Mercy hurriedly put the girls down, hearing their small sniffles and sobs.

"Hey. Hey, listen to me, alright? Find mom and dad, I'll find Myrick and Marian." She told the girls and they nodded stiffly. "Go." They listened and ran throughout the house, in search of their parents. Mercy stood back up and walked up the stairs to the boy's bedroom.

"Myrick! Marian!" Mercy yelled, her eyes wide and flashing all around and ears perked to listen. She stopped all movement as soon as she heard a soft cry coming from the bedroom the brother's shared. Mercy jiggled the door handle and Mercy heard a boy's scream.

"Leave me alone! What do you want from us?!" Mercy recognized the voice to be Myrick's.

"Myrick! It's me, Mercy! Open the door!" Mercy said through the door. "Mercy?" Myrick's confused voice said as he opened the door after unlocking it. Mercy swore up and down that her heart broke a little at Myrick's tear stained face and horrified expression.

"What happened?" Mercy asked dropping to her knees in front of him and hugging his small form as sobs racked his body.

"A-A man came i-in with a gun.." Myrick got out before he broke down again. That's all Mercy needed to understand what happened. Tears formed in her own eyes but didn't let them out.

"Where's Marian?"

"I-I don't k-know. The m-man came up and M-Marian went out and and an......" Mercy rubbed his back but refused to believe Marian was dead.

"I'll be back, I'm looking for Marian." Mercy explained and backed up, wiped Myrick's tears away and walked down the hall, Myrick standing at the door, sobbing into his hands. Mercy knocked on the bathroom door and heard a sniffle.

"Marian?" Mercy asked as the door flew open and Marian flew out and into Mercy's arms, hugging her waist for dear life.

"Shh Shh...." Mercy cooed and picked the boy up, motioning for Myrick to follow when she walked past his door and he obeyed like a trained puppy. A scream echoed through the empty house, a second scream following. The screams were recognized as the twin sister's. Mercy gave no second thoughts and ran down the stairs with Myrick hot on her trail. The trio ran into the bedroom the screams were from and Mercy froze for the second time. In front of her was Mercy's parents, but not the way she wanted to see them. Ever. her parents were dead with many gunshots in her father's chest, he was at the door, most likely trying to protect his wife and boys, but failed at one job. Her mother was on the ground next to the bed, looked like she was getting up but got shot with a blow to the head.

Myrick's scream joined the two echoed screams in Mercy's head, soon a fourth joined, Marian's. But all Mercy could think about was her parent's corps in front of her. Real. Not a joke or game. This was real. Her parents were dead and it wasn't a joke. 

Mercy waited for them to sit up and laugh saying it was a joke and Mom would cook dinner and dad would clean up the fake blood and they would be a happy family again with smiles and laughs and jokes.

But It never happened. 

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