To love long lost

Bree meets a handsome man on the beach the night before her cousins secret Hawaian wedding to some actor, just to find out she fucked the groom.
Zachary does something he never thought himself capable of an cheats on his fiance the night before their wedding, just to find out that it was the maid of honor.
What happens when his wife finds out ? And When the two of Them are thrown together again ?


3. The groom

 *Bree POV*
 I wake up early in the morning and look at Joel, or who I still believe to be Joel, Oh God that had been amazing, wonder where in the world he is living ?
 I sneak out of bed to go to the bathroom, wondering if I could våbe so lucky that he lived in Canada ? Probably not, his accent was American, but maybe he was close to the border ?
 On my way back I spot his wallet on the table and my curiosity takes over, I glance at him, he is still sleeping deeply, looking absolutely handsome and adorable.
 I open the wallet and pull out the drivers licens, damn he is from LA, hey LA, maybe he is with the wedding party ? My eyes scan the card and I gasp, oh no, oh shit.. I just can't believe what I am seeing, he fucking lied to me, his name is not Joel, his name is Zachary, I slept with the fucking groom.
 After contemplating waking him up to yell at him and tell him how big off a fucking jerk he is, I decide to leave to clear my head instead.
 I hurriedly and silently put on my clothes, sneeking out and back to my own bungalow, feeling embarrassed, angry and cheated, wondering whether to tell my cousin what her husband to be was doing at his bachelor party.
As I walk back to my own bungalow I find myself crying, both from anger, but also from some feeling of loss, Imhad really felt a connection to him last night, in a way I never felt before, but obvious it was all a lie.
 *Zac POV*
 I wake up, surprised to be alone in bed, I had expected Holly to be there, I listen, no she is clearly not in the bungalow and her clothes is gone I suddenly realise.
 Oh shit what had happened last night, I cheated, I fucking cheated the noght before my wedding, I hadn't seen that coming, I would never have thought myself capable of cheating.
 I am beside myself, I need to find Holly, to talk to her, I can't just go through with the wedding not knowing, if she would give me a change, if there is any possibility, I very probably will have to call of the wedding.
 I pull on my clothes from yesterday, not caring to comb my hair or anything, I need to find her and I need help, so I run down to find Joel.
 "Morning Zac, hopefully you are not just getting home". He looks at my atire and my messy hair.
 I breathe in deeply. "No, no, I just needed your help man, there is someone I need to find and right now".
 "Okay okay, I kind of need you help to, have you seen Missy's cousin, the maid of honor, Missy says she is single, and she is smoking". He says, looking pretty excited.
 I am about to tell him that I couldn't care less right now, when I see Holly coming against us down the trail and my breath catches in my throat, she is even more beautiful than I remember.
 "Oh there she is, that is Bree". He points discreetly and my mind goes blank, oh shit no, no fucking way, I cheated with the maid of honor, could it be any more bad romance novel ?
 And I see to my fear that Joel waves her over, making me whisper. "Oh God Joel, I am in so much trouble, I fucking slept with her cousin".
 "What ? When ?" He looks at me with big eyes and I sigh. "Yeaterday, I slept withnher last night".


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